Top 8 Best Yoga Studios In Calgary

With its underlying Indian culture and practices, Yoga is a form of exercise that unites the body and mind through relaxation and strengthening. Yoga can calm the mind and strengthen the body despite your age, fitness level, or weight. You may want to look for the best yoga classes in Calgary if you want to enjoy this experience for yourself. The benefits of Yoga include a better range of motion, increased muscle strength, and better breathing practices.

Aside from helping you build connections with yourself and other yoga practitioners in Calgary, signing up for the best yoga classes in Calgary will also enhance your personal growth. You don’t need to wait any longer to get pumped up about Yoga. Below, we have compiled a list of the top studios where you will find Calgary’s best yoga classes.

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1- Yoga Santosha Mission:


Phone: : 403 244 9642

Address:  1800 4 St SW #320, Calgary, AB T2S 2S5, Canada

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In Calgary, Yoga Santosha has two locations, one in Mission and one in Kensington, that offer in-person and online yoga classes. Among the best yoga classes in Calgary, Yoga Santosha stands out for providing a wide range of styles. It is their belief at Yoga Santosha that Yoga is all about community. Various yoga styles are available for all levels, creating and holding a space where people can connect and be themselves.

Instructors encourage students to explore themselves, not attach themselves to outcomes, and be aware of the present moment. Yoga classes are available for all levels: Vinyasa Flow, Yin/Yang, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Warm Hips and Hamstrings, Warm Yin/Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Great Yoga Wall, Ashtanga Yoga. In addition to yoga teacher training, workshops, retreats, and complementary wellness services, they offer various wellness services.

They teach self-realization as part of their practice by integrating the mind, emotions, body, spirit, and breath in harmony. Every yoga class is built on the foundation of Yoga’s historical roots. Bringing the practice into the modern-day application, they aim to respect and share its original teachings. With over 20 yoga styles to choose from, they can help you rejuvenate and restore yourself. It’s a great idea to start with Yoga For Beginners. Take your practice to the next level with Yin/Yang, a fusion of two popular styles.

Their gentle Yoga, Nidra, and warm yin/restorative classes will help you relax. Take on Ashtanga, Peak Inspired, Warm Flow, or Regular Flow/Lunch Flow to challenge your already-fit self. Yoga Santosha is dedicated to giving people a beautiful space to connect with themselves and others. Yoga is a great way to start a lifelong practice because it fosters a fun, welcoming, supportive community.

What do clients think?

I absolutely love this yoga studio! As a beginner have found this studio to be very welcoming with a range of classes. I love both of the studios and I think the monthly membership is very affordable(Google reviews)

Suzanne is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had and changed my perspective on yoga entirely. This studio is warm and welcoming and teaching authenticity over perfection. Such a positive space. Thank you! (Google reviews)

2- Metta Yoga Calgary:


Phone: 587 350 9642

Address: 500 Country Hills Blvd NE #412, Calgary, AB T3K 5H2, Canada

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Metta Yoga Calgary’s name might make you think they focus only on Metta yoga. They offer ten different yoga styles: Yang/Yin, flow, and vinyasa. Students at Metta Yoga Calgary can explore their Yoga through accessible sequences and continuous education in a welcoming space and online platform. Each member of their yoga community has access to various classes online and in their studios. Karma yoga classes are offered weekly at their studio; proceeds benefit their community and local organizations by supporting their efforts to develop mindfulness practices.

Their vision and community connect them and enable them to grow and evolve together. They grow and become together as a community as they are connected to their vision. Their studio has a sense of authenticity, and their teachers are dedicated to their subjects.

Continuing education and accessibility are their core values, with their instructors straightforwardly teaching a simple technique. The Karma class at Metta Yoga also helps foster wellness practices by donating all proceeds from the yoga class back to the community. By participating in their 21-Day Challenge, you can develop a positive habit of regular yoga practice and improve strength, flexibility, and a more positive mood. Take advantage of some great prizes as a way to sweeten the deal. As you step into their studios, you’ll feel like you’re at home, and their team contributes to the vibe… you’ll see why once you’re there!

What do clients think?

A great yoga studio with top notch instructors! I love the structure of the Metta series, and also the variations between the instructors. They are super knowledgeable & passionate around yoga and it shows. ✨ It’s also hot (which I love) and have a great variety of class times! Thank you Metta!(Google reviews)

Metta yoga is a wonderful studio. I really enjoy the warm positive atmosphere and very friendly instructors. The community classes are a great experience and very cost effective way to slip in an extra class, Debbie Hammond is by far one of my faves at the studio and I highly recommend everyone to join one of her classes.

I very highly recommend the studio. Something I enjoy during after a class which I am not finding at this studio is a cold cloth however this is just my personal preference so is not a deal breaker for me. Thank you Metta yoga for providing such a peaceful space to practice and well trained instructors of all levels to teach! (Google reviews)

3- Passage Studios Yoga + HIIT + Spin:


Phone: 403 277 3058

Address: 524 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0C8, Canada

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Passage Studios was established in 2003 and are one of Calgary’s oldest yoga studios. From heart-pumping HIIT to calming Yoga, their yoga studio is a safe space for all workout routines. To connect with ourselves and one another, Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition that we practice humbly and gratefully. You will find practices at Passage rooted in the union of breath and movement.

Their yoga studio is one of the most diverse yoga studios, offering a diverse range of practices, such as Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. With these HIIT classes, you will become stronger, more empowered, and safer regardless of your fitness level or gym experience. The title indicates that their classes are circuit-style and target your whole body. You work hard for 20-60 seconds and rest fully between sets to allow your body to recover.

With body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, med balls, tension bands, and TRX straps, they amp up the effects of their workouts, and they promise: by the end of your 45-minute session, you will be glowing, beaming, sweaty AF, and stoked. They offer restorative Yoga, core yoga, flow & sit Yoga, and seven more yoga classes for all skill levels. Training classes and workshops are available for those interested in becoming yoga teachers. With their massage therapy services, you can relax without all the work involved with yoga classes in Calgary.

What do clients think?

Home Away From Home ❤️ Amazing environment, motivating coaches & lovely staff.”(Google reviews)

“Passage is an amazing place to workout and surrounded by amazing people!”(Google reviews)

4- Calgary Hot Yoga:


Phone: 403 686 3240

Address: 3803 26 Ave SW Unit 8, Calgary, AB T3E 6V7, Canada

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In Calgary hot yoga, yoga enthusiasts have been healing their bodies and transforming their minds for over 20 years. It has been their goal to adapt to the needs of their community continuously, and this is no exception for 2021! The Ghosh Yoga Lineage is aligning its classes with their reopening. The yoga practice has something for everyone: a therapeutic practice, a meditation practice, a pranayama practice, a posture practice for the advanced practitioner. The yoga instructors at Ghosh Yoga meet you where you are and help you reach your goals.

Throughout their classes, they follow the Ghosh Yoga Lineage. There is one exception to this rule, which is their Pure Yin class, which is a more recent addition to the yoga genre. Keeping Moh’kinsstis in mind, they acknowledge and respect the traditional territory, oral traditions, and indigenous peoples of the Blackfoot Confederacy, including the Siksika, Kainai, Piikani, and Îyâxe Nakoda, and Tsuut’ina. As part of the historic Northwest Métis homeland, this territory is home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

What do clients think?

I had the pleasure of practicing in this studio for the first time this morning and it was a wonderful experience, start to finish. Craig welcomed me warmly and explained the very thorough COVID precautions that have been taken. I felt safe and comfortable, as well as welcomed into this lovely yoga community. I’ve booked my next class and am looking forward to it!(Google reviews)

I had the pleasure of practicing in this studio for the first time this morning and it was a wonderful experience, start to finish. Craig welcomed me warmly and explained the very thorough COVID precautions that have been taken. I felt safe and comfortable, as well as welcomed into this lovely yoga community. I’ve booked my next class and am looking forward to it! (Google reviews)

5- Yogadotcalm:


Phone: 403 225 2267

Address: 380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 3C7, Canada

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In Yogadotcom’s community of individuals, you can share, learn, and practice yoga in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their mission statement since they began in 2002 has always been to build a healthy yoga community where both teachers and students are proud to belong and to teach Yoga in a safe, friendly, fun environment. A calm atmosphere and big picture windows make the studio environment even more relaxing and inspiring than other yoga companies.

It is their pleasure to assist you in your journey to wellness, and they hope that their studio offers a pleasant experience for you. They offer yoga classes in various styles, including Ashtanga, Flow, Prenatal, and Yoga for Backs. There are classes for all skill levels available at this location, which they think is excellent.

Yogadotcalm is happy to have you as a member! They offer a variety of classes facilitated by a strong faculty of teachers, most of whom have many years of experience and over 500 hours of training. Yoga is open to all students, whether seasoned practitioners or beginners. Throughout their studio, you will find a calm setting complimented by huge picture windows that invite light and inspiration.

They are delighted that you have found them and look forward to meeting you on your wellness, health, and Yoga journey. They follow specific protocols to ensure the health and well-being of their customers when they visit them. Several classes are available for people of all levels, ages, body types, and abilities. Your decision to try Yoga and choose Yogadotcalm to support your yoga journey is fantastic.

What do clients think?

Absolutely excellent classes. My work schedule is a bit hectic at the moment so the online class option is great! I love how I’m always challenged! Thank you so much for the opportunity to practice with you!!!(Google reviews)

This is my home away from home yoga studio. Lots of class options and all the teachers are amazing. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced yogi, all are made to feel welcome and included.(Google reviews)

6- Pure Hot Yoga:


Phone: 403 457 1974

Address: 30 Springborough Blvd SW #251, Calgary, AB T3H 0N9, Canada

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The Pure Hot Yoga studio offers a variety of classes for all skill levels, including barre extreme and pure warm flo. As well as yoga classes, they also provide workshops, training, and HIIT sessions for those who want to be more intense. As they constructed the PHY (PURE HOT YOGA) studio, designers, engineers, and trades were challenged to build the studio in the most eco-efficient way possible. They all contributed to delivering a fantastic product at every build stage. They welcome you into a calming, warm environment with our colour scheme, which features subtle blue and dark brown tones. Among the lowest VOC ratings on the market, their paint is eco-friendly. This studio’s ceramic tile floor contributes to its warmth and sustainability.

Students are provided with ample space in their changing rooms to ensure they can maneuver without feeling uncomfortable. Both changing rooms are wheelchair accessible, with three showers in the women’s room and two in the men’s. In addition to offering in-studio and online yoga classes, they also have a team of over 16 yoga instructors. The location and design of Pure Hot Yoga’s studio are conducive to fresh breathing and comfortable stretching. They have a private studio at PHY, one of their specialties.

A very individualized approach is offered here to help you get the most out of your Yoga experience. This private setting allows you to focus on the result of your practice, whether you are working on foundational poses, physio-style restorative poses, or more advanced classes. They also offer a variety of hot yoga classes, as their name implies. Flexibility is improved, your body is detoxified, and your mind is more evident after practicing this type of Yoga.

What do clients think?

This is my favourite yoga studio. They have a good variety of classes, and a staff that is very welcoming and friendly. They’re not all “hot” classes, and offer some normal and warm temperature classes. I find that the classes are good for all levels, and if you let the instructor know in advance of any injuries or any other limitations, there are modifications you can make in your practice.(Google reviews)

I am new to yoga but everyone at Pure has been an enormous help and the experience has been outstanding.(Google reviews)

7- Yoga Nova Studio:


Phone:  403 478 0771

Address: 3519 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3W2, Canada

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Yoga Nova Studio is dedicated to the expansion of your well-being. The aim of this space is for you to land, get lighter, and shine brighter than ever before. Yoga classes range from vigorous and cleansing sweat classes to soft and gentle therapeutic courses. The experience will leave you feeling unified, peaceful, and more on your way to realizing your full potential. A series of highly conscious stars from our very own galaxy (YYC) will share divine sound healings with you, and a meditation series will bring you to a state of pure awareness. Their dream was to create a yoga space where everyone is welcomed, supported, included, and empowered to live their most authentic and incredible lives. They wanted people to feel like they were at home and to be able to connect.

Their yoga studio encourages you to talk before class so you can meet new people and reconnect with old ones. If you’d like to chat between classes, please remember that some classes are lower-key than others. Hands-on assistance is available! The power of touch can sometimes go further than just words or demonstrations. They can focus on parts of your body and movement patterns that you may not be aware of by giving you an assist. They can now create transformations at the moment that might otherwise take months or even years. Hands-on assistance encourages you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and supports you in achieving your yoga goals.

What do clients think?

I’ve gone to most of the Yoga studios in Calgary and in my opinion this is the best. The instructor’s are clear and concise and the studio is very professionally run. The vibe is casual and fun and the room is HOT.(Google reviews)

Pretty cool yoga place that recently opened up in the last five months. Friendly and amazing instructors with a variety of different hot yoga classes. Need to chill out and relax? Take the small stretch and Nidra class or the restoration class. Looking to get a good workout? Take the Baptiste Beats class. Most classes have soothing music or pop/hip beats playing depending on the class. Being fairly new, most classes are super full (there are the occasional ones). There’s also a coffee shop attached where if you go for a lunch class, you can get a discount off the purchase of some food which will be ready for you after the class.(Google reviews)

8- Calgary Iyengar Yoga:


Phone: 403 457 4070

Address: 222 16 Ave NE #200, Calgary, AB T2E 1J8, Canada

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With teachings from the classical Iyengar yoga lineage, Calgary Iyengar Yoga (CIY) promotes physical, physiological, and psychological health. They incorporate yogic traditions with a practical approach, suitable for the modern mind and body, without any gimmicks. You are invited to join them, just the way you are, to experience this dynamic, adaptive, and healing practice. CIY is dedicated to inspiring and supporting training, development, and community by practicing and developing Iyengar Yoga according to the highest standards.

As a yoga school, they’re dedicated to honoring and sharing Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar’s tradition, rooted in Patanjali’s teachings. With an ancient tradition with a contemporary, intelligent, personalized, and heartfelt approach, their community welcomes students of any age, race, religion, gender, fitness level, identity, and body type. Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada supervises the Iyengar family’s guidelines, which require teachers to study for at least three years before they are assessed and certified. Teachers who are certified continue to develop professionally on an ongoing basis.

What do clients think?

My journey with Calgary Iyengar Yoga Studio began 5 years ago. The teachers at this studio are amazing. I have progressed in my practice from one day a week to 3-4 days a week. Even though I was a beginner, I never felt out of place. It is such a warm and welcoming studio. Since the self isolation, CYI has done an amazing job at setting up live streaming classes daily which I can’t appreciate enough.

Although I miss the camaraderie of in person classes, they have done an amazing job of providing great classes. Also, they have set up a library of classes that you may have missed and you can catch up with the classes at your convenience. Thank you thank you my dear friends at CYI.(Google reviews)

Attending Calgary Iyengar Yoga is part of my regular routine for good health and healthy connections with other students in the community. As Calgary, all of Alberta, Canada and world move through a difficult situation taking part in regular yoga classes are a significant part towards my well-being. I believe in movement for mental health. Calgary Iyengar has been so innovative and creative by seeing the importance to move the Iyengar Yoga classes on line. I am able to participate in all my classes from home with my lap-top, yoga mat at home.

After class the on-line teacher is there to answer questions you have. I am thankful I did not have to put my membership on hold and can continue with Iyengar yoga classes. Thank you Calgary Iyengar Yoga for offering classes online! Much gratitude to all the teachers and staff for seeing how important this is for all of us in the community! (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know the best yoga studios in Calgary, you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs and wants. It’s as simple as booking your appointment and looking forward to a day filled with pampering and relaxation. Please let us know if we were able to help you find a yoga class in Calgary that will be helpful to your health and wellness. You’ll soon achieve inner peace and a toned body once you discover the studio that offers what you need and want!

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