Top 8 Best Pet Clinics in Calgary

Best Pet Clinics in Calgary: The best veterinarian care provides lifelong nourishment and protection. As pets get older, they are at increased risk for some health problems. Normal degenerative processes occur in animals, just as they do in humans, and health issues arise. Like humans, Pets require medical attention to recover their health. Calgary pet clinics care about their patients and do everything to help them.  We have listed Calgary’s reputable veterinary clinic with a solid reputation.

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1. VCA Canada Calgary North Animal Hospital


Phone: +14032265522

Address: 500 Country Hills Blvd NE #711, Calgary, AB T3K 4Y7

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A pet is happy when he is healthy and plays with you with love and shows you complete affection. That’s why the team at VCA Canada Calgary North Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing high-quality care for your pet. They check them inside and out to know where things are going well and where the focus is needed. The hospital is ready to assist you. The Hospital is pleased to provide a wide range of nutrition services for your pet.

Care services, which are given at hospitals, are the essential services that every pet requires. Wellness examinations are performed to help prevent sickness and illness in your dogs and keep them healthy.

Customer reviews:

“Great experience for close to 10 years with our Basset, Baxter. Kind, compassionate and friendly staff every time we visited, highly recommended.” (Google reviews)

“Staff were kind and caring, prompt to help during an emergency. Clean and organized. Thank you for your kindness during a difficult time.” (Google reviews)

2.  Animal Clinic


Phone: +14032623237

Address: 820 10 St SW #1, Calgary, AB T2P 2X1

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The Animal Clinic Calgary is a small facility with a huge heart. They believe that each pet should be addressed with about the same amount of love and care as their pet. The staff loves animal give their patients the best attention imaginable. You can expect cutting-edge medical treatment for your four-legged friends at Animal Clinic.

They believe in fostering the human-animal bond and fostering a peaceful coexistence among humans and animals. A well-mannered welcome, hygienic exam rooms, kindly doctors, and sympathetic operators are all to the staff they provide you here. They like being a part of your pets’ medical services.

Customer reviews:

“Love working with Fleur! I have had amazing experiences both with the veterinarians, veterinary techs, and front desk staff! All are lovely people. I have two dogs, big and little both are mutts, and they provide realistic guidance and information for owners that match their lifestyle!” (Google reviews)

“Surgery day, drop off was great, and they kept us informed throughout the day with how it was going and how she was doing. She is now recovering and doing well. They took great care of my little girl, who is now 13 teeth lighter.” (Google reviews)

3.   Properties Animal Clinic


Phone: +14032855111

Address: 5401 Temple Dr NE #110, Calgary, AB T1Y 3R7

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Properties Animal Clinic works very hard to be an open and friendly Calgary vet with the quality of care they provide their patients and the confidence they develop with their humans. Whenever you attend their dog and cat clinics, they pamper your pet as if it were a part of their own families, giving them the greatest available veterinary medical care, therapies, and service. Qualified Calgary veterinarians are on staff to ensure that your consultations are stress-free and that your pet is healthy, happy, and living its best life.

You can contact them immediately away if you have any form of a veterinary emergency. Throughout business hours, this full-service vet clinic takes immediate and emergency patients.

Customer reviews:

“This clinic is the best. The staff are so thoughtful, compassionate and professional. I am so pleased with the care my dog gets at this clinic.” (Google reviews)

“Best vet in the city. They are always honest and have your pet’s best health as their goal. There is no other place I trust with our dogs” (Google reviews)


4. Acadia Drive Animal Clinic


Phone: +14032783168

Address: 816 Willow Park Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 5S1

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The clinic has been a part of the community for almost thirty years, and most of their regular clients have been with them since the start. On your first visit, you have to fill out a form. The information may include, phone number or e-mail address, which they will use to schedule immunizations and checkups.

They do their best and strive to visit all of their patients or clients on time, and while they have contingency plans in place in case of emergencies, there will be instances when the unexpected occurs. They are constantly seeking solutions to lower these to the greatest extent possible.

Customer reviews:

“Our first visit with our new baby Chloe was great! The staff are all amazing and kind. Definitely coming back and will tell everyone I know to see them for their animal babies! ❤” (Google reviews)

“This was my first time at this vet clinic. a friend referred me. The vet we saw was knowledgeable, attentive to detail, solution-focused and patient. Will be making this our regular clinic.” (Google reviews)


5. Prairie Winds Animal Clinic


Phone: +14034748436

Address: 3690 Westwinds Dr NE # 319, Calgary, AB T3J 5H3

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The Prairie Winds Animal Clinic provides veterinarian care for your pet’s overall health. The facility is welcoming and serene, allowing your pet to unwind in the waiting area and anticipate visiting their own Calgary veterinarian. Continuous feeding and problem avoidance are the most acceptable forms of veterinary treatment for animals.

If you believe your pet has an emergency, please get in touch with Prairie Winds Animal Clinic or come to the hospital right away. The receptionists and crew will do their utmost to accommodate all requests.

Customer reviews:

“Dr. Patel is very caring about the animals, and not overcharging like other vets. I am not sure why there are negative comments about the service. I find the staff friendly and responsive.” (Google reviews)

“My husky, Cooper, was ready to cross that rainbow bridge. I took him here, and the staff were amazing! So compassionate. Thank you for helping through that time.” (Google reviews)


6. Westmount Animal Clinic


Phone: +14032833354

Address: 1609 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3R2

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Nothing makes the staff at Westmount Animal Clinic happier than assisting owners in helping their pets maintain/achieve wellbeing. Because of the staff’s dedication to pet care, active participation in continuing education programs, and access to cutting-edge veterinary technology, they are able to provide a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of their clients and patients.

You can wait along with your pet in a waiting room, and if your pet is afraid of other people or animals, you are allowed to stay in the exam room. They provided all the facilities just to feel you comfortable here. Westmount Animal Clinic wants clients to feel at ease; therefore, they feature a self-serve coffee and tea bar.

Customer reviews:

“Westmont has been looking after my cat for years, they are absolutely lovely, and I totally recommend this facility.” (Google reviews)

“Excellent place, I highly recommend it. They take care of your pet, provide clear estimates for procedures, and don’t gouge you on what you’ll pay either. Their care for your pet is great.” (Google reviews)


7. Nolan Hill Veterinary Hospital


Phone: +14034756484

Address: 8 Nolan Hill Blvd NW #102, Calgary, AB T3R 0X2

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Here at Nolan Hill Veterinary Hospital, they acknowledge the essential thing of pet proprietorship is the connection and attachment developed with the pets. The fundamental objective of the healthcare team is to improve that relationship. They have a group of dedicated animal lovers who have had the good fortune of combining their love of a variety of companion animals with a vocation that helps keep them healthy.

NHVH had worked hard to attain and uphold a high level of brilliance in all features of the veterinary in order to meet and exceed the clients’ requirements and expectations.

Customer reviews:

“The staff here are very caring and helpful. The groomer Sarah did a great job with my dog. I can tell they took good care of her and were patient. I will recommend this place to anyone.” (Google reviews)

“Nolan Hill vet has taken such great care of my cats. They show so much love and affection. Big shout out to Kinga and Amber for everything they do to make our visits special!” (Google reviews)

8.  Southpointe Pet Hospital


Phone: +14035320085

Address: 4600 130 Ave SE #210, Calgary, AB T2Z 0C2

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Southpointe Pet Hospital is a small animal general practice that offers wellness care, general surgery, dental care, and emergency medical attention. They guarantee that the clinic is comfortable, kid-friendly, and tranquil, in addition to providing excellent pet care. You and your pet can then unwind in the waiting room while waiting to meet the Calgary veterinarians.

They are happy to supply you with a variety of resources that will assist you in learning how to better care for your canines. Continuous feeding and problem avoidance are the most refined forms of veterinary treatment for animals.

Customer reviews:

“Excellent vet care. From the moment I walked in and checked out, everyone was beneficial. Dr. James was fabulous with my new puppy!” (Google reviews)

“I love Southpointe vet clinic. Very knowledgeable, professional, and understands that my pup gets very anxious and stressed at the Vet. Couldn’t ask for better Vets ❤” (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

Calgary has tons of great pet clinics that treat you and your pet with love and offer the best care. And we have provided you with the top 8 best pet clinics in your vicinity so you can feel comfortable and confident visiting them.

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