Top 8 Best Shoe Repair in Calgary

Best Shoe Repair in Calgary: Shoes are the most complementary to wear, and people carefully choose them. People want to keep their favorite shoes in good condition and wear them at every opportunity. But shoe repairs are needed over time, and one of Calgary’s best shoe repair shops brings old shoes back to life where you can fix your shoes in such a way that you will love them again because they will make them better than the new ones.

So here are the best shoe repair shops in Calgary where you can go with confidence.

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1. Canyon Meadows Shoe Repair


Phone: +14032511150

Address: 11625 Elbow Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2W 1G8

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This is a small shoe repair shop with a great owner. He takes care of his services, including more than simply shoe repair. If you go to him for boot repairs, hemming, or anything else, you’ll be glad you did. He’s also a key cutter. He loves sharing his knowledge about shoes with you, and you will learn how to keep your shoes healthy for a long time. Support small businesses in Calgary that are deserving of your support, which this company is.

He’s pleasant, honest, and professional, and he gets the job done quickly. He is completely dedicated to his work.

Customer reviews:

“Such a nice man!!! Fixed the heel of my daughters boot, plus added toe stoppers and greased her zippers. Told her to stop pulling the heel when she is taking off her boot.” (Google reviews)

“As always the service here was friendly, fast, outstanding quality and very reasonable priced. I’ve had any number of items repaired or altered here – shoes, purse, belt, dog harness, etc. and wouldn’t go anywhere where else! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 👍.” (Google reviews)

2. Sina Shoe Repair


Phone: +14032882913

Address: 109 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1Z6

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Sina Shoe Repair shop repairs shoes and bags, leather, and any related items, but they are very prominent for repairing shoes. They also sell shoe accessories like polish, insole, laces, etc. Because of both shoemaking and shoe repair expertise, they have the expertise and know shoes from their basis. This quality has made the shop different from other shoe repairs in Calgary.


You love your old shoes, so keep them alive. Sina Shoe Repair shop has customers who have their loved shoes for years. The shop delivers a wide variety of repair facilities. They repair all kinds of shoes, including hiking boots, cowboy boots, dress shoes, sports shoes, sandals, etc.

Customer reviews:

“Very polite customer service. The employees are very nice and asked me questions along the way! Will come again!” (Google reviews)

“Reasonable price, getting my shoes on time.” (Google reviews)

3. Conti’s Shoe Repair


Phone: +14032764689

Address: enter garage from the alley, 5411 Thorndale Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2K 3E4

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Conti’s Shoe Repair shop has been highly recommended to the community of Calgary because of their work which is always done right and on time. This is the best shoe repair shop I’ve ever seen. The proprietor is incredible. He produces high-quality work. Assume you’ve come to get your beloved pair of shoes repaired after they appeared to be worn out but turned out to be as good as new. They are so expert that if you give them a torn shoe, they will repair it so perfectly that it will appear better than when you initially bought it.

They restored the interior and replaced the material with leather, making them considerably easier to put on and last a lifetime in such a way that the leather appears to have always been there. Next time, you will never take your shoes anywhere else if you try this shop with fast service and excellent artistry.

Customer reviews:

“I’ll definitely bring all my shoes and boots here for work in the future!” (Google reviews)

“Took my shoes in for a stitching repair and they were done the next day.  Excellent service at a good price.  Not only that but he shined them up too.” (Google reviews)

4. Toma’s Shoe Repair

Website: shoerepairtoma

Phone: +14034557190

Address: 60 Crowfoot Crescent NW #103A, Calgary, AB T3G 3J9

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Thoma’s Shoe Repair has a very friendly staff and has been giving services in Calgary for a couple of decades. They fix shoes, belts, boots, and even a phone holsters. They specialize in leather shoe repair, and you will get good results. They are very loyal to their customers. They also built up a leather-layered boot heal.


You can stop at Toma’s Shoe repair to fix your shoe, and you will have a wonderful experience with them and get your shoe fixed in no time. The price here is very fair and reasonable. You will be glad to have this excellent shoe repair shop in your area.

Customer reviews:

“The store was wonderful and the services are really good. The shoe looked very well!very shiny!The price and store timing is very considerate too!” (Google reviews)

“Excellent customer services! My boots look like new after repairing!” (Google reviews)

5. Step Ahead Footwear & Shoe Repair


Phone: +15872329795

Address: 3 Mahogany Row SE #130, Calgary, AB T3M 2T6

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Step Ahead specializes in providing Calgarians with top-quality comfort, fashion, and orthopedic footwear. For over 22 years, they have been helping Calgarians rediscover their favorite footwear with their in-house custom shoe repair and orthotics fitting services. They are very honest with their customers, and they will always be up-front and truthful with you and let you know if a repair or replacement is in your best interest. They love bringing life back to shoes, and seeing their customers fall in love with their favorite pair of shoes all over again is icing on the cake.


Next time you consider having your shoes repaired, visit Step Ahead Footwear & Shoe Repair confidently. You’ll be glad to get your shoe repaired by them. They believe that shoe repair shouldn’t be expensive. After all, you’ve already spent your hard-earned money on the shoes the first time.

Customer reviews:

“Lisa and Josh are always so friendly and helpful. We love having Step Ahead in our neighborhood so we can support local!” (Google reviews)

“Super friendly and helpful family business in a convenient location, will be stopping in often for leather shoe care and repairs!” (Google reviews)

6. Marlborough Shoe Repair


Phone: +14035717777

Address: 3800 Memorial Dr, Calgary, AB T2A 2K2

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Marlborough Shoe Repair provides exemplary work and service to its customers. They have a great relationship with their customers, and they come to them whenever they need to have their shoes repaired. The folks at this family-owned gem are tucked away in.


Marlborough Mall went out of its way to accommodate your time request if you are in a hurry. There you can also find a prodigious selection of excellent shoes.
The folks who work here are among the nicest in that field. They worked tirelessly to make their clients comfortable with their shoes repaired.

Customer reviews:

“I brought a pair of day hikers that needed repair here, I’m very happy with both repair and the turn-around time.” (Google reviews)

“The Best People Ever!! Always use them for my belts Boots and shoe repairs!! They’ve been in business for over 40 years!! ♥️🙏” (Google reviews)

7. Joe’s Shoe Clinic


Phone: +14032494201

Address: 6449 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T3E 5R7

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Joe’s Shoe Clinic repairs your favorite shoes. Not only did they stitch all the seams that were opened up, but they also put new padding at the heel and re-covered/reinforced it. Best repair shop in Calgary because of their top quality workmanship, very friendly and honest service, and unbeatable prices. You can bring any type of shoe that needs to be fixed there. Most amiable owner you could ever meet and very knowledgeable about shoe repair.



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Incredibly well priced, if you own a good pair of shoes you like, it is far cheaper to get them fixed here than to buy a new pair. Honest and hardworking owner, it’s no wonder they’ve been there forever.

Customer reviews:

“I had a great experience here the first time and now I take all my boots and shoes here – fair price, honest service.” (Google reviews)

Went there a year ago, fixed the heels on a pair of black heels and they still look great today – great value!” (Google reviews)

8. Ace Shoe Care & Alterations


Phone: +14032338007

Address: 325B 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A5

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Ace Shoe Care & Alterations offers a wide range of services, from shoe heel and toe repair to boot calf enlargement. Leather is also dyed, and coats, bags, and belts are repaired. Ace Shoe Care carries all of the footwear accessories you’ll need to keep your favourite shoes and boots looking their best. They fix boots and shoes so well that they appear brand new. Their leatherwork blends in perfectly with your footwear’s original style.



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They take care of the quality of their work since they understand how much customers value their footwear. Visit them to see how beneficial they can be to you and your shoe, and you’ll be able to breathe new life into your favorite pair of shoes or boots.

Customer reviews:

“Fast and very quality service. I took 3 pairs in of boots and 1 pair of shoes and it was under a hundred. Get more wear out of your footwear and get them refurbished. So worth it. 👣” (Google reviews)

“Had new lifts put in for a few pairs of heels. Price was fair and quality was good. Had a boot sole reattached here as well, and it did not last. So good for simple repairs.” (Google reviews)


Final Thoughts:

Calgary shoe repair shops offer the best service to their customers, and the cost of repairing them is meager. The customer is as happy to wear the fixed shoe as he is to be new. The shoe repair shops in Calgary have specialists and professionals who have been working for decades in dealing with all types of shoes.

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