Top 6 Best Self-Serve Dog Wash In Calgary

Dogs are an integral part of many of our lives by being a symbol of playfulness & loyalty. Taking care of these furry friends demands best-in-class cleaning and grooming services. Calgary’s latest census of 2017 shows the population of dogs in Calgary exceeds over 135,000. With more hiking in owning a dog as a pet, looking up for the best self-serve dog wash in Calgary is of prime importance. These self-serve dog wash stations bring convenience, safety, and amenities and don’t seem to be harsh on your pocket. Giving your dog a luxurious bath treatment from a groomer comes at a cost.

Many people don’t contemplate going for this pricey activity and resort to the DIY selection – the tub and a bottle of shampoo. We all are well aware of the fact that bathing a dog at home is not the easiest thing to do. The hassle begins right from getting your furball into the tub. Most of the time they escape and treat your rugs and furniture with wet footprints. The best self-serve dog washes are not only ideal for eliminating the bathing mess but also ideal if you have a bigger size dog.

Looking for a convenient and pet-friendly self-serve dog wash near me? In Calgary, explore Pet Valu for a top-notch self-serve dog wash experience. Also, check out other options in Edmonton and Toronto. Discover the best self-serve dog wash in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and pamper your furry friend with DIY dog bathing at these fantastic canine self-wash facilities. Petsmart may offer self-service dog wash too. Enjoy a spa day for your pup in Calgary!

Discovering the Best Self-Serve Dog Wash in Calgary

Visit a self-serve dog station and we bet your dog will love it. The environment provides an opportunity for your dog to get relaxed and enjoy the pampering. Some of them even have affordable vending machines, so you can give your dog a tasty treat. You can make your dog enjoy the luscious bath even more by choosing the best self-serve dog wash in Calgary.

Best Self-Serve Dog Wash in Calgary

Looking for the best self-serve dog wash in Calgary, AB, Canada? Look no further! Calgary boasts top-notch options, whether you’re at the airport, in BC, or near Banff. Explore self-service pet wash options, DIY pet grooming, and canine hygiene stations. Find dog bathing supplies and reliable dog care services. Even Calgary by month, by owner, or anywhere in the city, you’ll discover the perfect spot. Plus, for those interested in DIY projects, check out the Fence Builders in Calgary. Your pup deserves the best pampering!

1- Happy Bays Self-Serve Dog Wash


Phone: +1 403 247 8338

Address: 4634 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0M8, Canada


  • Walk-in Bathing Facility
  • Sanitized Dog Wash Bays
  • Pullout Ramps for Large Dogs
  • Secure Drying Facility
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Do you desire to give your dog the comforting bath of his life at a dirt-cheap rate? Look no other than Happy Bays Self-Serve Dog Wash. They have all the tools and facilities required to make the fur shiny again. You can enjoy the hands-on experience of showering your dog and take no stress off the mess. Their top-notch tear-free shampoo and conditioners are ideal for keeping dirt and external parasites away from your dog.

The washing bays are regularly cleaned and sanitized after washing and the tubs are raised to waist level. You won’t have any hassle of wetting yourself up because of their waterproof aprons. The facility is quite ideal for small and large dog breeds and the staff will take care of all the mess after wash. Your canine will love this one of the best self-serve dog wash stations that provide security with an additional free feast of milk bones.

What do Clients Think?

Love taking my dog here after a muddy run. Usually costs me $2-4 for a quick rinse and wash. Saves me a whole lot of trouble when the pup gets home. (Google Review)

We took our dogs there today to wash them. It was great. Super convenient. They have everything you needed, literally, at a touch of a button and they clean up after we were done. Fantastic. Definitely a 5-star rating from me. (Google Review)

2- Launder-A-Pet Dog Wash and Daycare


Phone: +1 403 243 3519

Address: 455 42 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1Y3, Canada


  • Pet nail clipping
  • Self-serve bathing and grooming
  • Daycare Services
  • Training & Agility Classes
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Launder-A-Pet Dog Wash & Daycare earned a place on this list because of their top-of-the-line dog care services. They are pioneers in professional self-serve dog wash services with hundreds of satisfied customers. They have everything your dog needs for a refreshing bath, including a grooming table, brushes, and dryers. Besides, they have such a friendly and supportive staff to help your dog get the grooming treatment he deserves. To make it more pleasant, their staff is trained in general pet grooming, including nail clipping and fur cleaning.

In addition to the bathing services, Launder-A-Pet also launches several other perks. They have a daycare facility that is very ideal if you have a busy work schedule. Besides this, this facility also provides socializing and behavioral training classes. You don’t need to worry about the destructive habits of your dog after paying visits to these classes. Your furry beast will get individual attention from trained staff. The Launder-A-Pet Dog Wash & Daycare looks after your furry friend and you will take back home a clean, healthy, and happy dog.

What do Clients Think?

Really friendly and accommodating staff. My pup has been twice and was tired out every time. Definitely a positive experience and reasonably priced daycare. Will be returning. (Google Review)

Love this place, perfect place to bring your pets after a muddy park walk or just to give them a bath. The lady that runs the place is also very nice and accommodating. (Google Review)

3- Clippers N’ Suds


Phone: +1 403 246 7072

Address: 1935 37 Street SW Suite #40, Calgary, AB T3E 3A4, Canada


  • Full-Service Dog Grooming
  • Self-Service Dog Wash
  • De-Matting
  • Dog Health & Consultancy
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Clippers N’ Suds is dedicated and always in motion to keep your dog well-groomed and healthy. They have a custom-built wash bay setting for all kinds of dogs with no mess created whatsoever. The grooming staff will care for your friend and have dexterity in pre-bath trimming. Located at the most ideal location, this unique self-serve dog wash facility is an example of professionalism. With many happy clients, they established a high rank in the grooming industry with their skin-friendly natural washing products.

Apart from providing top-class washing services, they have a kinder goal in terms of dog comfort. The grooming and washing service starts after an initial consultation with the trained groomer. The dogs are housed in a really friendly and stress-free environment with daycare service options. Pay a visit here and leave with your clean, smiling doggy with bits of free maintenance advice.

Looking for the best self-serve dog wash in Calgary downtown? Look no further! Discover amazing deals at the DIY pet spa in Calgary. From east to downtown Alberta, explore the top canine bath stations near you. Calgary’s dog-friendly businesses offer the best self-serve dog wash ever. Don’t miss out on these fabulous pet grooming spots, and even check out Calgary Nightclubs while your furry friend gets pampered.

What do Clients Think?

Clippers N’ Suds is our place to go with our sweet dog, Emma. Staff is super kind, one of the ladies saw that my son had a paper cut on one finger and gave him a band-aid and a disinfectant towel. For self-wash service they provide shampoo, conditioner, ears cleaner, cotton pads, big sink, dryer, and aprons. Great place!! (Google Review)

I love how helpful the staff always is & how ergonomic the baths are. I have a bad back & can’t wash my pooch at home… But why would I? They offer everything you’ll ever need to get a good grooming done! And I love their rewards program!! (Google Review)

4- Spy Hill Wash


Phone: +1 403 294 9194

Address: 7707 112 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1R8, Canada


  • Self-Serve Clean Dog Wash
  • Drying and Grooming Facility
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Located in NW, Calgary, Spy Hill Wash Station is another popular self-serve dog wash station. They have a spotless and subtle facility for your fluffy pets. All you need is to bring your dirty dog here and the rest will be taken care of. The wash bays are now upgraded and have a more comfortable experience than before. They recently changed their name to Royal Oak Station, but that doesn’t stop their popularity from attracting customers.


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The staff is dedicated to providing your dog with a warm and pleasant bathing experience. It’s ideal for every size of a dog with the dryer’s easy operation settings. The washbays are sheltered and helpful in giving you and your pets a restful and homely experience. They are constantly striving to upgrade the pet wash amenities. We recommend this affordable self-serve dog wash station, as it is well-organized and polished.

Looking for the best self-serve dog wash in Calgary for dogs? Look no further! Discover the top spots offering free self-serve dog wash services for both dogs and cats. Ideal for adults, with some locations even catering to international students. Check out Calgary pet hygiene solutions, read dog wash reviews, and explore DIY dog bath equipment for sale at various dealerships in Calgary. Experience the convenience of self-service pet grooming with pet wash stations in Calgary Gardens and beyond.

What do Clients Think?

Took my dog here for a wash. The facility was very clean and well organized.  The wash and rinse times were quite adequate. (Google Review)

Pet Wash was good and the staff lady was very friendly. I like the dog bath here has warm water, shampoo and conditioner with a dryer option. (Google Review)

5- Classic Car & Dog Wash


Phone: +1 403 569 2595

Address: 1812 35 St SE, Calgary, AB T2B 0W7, Canada


  • Clean Pet Wash Bays
  • Well Maintained Premium Equipment
  • Free Wi-Fi
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Hop into Classic Car & Dog Wash and get your dog clean and refreshed as he deserves! They know every dog is different, and that’s why they are into this business. The station is designed in an easy-to-operate and handle layout that is ideal for all dog sizes. You can bring in your pooch without having to worry about the services. We have included this self-serve dog wash in this list on account of its immaculate bathing service.


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With their modern and well-maintained bathing equipment, there will be a new shine to the coat of your dog. You have the option of using their natural bathing shampoos or you can bring your own. Binging your bathing shampoo is specifically ideal if your dog is prone to skin allergies. The upstanding washbays and trained staff will assist you in offering a delightful dog bath. They also offer a VIP wash card for both your car and dog having a perk of receiving a 10% loyalty bonus gift.

What do Clients Think?

Super convenient place to wash my large dog! Basins were big & clean – with plenty of room to shampoo, wash and towel-dry off my dog. There is a convenient ramp for dog to walk into basin. A very thorough wash, shampoo and rinse cost me $4 total. Compare that with an $80 dog wash at most groomers. (Google Review)

I took my dog here for a dog wash and the tub was super clean and it was cheap too. (Google Review)


6- 17th Ave Car & Dog Wash

Website: 17avecarwash 

Phone: +1 403 248 3633

Address: 3801 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0S3, Canada


  • Easy to Operate Bathing Machines
  • Clean Dog Wash Bays
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17th Ave Car & Dog Wash is your go-to option, whether you need to take care of your dog or your car. We presented this wash station as our best self-serve dog wash in Calgary because of its gratifying atmosphere. The self-serve bathing hand sprays are easy to use and the skilled staff is always up for any assistance. Just like every other dog wash facility, the best part is always about leaving the mess away from your home.

Customers are delighted and also take no hesitation in naming this the best car wash and pet wash in the city. Nevertheless, there are much better options we included in our list that also provide grooming and daycare services. But one thing we are sure it is that you’ll enjoy the moment when your doggy comes out of the bay nice and clean.

What do Clients Think?

Took my dog there for a bath, facility was super clean. Bathing machine super easy to use. (Google Review)

Absolutely fantastic dog wash bay and the car wash is also great it’s my go to for both. (Google Review)

Final Verdict

So far, you’re now quite well aware of some of the best self-serve dog washes in Calgary for your dog. With more and more people investing in this business, a greater number of services are growing. With our comprehensive list of popular dog wash stations, you can offer your dog the grooming care he needs. Just save your extra expenses of going to a groomer in your pocket and opt out for these affordable self-serve dog washes in Calgary.

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