8 Best Seafood Restaurants in Edmonton

The 8 Best Seafood Restaurants in Edmonton

If you are an avid food lover, seafood is your popular dining option. The exquisite cooking methods and popularity will make you fall in love with the taste. We’re presenting you the 8 best seafood restaurants in Edmonton to satiate your seafood desires. Whenever you need to experience something tasty, there is no better place than Edmonton. You can find a variety of seafood choices here with different tastes and environments.

Choosing a seafood restaurant is a cumbersome task especially when you don’t know where to look. To ease your efforts, our list of the 8 best seafood restaurants in Edmonton is of great help. These places offer you several local and international flavors to satiate your taste buds. All of the quality seafood is prepared by professional chefs. Additionally, our top picks contain some of the highly admired seafood restaurants to try.

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1- Red Lobster

Website: redlobster.ca/

Phone: +1 780 484 0660

Address: 10111 171 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1S6, Canada

Menu:  redlobster.ca/menu

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Red Lobster has had a rich history of passionate seafood preparation since 1968. This seafood restaurant is one of the best in Edmonton with vast seafood options. Get your friends and family ready to taste their special seaside shrimp trio and admiral’s feast. Red Lobster has everything from grilled lobster & salmon to soups & pasta. The delightful taste of starter feasts and classic seafood range is everyone’s top-notch favorite. For the chefs, every customer is special and they take special care and attention to hygiene and food cooking details.

Red Lobster takes care of its customers by providing them with a serene and ambient atmosphere. The restaurant also lets you create your seafood meal combination. Red Lobster has special seafood biscuits and a whole separate range for kids’ meals. You can also get delighted by the hot platters and sweet desserts. The restaurant is located at a prime location in Edmonton for you and your family to enjoy the seafood’s awesomeness.

Customer Reviews

Great food, great service! Waiter was attentive, provided menu suggestions, took photos and gave us the full-on live lobster experience which even included bibs! I ordered the Lobster lover’s dream platter and it was huge and filling! The lobster Caesar was fitting given the location. The establishment was clean and covid protocols were followed! I’d return here for a great meal and fun time with friends! (Google Reviews)

Always something to look forward to. We had stuffed mushrooms and escargot to start – both were delicious. I ordered the lunch size fire grilled salmon with crispy Brussel sprouts & mashed potatoes & my friend ordered the shrimp, rice and green beans. I had zero complaints but my friend wished the green beans were fresh. Aside from that our server was fantastic. She was extremely polite and attentive. (Google Reviews)

2- Sabor Restaurant

Website: sabor.ca/

Phone: +17807571114 

Address: 10220 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0M8, Canada

Menu:  sabor.ca

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Sabor Restaurant is the name you can trust in terms of quality seafood in Edmonton. For starters, the chef brings you top-class spring mussels and BC clams. If you want to visit Sabor Restaurant, we recommend you try the grilled Prawns. The fresh scallops and seafood cakes have an exquisite taste and mouthwatering temptation. The vegetarian choices are top-notch as well as the family-style seafood platters.

Sabor Restaurant offers fresh fish with lobster risotto as the catch of the day. Why don’t you come and try the delicious taste of halibut & prawns as their signature dishes? With an amazing range of seafood, Sabor restaurant also offers rice and pasta. Additionally, the soup and salad ranges are brilliant and up to the mark.

Customer Reviews

Wonderful food with efficient service. The paella is a must here. The rice is so flavorful that you actually don’t need the seafood (which are also fresh and cooked to perfection). We took the recommendation and also ordered the mixed mushroom tapas which was amazing as a dipping for the bread. On a cool summer night, highly recommended to take a patio seat. (Google Reviews)

Came for a party of 9. We booked ahead of time to make sure we get some seats. Our waiter is awesome. I wish I got his name. The food is amazing. We got the Paella, lobster risotto, steak, lamb, meat and cheese board. 10/10. Will definitely come back for next time. (Google Reviews)

3- Winston’s Fish & Chips

Website: winstonsfnc.com/

Phone: +17804307170

Address: 10505 51 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 0K5, Canada

Menu: winstonsfnc.com/dine-in-menu/

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Winston’s Fish & Chips is the place of your dreams for all of your seafood needs. Located in the heart of Edmonton, you’re about the experience the classy taste. The delicate and flaky texture of Alaskan pollock combined with chips is heart-melting. If you want to get the flavor of the ocean, try their Atlantic Haddock. Winston’s fish and chips have the most cleanly made fish fillets with juicy flavor in Edmonton city.

The chefs have no match in preparing and cooking quality seafood such as Atlantic Cod and Pacific Salmon. The fish is fluffy and soft enough to melt in your mouth from the first bite. You can top up the fish with their rich and flavored soups and salads. Winston’s Fish & Chips has a specially designed separate menu for kids. Additionally, a range of sweet treats and beverages are also available to enhance your seafood experience.

Customer Reviews

In terms of portion size, Winston’s is the best. I’ve never seen such big filets of fish for fish n chips in Alberta before! Had I known I would’ve ordered 1 fish and been completely satisfied. The taste and texture were superb and not greasy at all. The sides were also great! Fountain drinks get unlimited refills. The server was very friendly. (Google Reviews)

Our server Kelly was really wonderful! Service was great and friendly. I am really happy they had a gluten-friendly (aware) menu separate of the actual menu. Really great fish n chips! Coleslaw was great! They even had GF onion rings! Love it, will most definitely be back! (Google Reviews)

4- The Captain’s Boil

Website: thecaptainsboil.com/

Phone: +17804566447

Address: 12320 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4X6, Canada

Menu: thecaptainsboil.ca/main-menu/

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The Captain’s Boil is the heaven of seafood in Edmonton with a lot of tasty perks. You can create an amazing company and enjoy the deliciousness at the same time. The Captain’s Boil has a whole range of fresh and exotic seafood to try. The chefs are inspired by the delicious seafood boil and maintain the integrity and taste altogether. With that being said, their Sailor’s feast contains high-quality shrimp and mussels with fried rice.

You can also enjoy shrimp baskets in regular side and premium side variations. The Pirate’s feast lets you choose between the lobster or Dungeness crab. The Captain’s Boil has an exclusive range of Cajun fries and fried rice. This place is your go-to option if you want shareable combos for your friends. There are several side options such as corn, potato, and steamed rice. However, they also have lotus root and okra sausages on their premium menu.

Customer Reviews

Amazing food!! The captain’s boil was an amazing flavor. Great seasons and the food were so good it melts in your mouth. The staff were very nice and came by to check up or top up drinks. Can’t wait to try more amazing items. (Google Reviews)

Great experience! I loved the concept of a southern-style boil. Food is served to you in plastic bags to separate the orders, seafood is in the proper form one should eat it in (not peeled, but for us to peel) which locks in more flavor, and I liked the variety of sauces, and heat levels. I don’t like too much sauce on my seafood, so I just asked for less sauce and they accommodated me no problem! This made it a little less intense and coated which I preferred. Service was friendly, fast, and thorough in their explanation. (Google Reviews)

5- Black Pearl Seafood Bar

Website: blackpearlseafood.ca/

Phone: +17807057887

Address: 10132 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0B6, Canada

Menu: blackpearlseafood.ca/downtown/menu/

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Nothing is better than Black Pearl Seafood Bar in keeping the seafood taste for more than 5 years. The chefs showcase their beautiful talent in a gorgeous oyster bar. They are the pioneers in delivering the same seafood taste from coast to coast. One thing we tell you is that the seafood taste is like no other in exciting your taste palates to the fullest. Additionally, the Black Pearl Seafood Bar is present in Downtown and Windermere in Edmonton.

Black Peral Seafood Bar possesses a full range of East Coast oysters shucked with pickle juices. The Salmon Mousse Crostini and Jumbo Prawn Cocktail are mouth-watering dishes by the signature chefs. Most of the meals at Black Pearl Seafood Bar are gluten-free. Don’t forget to add their beautiful salads to your next order. Rest assured, this restaurant never disappoints you in terms of the best seafood with a vast menu and a beautiful atmosphere.

Customer Reviews

If you’re looking for fresh delicious seafood, I suggest you check out the black pearl seafood bar!!! The servers were so friendly!! It was my first-time having oysters and they were perfect. They have a buck a shuck deal where your first dozen oysters are 1$ per person, which I thought was a great deal. My Caesar was probably the best Caesar I’ve ever had with prosciutto and other delicious add on! (Google Reviews)

Tried Black Pearl for the first time for a birthday celebration. All the food was amazing! The honey nut lobster and prawns had the most delicious sauce, I will be back for it for sure!  Also save space for the creme Brule! It comes with a butterscotch drizzle and it was the combination you never thought you needed. Of course, the buck a shuck oysters are such a good deal. Next time, I’ll get 2 dozen! Can’t wait to come back soon! (Google Reviews)

6- Joey’s Seafood Restaurant

Website: joeys.ca/locations/alberta/manning

Phone: +17804138806

Address: 300 Manning Crossing NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 5A1, Canada

Menu:  joeys.ca/menu

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Joey’s Seafood restaurant is a one-stop place for all of your seafood needs in Edmonton. This restaurant was established in 1985 and has been serving Edmonton with passion. They are considered one of the largest seafood chains in Canada with excellent records. Joey’s Seafood restaurant has a big seafood menu for every occasion and event. All of the products they use come after certification from sustainable fisheries.

Joey’s Seafood restaurant is committed to providing you with a top-notch seafood range. They have individual and sharable dishes with a variety of tastes. Be sure to visit Joey’s Seafood restaurant and enjoy the delightful taste of fish tacos and sandwiches. There are several side dishes to try with soups and greens. Apart from the seafood chips and ocean menu, Joey’s Seafood restaurant has some of the finest taste in its desserts section.

Customer Reviews

4 or 5 times I have been there, always found their service good and fast + the food quantity and quality are just awesome. By far the best fish and shrimp in Edmonton. Also, do try their mud pie, so Good. WORTH going to them just for that. (Google Reviews)

Amazing food and service! Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s evening with my family at this restaurant. The diversified menu and variety of fish was extremely fascinating. Would highly recommend visiting this place! (Google Reviews)

7- C-Lovers Fish & Chips

Website: c-lovers.com/

Phone: +17802442447

Address: 4121 139 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 0M1, Canada

Menu: c-lovers.com/#dine-in-menu

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You know what they say, “The best fish & chips in Edmonton”. C-Lovers Fish & Chips is serving its customers with utmost gratitude and satisfaction since 1984. This restaurant has an open kitchen with fresh ingredients on the table. The superior quality food is supplemented by intense flavors and compliments from qualified chefs. The positive dining experience is enhanced by the exquisite seafood options on their menu.

Enjoy the exclusive selection of dinners and platters with cod, haddock, and salmon. C-Lovers Fish & Chips are not only masters in making fish burgers but also have tasty small appetizers. You can further add the oysters and coleslaw to your plate from the side menu. No meal is complete without starting with appetizers. C-Lovers Fish & Chips make sure your dining experience is tasteful, starting from the popcorn shrimp and prawns.

Customer Reviews

I have been meaning to get here since it opened.  I live in the area and finally got here.  Everyone I know that has been here say the fish and chips are excellent and the all you can eat deal is the best.  I can say that the hype is true and I was no disappointed.  The fish is lightly battered and that allows the taste of the fish to come through.  The chips are great also.  The restaurant was clean and well lit. (Google Reviews)

Quaint little fish chips place. Service was great with friendly staff. Price point very good. I had the, all you can eat. Fish cooked perfectly crust was crisp, didn’t have wait long for additional fish request. $ 17.85 great deal. (Google Reviews)

8- Bai Wei Edmonton Seafood Restaurant

Website: baiweiedmonton.com/

Phone: +17804578833

Address: 16049 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 6E4, Canada

Menu: baiweiedmonton.com/menu

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Our last but not least pick is the Bai Wei Edmonton Seafood Restaurant if you are searching for the best seafood restaurants near me. Or if you are a fan of enjoying Chinese cuisine, this is what you’re looking for. The restaurant is located at a convenient location with top-notch service and tasty meals. Our favorite thing about this restaurant is the serene environment and seafood with a Chinese touch. You can come with your friends and family and won’t regret your choice.

Bai Wei Edmonton Seafood Restaurant’s special menu starts with some delicious appetizers. These include cold jellyfish and deep-fried squids. Their soup collection is made from only fresh and high-quality ingredients. The seafood hot & sour soup is the staple of Chinese cuisine in terms of taste. The main seafood course has a vast menu to choose from including scallops, prawns, & creamy fish fillets.

Customer Review

They have a good tasting crab fish maw soup that is close to me and they get it out to me quickly. Until they disappoint me if I order anything else, it will be 5 stars in my mind. (Google Reviews)

I tried this place with my Chinese in-laws as it was one of their favorite places. We ordered a dish that had shrimps with glass noodle, a seafood congee, white fish soup as well as stir fried yu choy. Unlike any other Chinese restaurants, this place is not too salty or greasy but still very tasty. I highly recommend this place who loves seafood and also who loves non-greasy or salty Chinese food! (Google Reviews)

Final Thoughts

Living in Edmonton comes with great dining options to choose from. In that essence, our list of the 8 best seafood restaurants in Edmonton is of great help. All of the restaurants bring fresh ingredients and taste magic right onto your table. Visit them today and get the utmost taste and 100% quality satisfaction right away.

You can have a great family time at these popular seafood restaurants in Edmonton. If you are planning to experience some quality taste at affordable prices, these restaurants are your go-to options. Not only the food is great but they have the best-in-class customer service and highly admirable staff.

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