7 Best Shawarma Places in Calgary

Initially from the Ottoman Empire, Shawarma consists of thinly sliced meat piled in a cone shape and cooked on a vertical rotisserie or spit.

Besides being a delicious pile of meat, Shawarma is a reminder of home for many Calgarians. Suppose you walk into your local shawarma restaurant. In that case, you can expect to smell herbs and spices, hear faint Arabic music playing in the background, and be greeted with extraordinary hospitality by the owners.

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Shawarma has been an essential part of Levantine cuisine despite its unclear origins for centuries. Donair and shish work is not to be confused with Shawarma. In case you ever crave this taste of the Middle East, check out these Calgary shawarma spots.

1- Jerusalem Shawarma – 16 AVE:

Website: jerusalemshawarma.ca/

Phone: +1 403 291 0040

Address: 301 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0H9, Canada

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Jerusalem Shawarma originated in a Palestinian village and was built from a passion for food and generosity. It has been passed down through generations and has been embodied in the Calgary locations as well. As passionate food lovers, they developed unique recipes to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

They are ready to welcome and serve you great food and warm hospitality whether you wish to dine in, take out, or catering. It has been a pleasure to serve their clients, which has allowed them to grow and expand their business.

Local businesses in Calgary that need to set up catering for their Saturday meetings, lunch meetings, conferences, annual meetings, and stampede breakfasts recommend downloading their menu to see their special catering services.

Their freshly cooked Mediterranean cuisine will surely please your guests and employees. In order to meet those needs and cater to hungry guests, Jerusalem Shawarma offers a special menu and delivery service. Shawarma is characterized by its overflowing filling, one of its hallmarks. It’s definitely worth going to one of Jerusalem Shawarma’s restaurants if you’re starving.

What do clients think?

Jerusalem catered my wedding and it was a hit! The service and the food was awesome! My husband and I were so happy with how they managed themselves throughout the entirety of the event. We completely put our trust in them and the staff did not disappoint. Our guests LOVED the food and went up for seconds –

they couldn’t stop talking about it after the wedding. Everything was delicious! The package we chose included a variety of foods for our guests to choose from and the layout was buffet style. They even followed up with us twice after we planned 7-8 months in advance to reserve them. They were on it!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO HAVE THEM CATER ANY OF YOUR EVENTS. Thank you Jerusalem for everything! 🙂 Y’all are amazing <3(Google Review)

Best experience! Friendly staff! Great service! Highly recommend it, as the food was great and the portions were big and filling :)(Google Review)

2- Jimmy’s A&A:

Website: jimmysdonair.ca/

Phone: +1 403 289 1400

Address: 1401 20 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 1G6, Canada

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As early as the 1990s, Jimmy’s A&A had just a few donair spits in the back corner. Since he bought the store, Jimmy has transformed it into one of Calgary’s most famous landmarks and its best Mediterranean deli. While Jimmy’s A&A has won many awards for serving Calgary’s best Shawarma, their real pride is helping their customers with professionalism and kindness.


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Jimmy’s is a family where everyone feels at home the moment they walk in. Jimmy’s deli case offers an assortment of imported foods such as samosas, grape leaves stuffed with rice, and chubby balls, along with its shisha pipes and tea. If you’re at the original location, head upstairs for some quiet time alone with your Shawarma. Calgary’s downtown and 17th Avenue SW’s retail district are just a short walk from their second restaurant located at 1304 4th Street SW. A big part of what makes Jimmy’s so appealing is the feeling of being at home.

What do clients think?

I drive by this building every day on my way to and from work. Always seeing it busy at lunch time. But not having any clue that it was a restaurant! Then my buddy invites me for lunch and BAM… we go here! It was so good. I mentioned that I was a newbie and the staff gave me a small plate of different things to try.

I ended up getting same as my friend. A beef donair. With all the toppings. It was huge, and filling and downright delicious! As they’re renovating, there is no sign on the building, so it’s sort of unknown until you know. I now know and will be recommending friends and colleagues try this. So good. Thanks team Jimmy’s!(Google Review)

amazing food and amazing people. the staff were so nice and helpful and the food was incredible. i had the beef donair and it was loaded with beef and lettuce. some of the best shawarma/donair ive ever had! would definitely recommend stopping by and grabbing something to eat.. you wont regret it!(Google Review)

3- Shawarma Palace:

Website: shawarma-palace.com/

Phone: +1 403 273 5555

 Address: 3820 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0S4, Canada

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Since its opening in February 2009, Shawarma Palace has become a family-owned and operated restaurant. Since its opening, Shawarma Palace has flourished as a local company that continually strives to meet and exceed customer expectations. Shawarma Palace offers diverse exquisite dishes based on the herbs and spices the chefs use in their extraordinary dishes, each of which differs in taste, texture, and boldness.

Their food’s unique taste was born out of family collaboration, teamwork, and constant love for pleasing customers that came from the origins of Mediterranean cuisine. Shawarma Palace continues to provide generous and heartfelt service to meet the needs of locals across the city.

As a result of their hardworking teams and the positive feedback received from their valued customers, Shawarma Palace has achieved great success. The process of becoming a prosperous eatery and bistro does not occur overnight. Shawarma Palace has expanded and evolved into the exceptional establishment it is today due to its immense time, energy, and hard work.

As servers for Shawarma Palace, they reflect their genuine passion for the hospitality industry in their aspirations and commitment. Shawarma dishes are served with exceptional customer service. Using spices and recipes, every item on their menu is prepared from the freshest ingredients. Every time, they strive to satisfy their customers so that they return to them happily, fulfilled, and wanting more!

What do clients think?

Best place in Calgary for for shawarma. Only place Ill eat chicken from. Line ups out the door always. portions are absolutely massive. Great staff they are extremely nice and they are very quick even a long lineup goes by very quickly as they are always hustling. Open very late. Worth the drive from Chestermere. Home made, fresh food.(Google Review)

We order from here often on Uber Eats! It mine and my spouse favourite go to for lunch! Their Garlic Sauce is the bomb and I’ve never been disappointed by them yet. Keep it up! c:(Google Review)

4- Shawarma Knight:

Website: https://www.shawarmaknight.ca/

Phone: +1 403 244 3999

Address: 1512 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C9, Canada

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Shawarma Knight is family-owned and operated in the heart of Calgary, AB. Since its opening in 2007, Shawarma Knight has been serving its customers daily. They have received many food awards over the years, mainly because of their customers’ support and partially because of their commitment to helping them with quality fresh food and exceptional service.

They offer a wide selection of catering options. They offer a catering menu that goes beyond what you can find on their website. They will follow up with you to discuss options available to meet your needs once they receive your details. Their team is looking forward to working with you at your next event, and they thank you for entrusting them with it.

Throughout hardships, they have supported their local community and will continue to do so. After a great deal of work, a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine has been brought to Calgary. They use 100% Halal ingredients sourced from local sources. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. They are committed to providing quality, fresh food until 4:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. It will be their pleasure to serve you at Shawarma Knight!

What do clients think?

BEST SHAWARMA! Got a medium chicken and my partner got a mixed beef and chicken. Tasty and not greasy, love the thin grilled wrap. Also got fries that were fresh and seasoned nicely. Quick and friendly service! Best Shawarma around.(Google Review)

This is the place for your Shawarma cravings!! Quality meats, delicious wraps and platters and generous servings! All the crew were nice to us every time we go there.(Google Review)

5- Shawarma House Calgary:

Website: shawarmahousecalgary.com/

Phone: +1 403 242 9800

Address: 555 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1P6, Canada

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Shawarma House serves Lebanese cuisine in Downtown Calgary. The Shawarma House is all about freshness, quality, and sophistication. Deliciously prepared meals, appetizers, and beverages are available at their restaurant. They prepare traditional Mediterranean cuisine with fresh ingredients and passion, ideal for your office lunches.

All Shawarma House Catering menu choices are based on a Wellness Lifestyle vision and high regard for health-conscious foods and ingredients. For corporate meetings and weekly lunches, Calgary businesses trust Shawarma House catering to deliver top-quality food. In addition to a wide variety of deliciously prepared meals, they offer a wide variety of snacks, salads, shawarma plates, and appealing entrées and entrees with appetizers.

What do clients think?

Very delicious food. The potatoes are amazing, nice flavour, fresh. The food is great never had a problem with it. This restaurant is a must eat at. Has some seating but place is smaller. Sweet treats are the best. Refreshments are a wide variety try the mango juice it’s nice and refreshing.(Google Review)

Hands down one of the best shawarma I’ve ever tasted. A must try when in Calgary. Definitely will come back for more.(Google Review)

6- Shawarma Barlow:

Website: shawarmabarlow.com/

Phone: +1 403 455 9606

Address: 106 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2N6, Canada

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Shawarma Barlow is one of Calgary’s most recognized caterers, providing affordable and stylish catering services. Regardless of the type of event you choose, they are dedicated to making it a success. You can always count on them to provide great food that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. They would be glad to answer any questions you have or give you more information. Send them your information, and they will get back to you!

Providing food to clients in a corporate setting reflects the company’s values. It is their goal to make you look your best at all times. Their food is of high quality, they deliver it on time, and ordering is easy. It can be overwhelming to plan a party or event for a special occasion. They can help you create an event that your friends will enjoy – so that you can share that experience with them too. You deserve food that matches the memorable moments of your life. They are committed to delivering your vision reliably and on budget as a team.

What do clients think?

Very tasty food. My favorite is the chicken shawarma platter. It is a lot of food. If you have a large appetite like me it’s the perfect portion. If you’re more average prepare to take some home because you won’t finish. Basically I eat the whole thing then skip dinner because I’m still full. Get the garlic sauce it’s super tasty and goes great on the potatoes(Google Review)

Visited Shawarma and have to say how amazing the food and the service was. Such an array of different foods depending on the time of the day. Highly recommended.(Google Review)

7- Avesta Shawarma:

Website: avestashawarma.ca/

Phone: +1 587 623 1222

Address: 5850 88 Ave NE Unit #3130, Calgary, AB T3J 0J2, Canada

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Providing delicious, fresh, healthy, organically produced food to their customers is one of their greatest joys at Avesta Shawarma. Providing high-quality, flavorsome food is what they do for their customers. Locally-grown products are all available at their store. Guests will experience an unforgettable dining experience at Avesta Shawarma with mouthwatering sandwiches and delicious dishes prepared daily.

Grilled chicken is used in their chicken shawarma wrap, a trendy Middle Eastern treat. Chicken and Beef Mixed Shawarma Wrap is the perfect choice if you can’t decide between delicious beef or chicken. Additionally, they ensure their customers have a clean and welcoming environment to go with their fresh produce and delicious flavors.

What do clients think?

Amazing staff, they work so hard, it was late around 10 pm but you can tell under the mask they’re very kind ppl, when you come in they smile, the food was delicious and really big portions, I couldn’t finish I had to take the rest home. The owner was so kind we loved their service so much that we had to tip 3x times. My partner and I really appreciated their kindness. We are not from Calgary and will definitely come back again and again! I highly recommend 👌 ☺️ did I mention he gave us free dessert ! Thank you again!! ❤(Google Review)

Amazing Shawarma place. Generous servering size. I couldn’t not finish my large wrap. Meat was super tender and juicy, vegetables were fresh n you can feel their crunch in every bite. We had large Donair wrap, finger licking. We took an hour detour to get to this place after reading google reviews….must say, worth the drive n worth each $ spend. Staff n owner are super friendly. Owner offered us 2 glasses of traditional laban for free…chery on the top, great taste. Highly recommend. If u love Shawarma, this is the place…(Google Review)

Final Thoughts:

There you have it, our list of the best shawarma places in Calgary. Have you had enough food yet? Don’t let your cravings keep you from satisfying them! By directing you to the best places that fit your taste buds, we hope we were able to fulfill your cravings.

You are welcome to contact us with any comments or suggestions. It would be great to hear from you. If you’re looking for something else, we have a few articles that might help you.

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