The 5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Calgary [2023]

The exceptionally popular sushi is one of the highly appreciated foods around the world. It carries the Japanese tradition throughout the globe. The peculiar popular food is demanded in the world including in Canada. If you’re fond of trying sushi or want to have an exquisite sushi experience, several amazing places are worth trying. We narrowed down the list of the 5 best sushi restaurants in Calgary for your sushi needs. All of these restaurants offer premium Japanese food served in a clean and aesthetic place.

There are numerous benefits of eating sushi including the health effects and eating convenience. In contrast to many other fast foods, sushi is prepared with rice with vinegar and freshly made raw fish. It is not the oil or harmful grease and rather the amazing taste that makes your heart run. You can try it with vinegar or go for wasabi if your stomach tolerates it well without any problem. There are multiple varieties of sushi available in restaurants to try according to your preference and choice.

Without further to do, let’s walk you through our list of the top 8 best sushi restaurants in Calgary to get you delighted in the next sushi eating experience.

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1- Kinjo Sushi & Grill


Phone: +14032558998

Address: 7101 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0L8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Diverse Sushi Range
  • Amazing Sushi & Sashimi Dishes
  • Special Lobster, Tuna & California Cone
  • Delicious Avocado, Salmon & Signature Rolls
  • Kinjo Special Grill, Tempura & Desserts
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Discover the best-in-class sushi taste at Kinjo Sushi & Grill which is serving customers in Calgary since 2005. The restaurant has multiple branches in the Calgary region to cover everyone’s sushi needs.  The tempura and teriyaki are something you must try while you visit this amazing place. The environment offers a very serene and comfortable sitting and dining place you’ll love. The home-style Japanese dishes will fill your mouth with the utmost taste taking you back to the lands of sushi’s origin.

Kinjo Sushi & Grill uses pure and original ingredients from trusted suppliers to create a masterpiece with complete deliciousness. The restaurant offers a vast menu of your favorite sushi and sashimi dishes. The take-out and walk-in orders contain an exclusive range of all kinds of sushi dishes to try from. The seared and smoked salmon sushi is something many of the Kinjo Sushi & Grill’s customers are inspired from. They have an amazing menu if you want to try liquor along with the outclass taste of sushi. Pay a visit today and enjoy their signature rolls & grill by the experienced chefs at Kinjo Sushi & Grill.

Customer Feedback

Absolutely amazing. I love everything about this place. Don’t be fooled by the interior decor. The food is outstanding. If they make the place look nicer, I would rate them 10 stars. The sashimi was really good. I love the dynamite roll, chicken udon and chicken yakatari. Definitely recommend this place. The service is also 10/10. (Google Reviews)

First time at Kinjo, with a large group of friends. Quite amazed by the $5.5 bowl of ramen…. Quite delicious. The sushi was really affordable too and pretty tasty. I was kind of digging’ the set up too. With whacky artwork on the walls and giant food posters hanging from the ceilings… It was quite the experience. (Google Reviews)

2- Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi


Phone: +14032833288

Address: 1501 15 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0Y1, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Starters & Special Rolls
  • Sushi, Sashimi & Oyster Sushi
  • Stone & Charcoal Grill
  • Tempura, Yakitori & Ramen
  • Grilled Vegetables & Sea Foods
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Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi brings excellence in seafood and sushi dishes with astounding taste. The restaurant is serving the Calgary region for many years with thousands of satisfied sushi lovers. Moreover, get amazed by the exquisite many available at Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi. Their signature Oshi sushi is what makes this restaurant special. The California and spicy salmon sushi melt in your mouth to create an amazing and worth trying to taste. The atmosphere is quite peaceful with top-class service.

Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi’s well-experienced and qualified chefs are there to serve with the deliciousness your tongue deserves. For starters, you’ll have lobster miso soup and seaweed salad to start up your amazing sushi meal. The kimchi sashimi and crispy spring rolls are waiting for you just like the salmon, tuna & shrimp sushi. The chefs also have their specially made and innovative choices of sushi and sashimi. The Oyster bar and restaurant’s special rolls are always a great addition to your sushi-loving experience, just like their meat, seafood, and vegetable grill section.

Customer Feedback

Really enjoyable experience, food was excellent, fresh, and great portions. The beef and lamb chops on the hot stone were so tender and delicious paired with their own special sauces! Also, the lobster Miso was excellent as was the made-in-house ice cream! (Google Reviews)

Very good food, the atmosphere was really nice, very cozy. Very wide variety of food. Anything from seafood and sushi lovers to meat lovers and ramen lovers can sit down and enjoy the food. A little on the expensive side, however, I think the quality of the food and experience is good enough to justify the price. (Google Reviews)

3- Sushi Bar Zipang


Phone: +14032621888

Address: 1010 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 4K1, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Traditionally Themed Japanese Cuisine
  • Sushi & Sashimi Lunch
  • Delicious Sushi Combo Deals
  • Excellent Appetizers & Assorted Sushi
  • Tempura, Donburi & Salads
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Over 15 years, Sushi Bar Zipang developed an astounding reputation for serving a state-of-art sushi eating experience. You deserve to enjoy the passion the chefs put into their hand-crafted foods to bring out Japanese food traditions. With great service and a super-friendly atmosphere, you can have an amazing dine-in with your friends and family at Sushi Bar Zipang. The perfectly cooked rice and delicious sushi of all kinds are available here to try. The fresh sashimi with soy-based soup makes Sushi Bar Zipang a hidden gem in terms of providing an amazing sushi-trying restaurant.

Sushi Bar Zipang is relatively affordable and located at a very ideal location. The staff makes sure you get the best serving treatment along with the freshly prepared ingredients. The chefs made available a relatively bigger portion that is worth the taste. Step into Sushi Bar Zipang and enjoy their vast Japanese meal course, including tasty appetizers and lovely sashimi and sushi. The fresh salads are always waiting at your table to try to get delighted by the amazingly pure and high-quality vegetables. Sushi Bar Zipang offers combo deals containing a diverse Japanese cuisine experience.

Customers Feedback

One of my go-to sushi bars in the city. Either myself or with family and friends. Their nigiris are always fresh even when delivered. Portions are on the bigger side compared to other restaurants. Will try to eat here more often. (Google Reviews)

Nice and cozy little Japanese restaurant with amazing service and food! The serving lady as well as the rest of the staff were all super friendly and eager to help. Sushi and sashimi were made quick and were delicious, definitely the best tasting salmon I’ve had. Pleasing presentation and they have nice grippy chopsticks. If you’re thinking sushi/Japanese I highly recommend! (Google Reviews)

4- Big Catch Sushi Bar


Phone: +14037085555

Address: 8835 Macleod Trail SW #130, Calgary, AB T2H 0M2, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Chef’s Choice Sashimi
  • Omakase Special Nigiri
  • Premium Oshi Sushi & Platters
  • Passion Sunrise Sushi Rolls
  • Hosomaki, Soups, & Desserts
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Bring the real sushi experience to your tastebuds with an outclass eating environment at Big Catch Sushi Bar. This restaurant is well-known to house one of the oldest Japanese sushi known as Oshi sushi. The servers know your dining needs and likewise the chefs in terms of what you expect from delicious sushi. Big Catch Sushi Bar has an amazing menu containing every exquisite Japanese cuisine dish you can think of. The red-colored sushi rice prepared in extraordinary ingredients is the top-notch recommendation for every Calgarian to try at Big Catch Sushi Bar.

From Sushi to Sashimi, everything they prepare is of excellent quality and completely fresh. The chefs pay special attention to all kinds of sushi according to customers’ demands. Big Catch Sushi Bar develops an easy-to-operate website ordering to make your sushi cravings fulfilled from the comfort of your home. The best sushi restaurant is our choice regarding the top 5 best sushi restaurants to deliver the taste without compromising on the quality. Enjoy the special rolls and great flavor combinations at a reasonable price at Big Catch Sushi Bar.

Customers Feedback

We ordered a few platters of sushi for takeout during fight night, and wow!!! The flavor combinations mixed with the freshness of the sushi was a game changer. I would highly recommend giving’s Big Catch a try. Big thumbs up to the chefs and will have to try dining in next time. (Google Reviews)

Amazing sushi, sashimi and service! Big Catch is an amazing sushi spot in Calgary – perhaps the best, especially for the price point. I am so happy their dine is back open after 2+ years. Their fish is so fresh, rolls amazingly prepared with unique flavors and gorgeous presentation. Honestly 10/10 sushi and service. (Google Reviews)

5- Shibuya Izakaya


Phone: +14032778823

Address: 449 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1K3, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Amazing Soups & Salads
  • Japanese Sushi & Deep Fried Agemono
  • Yakimono & Sashimi Plates
  • Karachi Appetizers & Specialty Rolls
  • Saba & Udon Noodles
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Calgarians love to come to Shibuya Izakaya for a worth-remembering Japanese sushi eating experience. The delicious truffle king oyster mushroom sushi is one of the most popular dishes of Shibuya Izakaya among the Calgarians. The fabulous dine-in service is something you’ll love as a Japanese food lover. From the taste of their signature dishes to their presentation, everything will be done with utmost care with the traditional Japanese touch. Enjoy the tasty sushi platters and get lost in the amazing taste offered by Shibuya Izakaya.

Shibuya Izakaya is also known for the freshness and purity of its ingredients. This restaurant is highly reviewed by Calgarians in terms of both taste and sitting place. The whole place is well maintained and much more peaceful than other restaurants. The sashimi plates always give a glimpse of how beautifully the chefs made this Japanese cuisine. The sushi rice with oysters and tasty salads leaves a long-lasting taste in your soul and makes your day even better. Shibuya Izakaya is your go-to place for an outclass sushi-eating experience in Calgary.

Customers Feedback

One of my fav places for Japanese food. Service is friendly and food is always consistent and delicious. Salmon Tataki is a MUST!  I also love how they do tempura. The batter is light and gives a satisfying crunch. Their noodle dishes (Udon, yakisoba, ramen) are amazing as well! (Google Reviews)

One of the best sushi restaurants in town. The staffs are always friendly. Taste and portioning are great and if you are a cone lover like me, they have one of the greatest selections of cones available in town. Some of the specials are pricy but well worth the dollars spent on it. Highly recommend the Blue Fin O Toro! (Google Reviews)=

Final Thoughts

Sushi is a healthy and innovative Japanese food you can try for complete deliciousness on your tastebuds. Finding & selecting a sushi place where you can enjoy eating with your loved ones or your family is a cumbersome decision to make. We thoroughly reviewed and compiled the list of the 5 best sushi restaurants in Calgary to ease the searching process. These restaurants have an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with the mouth-watering taste of chefs’ signature sushi and sashimi. With that being said, we wish you the best of luck for your next visit to these popular sushi restaurants available in Calgary.

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