6 Best Truck Driving Schools in Calgary

Best Truck Driving Schools in Calgary: In the next 20 years, truck driving will be one of the most in-demand careers due to its rapid growth over the past few decades. It would be best if you pursued a career path as a truck driver since more than 70% of current drivers will retire in the next few years. Truckers can become licensed through online courses and friends’ support or by enrolling in a truck driving school. It may be cheaper to choose the former, but the layer offers many advantages. The truck driver school will guide you throughout the application process for your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Additionally, truck driving schools often offer mentorship programs to teach you about life hacks in the trucking industry.

Trucking employers are also closely connected to some institutions. In this way, you may be able to get a job after completing your Training and passing the required tests. Lastly, some truck driving schools offer financial support. In addition, if you get hired early on, your hiring company may even cover the costs of truck driving school. Even without a degree, truck driving can be a profitable career choice. Calgary’s best truck driving school is a must if you’re considering this career change. Here, we’ll talk about some of the city’s most reputable truck driving schools.

1- Punjab Driving Academy Calgary

Website: punjabdrivingacademy.ca/

Phone: +1 403 903 8200

Address: 4656 Westwinds Dr NE #209, Calgary, AB T3J 3Z5, Canada

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Any driver managing their driving abilities over the years has always been aware that things could be improved. Punjab Driving School was established to help educate and enhance drivers across Calgary by assisting them to become more knowledgeable about the ever-changing driving world. As a company, they are committed to making their client’s dreams come true by providing the solution they need to become great drivers.

They believe that their services can be precisely what you need to become a more rounded and proficient driver, as their drivers and staff have incredibly high pass rates and driving qualifications among the best in the region. Punjab Driving School Calgary goes over everything from start to finish since they love to be thorough. The experienced instructors at Punjab Driving School provide Class 3 Driver Training in Calgary. They aim to help students obtain a Class 3 license and conduct classes according to their schedules and needs.

Taking classes in driver education helps students develop responsible attitudes and behaviors, which can help minimize the chances of an accident or injury. Their driving school provides fundamental driving lessons, refresher courses, and superior courses. Upon leaving their classes, their students are better drivers than when they arrived.

In addition to providing numerous advantages, advanced Calgary driving lessons allow you to develop as a responsible driver. Punjab Driving School has worked hard to create secure, confident drivers for several years. They have a brilliant success record, making them Calgary’s favorite instructors. They ensure their students acquire the appropriate proficiency and skills through classroom lectures and on-road Training to make safe driving decisions and maintain consistent driving practices for the rest of their driving careers.

What do clients think?

It was excellent experience with Punjab Driving Academy Calgary. Staff is very informative and provide complete and honest guidance. I cleared my exam in the first attempt. Every minute I spent on the training is informative. I recommend to everyone who honestly want to learn and want to practice a safe driving habbits. Thank you everyone for your support and guidance.(Google reviews)

Punjab Driving Academy instructors are very knowledgeable and provide great training. They have a very good team to provide you training and their office employees are very skillful and inviting. They make your schedule according to your plans, they tell you what you will have coming up next and many other things. Raman Jakhar was my instructor and I would highly recommend him, he did a very fantastic job in teaching me.(Google reviews)

2- People Driving Academy Inc.

Website: https://www.peopledriving.ca/

Phone: +1 403 612 0040

Address: 5850 88 Ave NE #6190, Calgary, AB T3J 0Z7, Canada

At People Driving Academy, they offer all levels of driving instruction, including classes 1, 3, and 5. In addition, stand-alone courses such as air brake and brush-up lessons are available to improve driving skills. Qualified individuals are in demand for a variety of jobs. You will be prepared for a career as a commercial driver after completing your Training. If you already have a Class 1 Melt license but don’t have any experience. Proper one-on-one Training, as well as practical Training, are provided in various locations throughout the city.

The Training covers practical load securement, log book management, pre-trip inspections, and other trucking-related documents. Their Training will make you a better driver, making you feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Their team of professionals inside the driving world knows more than anybody else just how crucial it is to be aware of safety on the road. Their goal is to provide you with a successful and easy-to-maintain driving school that will always help you learn something about driving.

Whether you need help building up your performance or feel like you will never master driving, they can start showing you the right way to handle street driving pretty much immediately! Aside from teaching untrained drivers, they also refresh the memory of old drivers who had a long break from driving. A great feature of People Driving Academy is that it offers online Training and classes.

Refreshing air brakes and preventing accidents are some of these services. It is a big responsibility to drive. Driving instructors that are qualified, authorized, and private can provide you with all the information you need to understand driving. Their utmost intention at Calgary driving schools is to teach safe driving skills to as many new drivers as possible.

What do clients think?

I moved from another school to People Driving Academy on the suggestion of another student. I found the administration to be very organized and thorough. The instructors within five minutes of driving were pointing out small, but important, corrections in my driving. Overall the instructors introduced and reinforced maneuvers without making me re-learn everything. I found the equipment to be fantastic. Overall I am very happy with People Driving Academy. I would recommend to anyone interested in obtaining their Class 1.(Google reviews)

I researched many driving schools, but People Driving Academy stood out with prompt customer service and a real desire to obtain my business. The facility and trucks are clean and professional. Instructors take care to help you understand while checking that performance meets a high standard. I highly recommend this school to freinds and family. (Google reviews)

3- Derek Browns Academy Of Driving

Website: bestcalgarydrivingschool.com/

Phone: +1 403 272 4246

Address: 1809 42 St SE, Calgary, AB T2B 1G1, Canada

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Derek Brown’s Academy Of Driving has provided drivers’ Training since 1970. Originally a one-car driver training school, Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving has grown into an actual driving academy with 15 cars and six trucks. There are several courses available to meet the needs of beginner and experienced drivers, including courses for truckers, winter driving courses, and courses for seniors. You can even customize your course according to your needs. They’re proud to be locally owned and operated. Calgarians have safely and skillfully navigated Calgary’s roads and highways for 46 years.

Thye takes great pride in training drivers who follow the road rules and understand them. Their professional driving instructors create a friendly learning environment to reduce stress. Their Calgary driver’s training courses are offered both in the classroom and in the car, and they are even offering online courses. They offer comprehensive driver training courses using multimedia presentations, practical driving experiences, and the traditional classroom environment. Their priority is training quality Calgary drivers.

As a result of their Calgary defensive driving course, you will become a safer driver, refresh your defensive driving skills, and lower your insurance rate or reduce demerit points. They take the time and effort to ensure their students hit the road with the practical skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to stay safe behind the wheel in all their courses. Heavy trucking lessons for Class 1 and 3 licenses are offered to their truck-driving students in hands-on, comprehensive commercial transport training.

To provide extensive training experience, they maintain a fleet of five types of semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles. It is possible to obtain superior classroom and in-vehicle instruction at reduced costs at Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving. Courses are available for beginner drivers who want a class 5 license. A defensive driving course and a demerit reduction course are available. Their school offers truck driving courses for drivers who want to start a new career as truck drivers.

What do clients think?

From having little to no driving experience, Derek Brown’s driving school helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I needed to be a proficient driver . The very insightful classroom session gave me a clear break down of the many rules and laws Calgary has in place, as well as giving helpful tips to avoid conflict on the road. The driving portion of my lessons helped me improve exponentially and with the help of my diving instructor Qusay I was able to learn many skills with ease. His driving experience came in handy in many ways, and his tips for driving made the experience so much easier for me to comprehend complex situations you may find yourself in.(Google reviews)

Derek Browns has been such a wonderful adventure. I am so grateful that I choose Derek Browns. The front desk ladies are amazing! They are all so flexible and patient and always willing to help! The in class was great very interactive and enjoyable! My driving instructor Robert was beyond amazing! Robert is calm, cool and collected during every situation he is aware of many areas and is able to help build a successful driver. Honestly this school is amazing and I don’t think I would of finished the program without Robert and Derek Browns!(Google reviews)

4- Jonas Truck And Auto Driving School

Website: jonasdrivingschool.com/

Phone: +1 587 891 7715

Address: 4116 50 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2B 2T7, Canada

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If you want to learn to drive or update your driver training, Jonas Driving School is the best car and truck driving lessons provider in Calgary. Teaching teens and adults to drive is one of their favorite things. Although they know they aren’t the only driving school in Calgary, they believe their experience, honesty, and friendliness make them stand out. Jonas Driving School offers many driving classes, whether for Classes 1, 3, 4, or 5. There is up to 40% discount for new drivers on insurance companies’ recognition of their Class 5 certifications. In addition, Jonas Driving School provides truck rentals. These services are helpful until you reach the road test phase of your truck driving career.

As a professional truck driving school, Jonas Truck Driving School prepares individuals for careers as truck drivers. Developing the skill levels required to pass a Commercial Driver’s License Examination requires understanding Alberta Transportation rules and regulations and defensive driving techniques. There is no compromise on quality regarding its truck driving courses.

In addition, it is equipped with modern technology so students can practice before driving a real truck. Jonas Driving School is passionate about teaching teens and adults how to drive. In Calgary and its surrounding communities, Jonas Driving School is the best driving lessons provider for learning to drive or updating your driver training. When taking their driving lessons, you will be able to feel as comfortable as possible, thanks to their qualified instructors

What do clients think?

Thank you so much Jonas Driving School.Just got my class 1 driving licence today. “Only just 1 try”and you get your licence. Nice instructor, nice classroom everything was so good.I recommend everyone to join Jonas Driving School. Thank you(Google reviews)

Jonas Driving school is the best place to learn how to drive a vehicle. They are professional and well knowledgeable instructors. Also, all staff members are approaching you kindly and friendly.(Google reviews)

5- CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd.

Website: ccatruckdrivertraining.com/

Phone: +1 403 253 3004

Address: 6262 6a St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2B7, Canada

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As a locally owned and operated company, C C A Truck Driver Training Ltd has provided employable Class 1 and 3 Drivers to the transportation sector since 1981. Their first truck was loaded with only a trailer and a briefcase for an office, and they began as a one-person operation in Calgary. There are two classrooms and a three-acre training yard at today’s driving school, which occupies 1600 square feet. A career in the transportation industry can be considered to be one of the best careers you can have. Many services are available, including local, long haul, and oilfield services. Regardless of what you choose to do, they prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Aside from personalized instruction, the school provides students with clean, well-maintained equipment. As part of their training program, they teach you how to operate loaded or empty 53″ single trailers and B-Trains. All nine of its Kenworth trucks are equipped with ultra-shift and automatic transmission for smoother shifting. The school also offers professional driver’s improvement classes, combination vehicle lessons, and air brake lessons. Experienced students can benefit from this feature by stepping up their game at a lower price.

What do clients think?

Excellent people from owner to staff all had your best interest in heart. Owner is all in all true gentleman very rare now a days. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced they teach you very well and give you 100% of their time and attention. Front staff is also very quick and professional. God bless them(Google reviews)

The instructors are super friendly and very helpful . I pass class 1 from the first time. CCA best school in Canada. I would like to thank everyone in CCA. (Google reviews)

6- Protruckers Driving Academy

Website: protruckers-driving-academy

Phone: +1 403 629 7119

Address: 1808 19 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 4Y3, Canada

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Among the many driving schools in the area, Protruckers Driving Academy has become one of the most versatile schools, for it offers a variety of classes, including Classes 1, 3, and 5. With its highly-trained and experienced instructors, you can be assured that you won’t get into any accidents on the road. Students at Protruckers are offered not only technical classes but also trucking tips. This additional knowledge allows students to understand better what to expect in their chosen industry. Using their approach of No-Collision, they have highly trained and experienced instructors.

As a community, they are committed to minimizing the high rates of road injuries and fatalities as much as possible. Students at Protruckers qualify for government funding for their trucking classes because Alberta Transportation approves the company. There is no doubt that the best thing about Protruckers Driving Academy is that it has a flexible schedule and a variety of course programs available. This enables students to take classes that suit their schedules, skills, and learning abilities.

What do clients think?

I would highly recommend this school! Adel is very detailed in his teaching methods. If you don’t understand one method of teaching, he uses other teaching methods at his disposal. He does not just teach dry from the book information; he also incorporates real-life scenarios. Thanks for a well-rounded learning experience! (Google reviews)

A big thank you to my instructor Adel , he is very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. He makes good jokes to make you feel relaxed. Very friendly and good listener. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver.

Thank you for giving me the confidence from zero to upper level to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness. Your lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciated your encouragement. As well as having a very professional attitude, you are also a very caring person and I will miss all the laughs we shared. (Google reviews)

Final Words:

You’re ready to choose your favorite as soon as you’ve read through the best truck driving schools in Calgary. It’s merely a matter of deciding your priorities; then, you will know which program to enroll in. Ensure you research the various schools listed before choosing a truck driving school in Calgary.

It would help if you choose the school based on its location, tuition fee, the flexibility of its training program, and, most importantly, make sure it is a state-approved and licensed school. Upon completing your Training and passing your test, you may search for a job.

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