5 Best Debt Consolidation Services in Calgary

In modern times, it is hard to manage your bills and pay for your educational & medical services at the same time. Debt occurs whether you want to buy a car or clear your credit card loans. The high-interest rates are inevitable sometimes and you need to handle your debt the right way. Calgary has some of the most popular debt-solving companies you can trust. We stacked this list of the 5 best debt consolidation services in Calgary to help you beneficially organize your debt. After all, no matter how much debt you have to pay, your debt-paying efforts count a lot. You can use these services to consolidate your debt by adopting methods such as personal or home equity loans and transferring all debt into a single card.

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The principle of debt consolidation relies on the effective transfer and management of your debt. You can lower the interest rate by piling up your debt into one single payment. Obtaining a quality debt consolidation service in Calgary can make your debt paid at a lower interest than you’re currently paying on monthly basis. Among the other benefits of debt consolidation services, your credit score will get a major boost by turning multiple payments into a single one. This aids you to pay your debt a lot faster and easier and consequently, you’ll stay stress-free.

Let’s walk you through our compiled list of the 5 best and most popular debt consolidation services in Calgary to manage your debt more efficiently.

1- BNA Debt Solutions Calgary

 Website: bnadebtsolutions.ca/

Phone: +1 403 232 6220

Address: 703 64 Ave SE #150, Calgary, AB T2H 2C3, Canada


  • Real-Time Debt & Financing Solutions
  • Debt Consolidation & Consultation
  • Consumer Proposal Issuance
  • Bankruptcy Filling Services
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BNA Debt Solutions Calgary strives to deliver financial excellence in terms of repaying and consolidating your debts. The company will put your needs first in determining what they can do to let the debt burden off your shoulders. The loving and caring team is well-trained and organizes a personalized consultation step by step. No matter if you have a hard time paying your debts or suffering from high-interest rates, BNA Debt Solutions Calgary is your recommended go-to option for all financial needs and assistance. In that respect, they’ll set up an agreement with your creditors through consumer proposals.

To carry out the process easily and effectively, BNA Debt Solutions Calgary will break down the consultancy process into small parts. Each section will be thoroughly explained, addressing your possible questions and inquiries. The team then decides to go for the options you can avail yourself of in the consolidation of your debts. There will be no hidden or additional fee and you’ll be able to pay back your debt after a significant reduction using the quality services of BNA Debt Solutions Calgary.

Clients Feedback

We got into debt way over our heads. BNA saved us. They were very fast and knowledgeable. They were friendly and easy to understand. The relief i feel from their help is beyond life changing. They saved us! Thank you, BNA, from the bottom of our hearts.

The team worked very quickly to solve my debt issues. And when there was a mix up with my appointment being in person and not virtual, they jumped in and did my paperwork even though they had other appointments. It was so fast, uncomplicated and smooth. I am very grateful for their quick response to my problems.

2- Bromwich + Smith Inc.

 Website: bromwichandsmith.com/Calgary-area

Phone: +1 855 884 9243

Address: 800 5 Ave SW Suite 800, Calgary, AB T2P 3T6, Canada


  • Effective Consumer Proposals
  • Debt Relief Consultations
  • Debt Consolidation Services
  • Bankruptcy Declaration
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Bromwich + Smith Inc. is another best debt consolidation firm that is quite popular with hundreds of delighted customers. The company is serving to provide top-notch debt consolidation and relief services since 2002. Bromwich + Smith Inc lets you entirely restructure the program to conclude with better and more feasible debt payment solutions. They strive to rebuild your worth and help in getting your financial position back on track. You can leave your stress at the door of Bromwich + Smith Inc. with an amazing & dedicated team of finance experts ready to lower your debt burden.

Say goodbye to high-interest rates and multiple debt payments. Bromwich + Smith Inc. can cover and consolidate your credit card and payday loan debts through their consumer proposals. Your income tax and source deductions will be specially taken care of while planning to obtain the best debt consolidation strategy. This will benefit you in stabilizing your financial life and prevent you from filing for bankruptcy. Take a wise decision and let Bromwich + Smith Inc. handle your debt stress with their outclass set of services.

Clients Feedback

I am so grateful to Rick and John for being absolutely fantastic! They were kind, funny and never made me feel judged. I appreciated their thorough information and felt they really made the effort to ease the anxiety I felt. I’m so relieved to have found a way out of crippling debt and I feel a tremendous weight has left my shoulders. Thank you so much for what you do! If I ever find someone in the same unfortunate circumstances, I was in I know where to lead them.

Sagar & Rick, they were phenomenal to me. The burden of debt knows no limit when it comes to your stress. If that is your case you should absolutely seek assistance from these 2 Professionals. They will treat you as a person of worth and who matters. Which means all the more when you’re in this tough situation. They earned and deserve their 5-star view from me. Thank you so much gentlemen!

3- Credit Counselling Society Calgary

 Website: nomoredebts.org/

Phone: +1 403 263 9905

Address: 1935 32 Ave NE Suite 226, Calgary, AB T2E 7C8, Canada


  • Credit Counseling Service
  • Debt Consolidation & Settlement
  • Debt Management Programs
  • Consumer Proposal Services
  • Bankruptcy Help
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Solve all your money and debt problems with Credit Counselling Society Calgary. They apply and empower knowledge and financial assistance through a wide range of services. The company provides low-cost debt solutions so you can manage your cash flow better. Credit Counselling Society’s well-aware and experienced team is here to help you in your difficult times in managing your debt stress. The company’s door is open for its delighted customers since 1996 and is proud in helping thousands of clients throughout Canada. They started in New Westminster and are currently spread over 5 Canadian provinces.


Credit Counselling Society is an internationally recognized organization and a proud member of the National Foundation for Credit Counselling. The company has received Consumer Choice Awards and Financial Literacy Education Awards in multiple regions. Now they are working in Calgary to address and lower your debt and financial problems. Bring the debt number down and pave the path towards a more stable life by making multiple debt payments into a single one. Credit Counselling Society will try their utmost effort in getting low-interest rates and thus lower your debt amounts.

Clients Feedback

The best phone call I ever made. My husband had been ill for two years and with no money coming in, credit cards were used too often. My super great counsellor made my day. She was so understanding and with her help and the sale of my home a few months ago, the entire debt was paid in just over a year. No more sleepless nights. Never be afraid to take that first step.

Hemal was extremely personable as well as professional. Her ability to make me feel comfortable, and help me to thoroughly go over my current situation and options I have to move forward was amazing. I would highly recommend not just her, but Credit Counselling Society as a whole in terms of debt relief options.

4- MNP Debt – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

 Website: mnpdebt.ca/ 

Phone: +1 403 538 3187

Address: 640 5 Ave SW Suite 1500, Calgary, AB T2P 3G4, Canada


  • Consumer Proposals
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Orderly Payment of Debt Program
  • Credit Counselling
  • Informal Debt Settlement
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MNP Debt is a well-renowned firm that is not only proficient in providing bankruptcy solutions but also debt consolidation services. The non-judgmental and unbiased information is delivered by a super-friendly team of finance experts. The company is a licensed insolvency trustee and satisfying the Calgarians in managing their finances for several years. If you’re currently struggling and stressed from too much interest rates on multiple debts, you should visit MNP Debt. Moreover, the overwhelming debt can no longer bother you after the life-changing debt solution program offered by this popular debt consolidation company. 


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Sometimes we try to fix the financial problems ourselves without proper knowledge and consultation. This cannot help us in the long run and you need someone who understands your situation better. MNP Debt, through a consumer proposal, can lower and erase your overwhelming debts, thus giving you peace in your life. You don’t have to worry about asset loss because of this firm’s effective planning and strategic approach according to your financial situation. MNP Debt works in a reputable manner and has relations with top financial advisory companies. You can make a difference in your life by contacting them today and having a peaceful sleep every night.

Clients Feedback

I went to Donna at MNP to discuss a consumer proposal to manage debt I incurred during the Calgary recession, when I lost my job. Donna and the team at MNP were very professional, helpful, and made everything clear, easy and understandable. The process was very easy. And they even assisted with future financial planning. I highly recommend MNP.

The ladies have been wonderful to us in explaining the whole process, the benefits and how to handle creditors. They have eased my anxieties in regards to owing and stressing, not sleeping and my tummy aches. I can’t be happier with you guys. Thank you so much for easing our stress and us being able to live with a better understanding of debt and budgeting.

5- Money Mentors Calgary


Phone: +1 888 294 0076

Address: 109 Quarry Park Blvd SE Suite 140, Calgary, AB T2C 5E7, Canada


  • OPD Program & Counselling
  • Debt Consolidation Services
  • Financial Assessment Consultations
  • In-Person Financial Education
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Money Mentors earned the name of a well-established and reputed debt consolidation company with its utmost efforts. This company is one of the few that offers best-in-class counseling in terms of credit and debt management. Money Mentors are spread across Alberta in more than six locations. Too much debt over the years can be very stressful and it can be more overwhelming if you don’t know how to manage it. Money Mentors offer regular sessions on how to manage your debt and spend money. With a qualified team of experts, your debt is now in safe hands. Money Mentors are your go-to choice for all of your financial needs.

Credit, debt, and money coaching are perked with the debt consolidation services by Money Mentors. When you have no option left on how to make your debts manageable with the lowest interest rates, this company will take the lead in your finances. Recently, they’ve started a new Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD) program to get you away from any troubleshooting in debt payments. To help you better, Money Mentors make use of the most exclusively applied strategies such as consolidation loans, debt management plans, bankruptcy, and consumer proposals. Together with an outclassed team of experts, you can free yourself from stressful debt in no time.

Clients Feedback

Thank you so much Alexander!!! The customer service I received was exceptional. I was given two options to pay off my debt without declaring bankruptcy. I did not want to go into bankruptcy. I was given details about both options. At the end of my conversation with the counsellor at Money Mentors I felt relieve and knew I was more than capable of handling my debt in a timely and efficient manner. To say Money Mentors counsellor put me at ease is putting it mildly. I am so glad I made the call for help.

If you are in debt and having trouble seeing a way out, I can’t recommend Money Mentors enough. Right from the start I never felt judged. Everyone was understanding and helpful. While on the program they were very understanding of the few times I did have to make a payment late or split a payment over a few months. I just finished the OPD program and I honestly don’t know how I would have made it out of my debt otherwise. Thank you, Sheri, for your help!

Final Thoughts

Continuous debts fill your life with confusion and anxiety. It is always ideal to start looking for debt consolidation services during your financial instability. We researched and stacked up the 5 best debt consolidation services in Calgary to ease out the process and make you worry less during your hard times. All these services are highly reputable and appreciated by hundreds of happy and satisfied clients throughout Calgary. You can book an appointment today and enjoy the benefits of eliminating your debts at the lowest interest rates. We want you to have a debt and stress-free life and we wish you the best of luck in choosing from our mentioned debt consolidating services.

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