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Women with motivating visions

8 March marked International Women’s Day on Tuesday, and a group of women got together enthusiastically to make a network and celebrate this day with Ladies Who Lunch at Starling Restaurant and Bar. This new ByWard Market restaurant was a perfectly right place for Catherine Landry, CEO of Call Betty Marketing to host the return gathering of the highly inspired businesses women of Ottawa. This event was largely successful where business-related people from different walks of life participated and it raised $1,800 which was sent to help Ukraine for the orphans through the owner of Nectar Flower.

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This has been the most difficult and unpredictable time I have ever gone through in whole my life,” said Landry. This entrepreneur is the representative and powerful voice of many of the businesses that had many stiff and complicated obstacles to face and defeat during the pandemic including horrendous house fire. “The only thing that continued to provide me with motivation and inspiration to move on to face the challenges was the incredibly encouraging power and strength that has come from this Ottawa local business community. These business owners are fearless and confident enough to face difficulties with determination and strong vision.

Landry invited a special guest for the event, foremost and most prominent among them with a unique vision was Bentley Goudreau who was most loved by all the guests. Bentley Goudreau is a nine-year-old owner of Clothing for a Cause, a T-shirt company whose ultimate objective is to generate money from this business and then donate that money to the welfare of the needy. This company is raising and largely contributing to the Canadian Cancer Society. “It always troubled to see the kids suffering from cancer and living a miserable life devoid of smiles and happiness. Then I decided to donate as much money there as I can so that those kids who have cancer can return to normal life and enjoy this world with fun and zest, they are really deserving of happiness and I pledge to make them happy” He said. This was the chief motivation behind him to start a business at that age and has achieved significant success in this field.

Bentley Goudreau started business at the time when he got a circuit machine a device like a printer used for cutting out iron-on decals for clothing. This was the first small step towards a great journey that inspired many of the rest of the business community to take similar brave and compassion-oriented initiatives to serve humanity. This event was attended by highly prominent people of the businesses which included Krista Kealey who is the president of the Ottawa International Airport Authority, Julie Findlay, blogger/spokesperson, and Korey Kealey.


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