‘It is Kind of Scary to Think That What Occurred in 2021 Would Be Called Ho-Hum in 2050.’ Says Environment Canada Climatologist!

Canada’s Weather at December 26, 2021.

Image Source: The Weather Network

‘This year was beyond belief. There’s no year in the 26 years that could compare to this year,’ says the influential climatologist of CanadaDr. Dave Phillips.

Dr. Phillips had been accredited with keeping the record of dramatic weather episodes from the last 26 years

Briefing the climatologists about the weather exhibitions in 2021, he reflected with a heavy heart that 2021 had not given them many cherished moments; 2021 was all about floods, droughts, deterioration of infrastructure, and the boom of coerced movements of the natives from their homes. 

Having said that, organizers of the Zoolights have reneged the event this year due to the cold breeze and painful weather conditions forcing teeth to rattle like a rattlesnake.

Dr. Philips recorded that 2021 was all about extreme heat or cold, no in-between.

Recalling the heat of June at Lytton, he demonstrated that more than 1000 temperature fluctuations were perceived in June and July.

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More than 600 inhabitants lost their life battle to heatstroke in Alberta and Vancouver.

Reports have declared openly the demise of more than 650,000 cattle in June and July. Cattle could not bear the waves coming straight down of the scorching sun.

Dr. Philips exclaimed with resentment and discomfort,

‘What I’m hopeful for is that it becomes the turning point and confirmation for most Canadians that there’s a clear and present danger to climate change and extreme weather. This year has woken people up to that fact.’ 

Ontario and Quebec had remained the victim of strong waves of tornadoes.

Consecutive tornadoes resulted in the forced displacement of hundreds of the aboriginals. About 3500 people were evacuated due to the consistent and vicious outbreaks of fires in the region. 

The pinnacle temperature fluctuations had shaken the agricultural produce in OntarioCalgary, and QuebecCanolawheat, and hay crops suffered a downfall in 2021.  

Deadmen Valley overshadowed the chilling breeze of Yakutsk, Russia.

On Christmas Eve, the temperature of the region falls to -45°C. The country’s Northern side remained occupied by the bone-chilling air even after Christmas Eve terminated. 

Contemplating the detrimental effects of chilled air upon the health of individuals, the health professionals have cautioned the people to stay indoors.

The health connoisseur recorded,

‘Dress in layers that you can remove if you get too warm. The outer layer should be wind-resistant.’ 

Observing the temperature and climatic conditions in the region in 2021, the senior expert of climate change, Dr. Philips, pondered with sorrow,

‘I am really worried.’ 

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