Top 8 Best cafe and coffee shops in Calgary

The city of Calgary has plenty of cute coffee shops that serve delicious coffee, and you’ll want to visit all of them. You can find plenty of excellent cafés in Calgary, from cozy places where you can grab coffee with a friend to chic spots where you can work. It is impossible to run out of excellent coffee in Calgary. Our city has many coffee shops and cafes that brew beautiful coffee sourced and roasted by the companies that serve it. All of these cafes are worth checking out if you’re looking for a light meal or a place where you can work with your laptop.

Find out which coffee shops to visit in Calgary, Alberta, here! There’s a spot in town bound to tickle your fancy whether you’re in a hurry or looking to relax. Taking on this list all at once would almost surely result in a caffeine overdose, but be sure to tick each item off after enjoying coffee, espresso, tea, or a pastry.

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1- Analog Coffee 17 Ave:


Phone: +14039105959

Address: 740 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B7, Canada

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Creating tangible connections between coffee and community is at the heart of Analog. Analog was founded on the idea that every cup of coffee should be unique and that there needs to be better. Calgary’s first Analog opened in the farmers market in 2011, followed by the location on 17th Ave in the heart of the city’s beltline in 2012. There has only been continued growth for their community (and cafes). Analog considers average to be completely unacceptable. They constantly seek the finest coffees to serve their customers and their community. For them, the desire to provide their customers with epic, unmatched coffee experiences drives everything they do.

If you try their coffee and products, you’ll quickly see that they’re obsessed with every decision. A high level of consideration, pondering, and intuition goes into every aspect of a guest’s experience, from the décor to the vibe, to the food, to the cup of coffee. Everyone can enjoy our coffee, whether they’re long-time aficionados or newcomers seeking something a little (or a lot) better. Attitudes or elitism aren’t necessary. Essentially, it’s about providing the best coffee for everyone who orders their coffee.

They craft their brilliant single-origin coffee in Analog, and everyone can find their place in the Analog story, which is still just beginning. It’s true that good coffee is everywhere, but great coffee is surprisingly rare – regardless of whether you’re drinking it for fuel or as a way to escape your busy day. Those who seek something more than the ordinary can find it here. They only need the time it takes to brew a cup of Analog Coffee.

What do clients think?

Great coffee in a vibrant, trendy cafe setting. The staff are friendly, helpful and really know their coffee. If you prefer, they have tea and hot chocolate available too. There are both indoor or outdoor seating options available, or you can take your drink to go and enjoy the park across the street. Definitely recommended.(Google reviews)

EXCELLENT COFFEE!!!😋☕ Great place to grab a cup to go for a walk down 17th Ave. Not a lot of space to sit but a couple outside tables, if your able to get one, are nice on a hot day 😎 Usually pretty busy. Service was excellent, they were out of gift card sleeves and offered to put it in a small cup with some coffee beans. Very nice touch! 👌👍(Google reviews)

2- Philosafy Coffee:


Phone: N/A

Address: 632 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B4, Canada

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Historically, philosophers often congregated in cafes to discuss ideas when coffee was introduced – Philosáfy Coffee takes inspiration from this tradition. They hope to continue that tradition by bringing together people from all walks of life here. Kenya’s Kirinyaga region provides them with their Epicurus coffee. Sweet and fruity, this coffee has a pleasant aroma. At their boutique café, they use this coffee for a pour-over, but it can also be brewed in a French press, drip, or any other brewing method except espresso.


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The coffees are roasted by them once a week in small batches. Beans are sourced ethically and consciously from many different regions of the world and roasted to perfection before being shipped to you. Only 1% of the world’s best beans make it to their roaster. It is their sincere hope that Aristotle, Epicurus, Plato, and Socrates Espresso will win you over and inspire your mind. Their boutique specialty coffee shop uses Socrates Espresso to make all espresso-based drinks.

The Socrates Espresso is the perfect coffee for those who love coffee with a balance of chocolate flavors. The Panamanian coffee option they offer is Plato. Central America’s ecological corridor is home to this rainforest preserve where this coffee is grown. The farm’s particular location within a cloud forest benefits the quality of the coffee produced there. Their cafe uses the Plato for pour-over/V60 coffee.

What do clients think?

My favourite place to get coffee for myself, favourite is London fog! Taste so good!! Especially with sunshine, feels super cozy.(Google reviews)

A great and relaxing atmosphere to sit in while studying or just catching up with a friend. I really love their coffee and it is so fragrant. The service is great as well. There is also tons of seating. Only downfall is that they don’t have a lot of variety for baked goods and breakfast options. I really love stopping here every time I’m in town. (Google reviews)

3-  Caffe Beano:


Phone: +14032291232

Address: 1613 9 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1E1, Canada

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The Caffe Beano in Calgary’s 17th Avenue has been serving coffee 365 days a year for over 30 years (since 1990). Their coffee shop has won many awards for being the best in Calgary for many years and prides itself on offering quality coffee and homemade baked goods. They are a famous coffee shop with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It’s always an exciting experience at Beano, whether you’re watching people, reading, knitting, painting, or writing.

At this cafe, conversation is valued, so people from all walks of life gather to share ideas, make new friends, and drink the best coffee around! A unique cafe in Calgary, they have established themselves as a stronghold. They are a natural gathering place for Calgarians who are passionate about their work.


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No matter your morning fix, what weekend spot you enjoy with the family, or what late-night site you want with a special someone. Providing you with an enjoyable experience is their goal. Caffe Beano serves a specific espresso blend that is roasted specifically for them, and their baristas make it the way you prefer. It’ll change the way you view homemade cappuccinos forever.

Their business practices are environmentally friendly, and they are a LEAF-certified cafe and a member of REAP Calgary. In addition to composting their waste, recycling plastic and cardboard, and providing environmentally friendly coffee and food, they provide environmentally friendly products. Many people have made Caffe Beano their daily ritual, describing it as a “caffeinated community center” and “an institution.” There is much conversation spilling out from Caffe Beano onto the street.

What do clients think?

We had a great coffee date at Beano. We all had the YYC Hot chocolate, which was amazing. We all tried different food and snack items. Everything was fresh and delicious (totes try their bagels). Friendly service. My only complaint is I wish they took credit cards.(Google reviews)

Rachelle and Dylan are just the nicest ladies, I see Rachelle often when ordering the best coffee in the world (Vietnamese Hot Coffee). It’s a cool vibe, nice people and amazing drinks. I highly recommend this place and then some!(Google reviews)

4- Rosso Coffee Roasters – Inglewood:


Phone: +15873537677

Address: 1402 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T5, Canada

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In September 2007, a dream became a reality, and Ramsay opened its doors. As Rosso’s visionary, David would personally oversee every aspect of the cafe during its first six months. Eventually, Dave opened a second cafe in Victoria Park and a third location in Calgary’s downtown core. To date, they have purchased green coffee directly from producers in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Myanmar, Brazil, Burundi, and Colombia, and plan to return for further trade and relationship building.

Their weekly quality control programs now further their understanding of coffee varietals, processing methods, roast profiles, brewing parameters, and palate development. As of now, Rosso sources from ten countries across the globe. There are different styles of production in each country, different microclimates, and different coffee varieties, all of which yield different flavors and textures. Their menu does not include all ten countries at any one time, as they view coffee as a seasonal item.

For their coffee to be available on the menu for six months, they strategically purchase it. In order to always offer fresh, in-season coffee, they strive to keep their offerings as fresh as possible. There were three more locations opened in 2016. They have three new Calgary locations: Inglewood, Calgary, a National Music Centre, StudioBell, and 17th Avenue in the Beltline District. Tuxedo is a beautiful community in North Calgary that they were fortunate enough to be introduced to in March 2017. ATB Small Business of the Year was awarded to them in October of the same year by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

David and Cole were also named as part of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40. It is their fantastic community that has enabled them to achieve these successes. The Canadian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, as well as the Canadian Latte Art Competition, were both won by Nelson in 2020. Rosso Coffee Roasters embodies David’s vision, which was once known as Caffe Rosso. Cole and Jessie have assisted Rosso in improving quality and service standards and taking a deeper look at coffee production. When buying coffee, they are passionate about their sourcing practices and use the icons below to communicate their values.

What do clients think?

Coffee taste different here.. I mean in good way. Last time I tried chai and believe me it was really nice. Lots of muffin options and they all are good. I like the ambient here. Just go with your book, order a coffee and relax.. wifi is also available so u can do ur internet work here. You can sit outside inn sunny days and enjoy the weather. Overall I will definitely suggest this place to everyone. (Google reviews)

A great coffee house on a vibrant corner. Traditional cappuccino is done well and the service is friendly and efficient. Decent amount of seating indoors and on the outside patio, where there is always lots to take in (Google reviews)

5- Monogram Coffee:


Phone: +14034553696

Address: 420 2 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3K4, Canada

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Having worked in many roles for multiple cafes in many cities, Monogram Coffee believes exceptional coffee should inspire wonder and warmth. While they have grown some since their humble beginnings as a pop-up coffee cart in Dade Art and Design Lab, they have always remembered what makes excellent coffee so special: amazing people. Coffee quality is at the heart of their coffee program, ensuring they work with producers who approach everything they do with excellence.

They’re incredibly sweet, clean, and balanced, and they’re also quite intense in flavor, telling the story of their variety, processing, soil, and effort. In their relationship with each other, they learn how to improve as each year goes by. Besides coffee quality, they aim to build a close relationship with their producers by serving them and creating a sense of community.


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Being able to make amazing coffee is only one part of who they are. With meaningful connection and excellent service, coffee represents a beautiful opportunity to impact people’s lives positively. There are a lot of wonderful people on their team. In addition to taking photos, they are also foodies, hikers, musicians, and foodies. Everywhere you look, there are science geeks, number geeks, and all kinds of geeks. A couple of speed skaters and climbers are competitive, and they make up the Monogram Team.

Their community is made up of such a diverse group of people, and the passion for taking care of them and the various people who live there brought them together. They need to work closely with their partners to understand their needs to create quality coffee for them. As they buy coffee from farms, each purchase builds their capacity their understanding and leaves them better off. Creating a sustainable community based on trust and support is their goal.

What do clients think?

Got here on Saturday with my family. Warm and cozy and the barista made awesome coffees.(Google reviews)

Happy can visit here since this place is my top coffee place list in Calgary. Nice place, friendly staff and great manual brew!(Google reviews)

6- Euphoria Café:


Phone: +14033130503

Address: 8 Varsity Estates Cir NW #110, Calgary, AB T3A 2Z3, Canada

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The Euphoria Cafe has a selection of drinks for everyone’s taste, whether you’re in the mood for something warm or something cold. Each of their drinks is handcrafted with care and made to order. Founded in 2009, Euphoria (the feeling of intense excitement and happiness) Cafe is a proudly Canadian business dedicated to elevating the community. Their cafe is a unique experience with a beautiful bright space perfect for families and friends to connect, students to study, business meetings, relaxing and working, or even hosting your writing club. Whether you enjoy a Chai latte, a Matcha latte, a cold Kombucha, or a simple cup of tea, they offer many other premium alternatives to coffee.


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All of their high-quality premium teas come from local producers. They source their coffee beans from their friends at Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary. Their coffee is sourced from around the world using the best, highest quality coffees. As far as Rosso is concerned, more than fair trade is needed. Their visits to coffee farms ensure that farmers and communities maintain a good quality of life and have access to support, education, and training. Rosso will pay a premium to the farmers in exchange for the coffee beans.

They serve a wide variety of coffee drinks, including staples like cappuccinos and Spanish lattes made with Rosso beans. You’ll also love their nitro cold brew coffee! Featuring handcrafted coffees, smoothies, fresh pastries, made-to-order food, and more, their menu has something for everyone! A wide variety of dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and vegan options are also available!

What do clients think?

Nice location, but limited parking. The cafe is wonderfully distinctive in that they cater to a variety of dietary needs. I was able to order bullet proof coffee and a fat bomb. It is very bright and there is a lot of seating available. I love all the menu choices. The artwork is available for purchase.(Google reviews)

Friendly and helpful staff. They are happy to explain any of the drinks and dishes if you have questions. Items are fairly priced. Went on a weekday afternoon and it was not crowded indoors. There is also outdoor seating available. There is a two hour limit on the parking (just give your licence plate number to the staff to get free parking), but the staff do not rush you out and there is minimal noise to allow for conversation. Ordered the MOB honey latte and Belgian waffles with dark chocolate syrup.(Google reviews)

7- Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters:


Phone: +14032611885

Address: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1, Canada

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Phil & Sebastian are here to make you feel at home. The business is about more than just making a better cup of coffee; it is about a single-minded pursuit. Since they started this company a decade ago, they’ve been dedicated to the belief that coffee could and should be better. Over the years, they’ve traveled the world, micro-financed projects in coffee-growing countries, built their roaster, co-authored studies on water, and done all kinds of harebrained things. The goal is to ensure that the cup of coffee they pour for you today will be better than the one they poured yesterday.

Depending on the variety of coffee and how it is grown, processed, and roasted, the flavor of coffee can be incredibly diverse. They have organized their coffees into three categories, R1 to R3, to assist you in enjoying this vast world with a wide variety of tastes. Rather than being a ranking system, it is a tool meant to help you find the coffee you’re looking for. They’re glad you’ve found your way down the rabbit hole.

They choose coffee based on balance, clarity, and lots of sweetness and roast it to bring out the unique attributes of the coffee and its origin, as well as the right balance so that it can endure the high-pressure brewing espresso requires. They’ve chosen coffee from producers they believe in to offer you the best espresso experience instead of providing complicated blends with meaningless names. Their espresso offerings are sourced from a wide variety of great producers, each of whom they collaborate with to provide them with great espresso. There is always something different and in-season to choose from when it comes to their espresso coffee selection.

What do clients think?

My wife and I had breakfast here for 3 days. Food was superb certainly they put extra touch on every dish you order which I find it nice and unique.. it’s not your typical café, coffee was excellent, love the elderflower tea.. ambiance is great too gives you a cozy feels.(Google reviews)

I love P&S coffee. Whenever I come to the shop, I feel most welcomed and comfortable. It’s fun to see all the different types of latte art from the amazing staff 🙂 Don’t miss your chance to visit here! Your day will be elevated by the quality coffee and service ☕️(Google reviews)

8- Deville Coffee:


Phone: +15876649338

Address: 807 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 7N2, Canada

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Deville is a group of coffee crafters and bakers who dream of taking coffee & baked goods to the next level. Founded in 2008, their company has expanded across Alberta and British Columbia, serving their communities since then. A company owned and operated by people who live in the communities in which they operate, Deville is a producer of coffee that sources, roasts, and professionally serves its customers.

Since the first day they opened, their shop has been carefully crafting lattes and espresso drinks with ingredients such as organic vanilla and house-made chocolate ganache, brewed using only direct trade coffee beans. In their cafes, you will also find a wide range of fresh, creative sandwiches and an assortment of baked goods delivered daily from some of the city’s best bakeries.

Their goal is to create cafes that evoke a sense of connection, a place where their friendly team serves up thoughtfully crafted direct trade coffee to their regular customers whose orders they already know, as well as to those they still need to meet. They see you late-night owls and early-again birds, and they know how important that is to you. Those who live just a bit too far from a Deville café may find this option of interest to you.

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift to spread the love of Deville in your life, they are the perfect place to visit. If you’re in the office, at home, or working from home, they’ve got you covered regardless of where you are. Deville Coffee beans are rich, locally roasted, Direct Trade, and delivered straight to your door.

What do clients think?

Passed by this coffee shop when we were looking for another cafe. The interior from the outside was very inviting so we had to check it out. So glad we actually tried because my friends and I actually enjoyed our coffee, avo toasts and pastries! Perfect to start our full day in the city!(Google reviews)

Great place for coffee. They have really good options and definitely amazing ambience. Lots of place to sit and have quick chat with friends while having coffee. Hot chocolate and Chai latte are really great but also don’t hesitate to try other tea and coffee. Staff is always welcoming and smiling. Recommended for sure.(Google reviews)

Final Verdict:

These top ten cozy cafes and coffee shops in Calgary are great for catching up with friends, doing a little work, or just watching people. The coffee scene in Calgary is fantastic, so you’ll definitely want to check out some or all of these cafes. It is possible to have a good cup of coffee in Calgary. You’ve probably found something helpful for your next study sesh, date, or mid-day pick-me-up. Boost your caffeine intake!

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