6 Companies With Best Software Development In Calgary

Your business’s digital presence becomes even more crucial as mobile and web apps become more popular. Keeping up with the digital world is one of the organizations’ most prominent challenges. Developing up-to-date software allows your organization to maintain an impactful digital presence by constantly updating it.

Find the best software development companies in Calgary to work with an experienced partner who defines, implements, and delivers measurable daily results. It is, therefore, imperative to get associated with the best software developer in Calgary who has a massive pool of competent resources and can deliver the perfect solutions to your business challenges.

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By partnering with IT companies, organizations can conduct day-to-day operations, improve internal communication, improve productivity, and increase security for sensitive information. Do you want to hire the best Calgary software developers? We have compiled a list of the top software developers for choosing one for your project in this article.

1- Vog App Developers

Website: vogappdevelopers.com/

Phone: +1 844 992 2777

Address: 214 11 Ave SW Suite 900, Calgary, AB T2R 0K1, Canada

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Vog creates and develops software applications for iOS, Android, and the Web right here in Canada. The Vog App Developers team also offers business-related software development to enhance customer satisfaction in addition to mobile apps. Vog App also offers UI/UX design and branding for commercial clients.

Vog was founded in 2012 to provide entrepreneurs in Canada with a reliable partner who could help them develop high-quality mobile applications. Vog builds more than apps; they build businesses, and while their customer base has grown to include more established companies in various industries, they remain committed to the founding principle.

As your technical partner, Vog can help you develop innovative and custom software applications to improve your business operations. Their team of developers can deliver mobile applications, desktop software, and interactive websites to meet the needs of your business. They are committed to three core principles that set them apart after almost a decade and over 300 projects. With a local and international network of businesses and professionals, Vog is proud to partner with you. They carefully screen them to ensure their values and beliefs align with those of other companies and individuals.

You can count on their team to bring your vision to life, from applications to enterprise-level desktop software and interactive websites. They are one of the leading software development agencies serving companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations worldwide. Vog App Developers designs and develops websites, social media, and SEO campaigns as part of its digital marketing services. All of these help its clients market their software to the right audience.

What do clients think?

My name is Sunitha, I had an interview with QA Team.. unfortunately i have not been sleeted for the position. but i really like the whole team. i wish vog and new candidate very all the best.(Google reviews)

Vog was very professional from our first introductions and kept their 5 star level of service right through from the planning meetings to the delivery of the app I had envisioned. Thanks Team. (Google reviews)

2- Global iTech Web Systems

Website: globalitechsystems.com/

Phone: +1 403 402 1727

Address: 55 Westwinds Crescent NE #107, Calgary, AB T3J 5H2, Canada

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As a Calgary web design, web development, mobile app development, and SEO agency, Global iTech Systems specialize in small business web design & marketing. You can count on them to design and develop the best websites in Calgary. They offer affordable website design prices to suit every business and budget. They are pleased to be recognized as a leading Calgary web design company.

Furthermore, they specialize in digital marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). They offer full-service creativity for marketing, branding, and custom web application development. Their team at Global iTech Systems is capable of creating any custom web application or website you might need for your business. In addition, their team advises on web technology trends, website tools and technologies, and what will work best for your website and web applications.

Web developers and designers in Calgary specialize in creating responsive websites and custom web applications that work across all platforms. They use the most advanced web and cloud technology, whether the backend, frontend, or mobile applications. With their knowledge of today’s world, they can deliver a smartphone-friendly version of your product.

As a leading enterprise application development, mobile app development, content management system company (CRM & CMS), custom software development, and e-Commerce and marketplace website development company, Global iTech Systems excel in several areas. Their company’s IT web project management is taken very seriously, and they take every precaution possible to ensure the web project is protected and the design is accurate and effective.

What do clients think?

Kamal at Global iTech Web Systems is amazing and very helpful with all our website and technical needs. We would greatly recommend his services to everyone!(Google reviews)

I found Global iTech is a professional web design agency. I am very satisfied with device responsive mobile friendly website. Their SEO is very strong. Highly recommended!!! (Google reviews)

3- Nabster solutions

Website: nabstersolutions.com/

Phone: +1 587 433 4199

Address: 90 Freeport Blvd NE Suite 202, Calgary, AB T3J 5J9, Canada

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Nabster Solutions has a team of Marketing Experts, Ad Specialists, Designers, Thinkers, Creatives, and Software Engineers dedicated to developing applications that transform your business, build your brand, boost your sales, and change your future. Get in touch with them today! They produce innovative solutions that drive business growth through the integration of technology and creative design.

Their marketing experts assist businesses with developing and implementing marketing strategies. Using data, they monitor marketing initiatives and improve campaign performance. Their software development services include designing responsive websites and building mobile and web applications for various platforms and operating systems.

Businesses can automate processes, increase productivity, and manage their workflows more efficiently using their software. To be successful, your website must be mobile-friendly. They strive to create mobile-friendly websites that are user-friendly, plus they offer many other mobile-specific features that you will appreciate.

As web software developers, they specialize in building complex and powerful applications. They use advanced cloud computing and architecture with Amazon’s AWS. They offer them a cost-effective yet unique proposal for top-notch mobile app development. As a mobile solutions provider, they follow the agile methodology.

What do clients think?

Great team. These guys are patient, thorough and keen on satisfying their clients. great experience with them handling our logo redesign project 👌. Look no further!(Google reviews)

Nabster has help us in every step of the way to develop our brand new website design and have been taking care of all our IT needs on a regular basis. They really helped us alleviate lots of stress by handling all of our digital marketing and software needs! One thing that really stands out is their amazing communication between their team and us, they are constantly proactive and coming up with ideas and solutions that has helped our business grow. We can’t thank them enough for all the amazing work!(Google reviews)

4-  TERRAFORM – Blockchain, APP & Mobile App Developer:

Website: terraformcorp.com/

Phone: +1 403 464 4554

Address: 1001 1 St SE Suite #260, Calgary, AB T2G 5G3, Canada

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Terraform delivers the best software development in Calgary for startups, enterprises, and businesses. You can use it to create directories, analytics, and even wearable apps. The Terraform team has worked in technology for more than 20 years and has been developing apps since 2009. They have specialized in the app development business for nine years now, a level of expertise you will notice from their first meeting. The majority of local companies rely on website development for revenue.

Still, they put mobile apps first, and while they have the ability and the skill to develop websites and software, they focus on app development. With cutting-edge technologies, Calgary’s premier mobile app developer – TERRAFORM – tracks data, user interactions, and customer segments to provide valuable insight into your business. They are Calgary’s Premiere Custom Software Solution Developers who can make your vision a reality by creating an environment that makes your business easier to manage and more organized.

As an iPhone developer in Calgary, Terraform has successfully developed dozens of apps for Albertan clients. Their experience will help your project succeed. TERRAFORM custom apps developer with experience working with Calgary and Edmonton companies using Apple and Android technologies. They will handle any issues that may arise, and they are confident they can get every app approved every time. You can schedule a meeting with their Calgary office if you are looking for an Apple developer in Alberta.

It will be possible to discuss all the logistics, including the cost and estimated time frame. The Calgary-based Provision Athletics hired Terraform to develop an app that would allow training clients to engage daily without needing to meet face-to-face and customize workouts. In addition to designing software, this company helps its clients improve their operational efficiency, profitability, and user-friendliness. So Terraform assures its clients that it will be with them from beginning to end.

What do clients think?

After shopping around for a while I felt confident that those guys were the right ones to develop my app and project. Their team have been very communicative and handled all the concerns and questions that I ever had. It’s been a great experience working with Terraform.(Google reviews)

Terraform personnel is exceptional. Despite we decided not to move ahead right now with our projects, they’ll be the team when the time for our app development comes. Transparent about what’s needed and feasible always focused on client’s needs. I totally recommend them.(Google reviews)

5- LaunchCode:

Website: lc.dev/

Phone: +1 800 805 0195

Address: 10504 42 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 5B9, Canada

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You have the expertise and a vision for your product in your industry. You can rely on Lunchcode to translate your vision into a digital strategy that works for you. They focus on the future state of your business in their process of understanding your desired outcomes. It is their specialty to design beautiful user experiences. Here their designers come up with visually captivating designs that your users will enjoy. They have a multifaceted development team with expertise in both software and hardware. Their team will develop prototypes in rapid succession of agile sprints, so you get a new and improved version every couple of weeks per your product vision. They constantly communicate with you so you can pivot based on your priorities at any time.

To create quick prototypes for testing and refining your hardware solution, their fabrication shop has 3D printers, CNC water jet cutters, metal brake/bends, and a CNC water jet cutter. In order to create an optimal user experience, they aim to understand the client’s and user’s interactions. A quality UI/UX experience simplifies the user’s life, making it easier to adopt your product. They create different designs using inspiration from the real world and the latest trends to provide your users with experiences they will love. Impossible doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. Technology advancements allow them to create software and hardware products. Their goal is to assist you at every step to ensure long-term success. Every project has its highs and lows, but they are there to support you through them. Their in-house services help you accelerate your growth when partnered with them.

What do clients think?

What a great office and team! Very impressed with the collaboration, track record and expertise. I’m very excited to see the projects they’ll deliver next. .(Google reviews)

Solid, agile and performance based team. Always deliver beyond our expectations, on time and provide unbelievable customer service and support. Highly, Highly recommend(Google reviews)

6- Convverge Inc.

Website: convverge.com/

Email: +1 844 460 8540

Address: 602 11 Ave SW #310, Calgary, AB T2R 1J8, Canada

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By leveraging Microsoft technology, Convverge helps businesses achieve profitability. Providing fast and effective solutions and an impressive user experience, it develops software with an exceptional user experience. Convverge is a Microsoft Consulting Partner that helps businesses leverage technology to streamline their operations. They aim to help you make better decisions faster by bringing together people, strategy, and technology.

They provide configurable software for tracking health and safety, employee portals, and operational dashboards. As a result, it is geared toward business owners who want to make their business as efficient and well-oiled as possible. In their role as a Microsoft Gold Partner, they combine people and technology to deliver digital transformation and business optimization solutions. They assist you in navigating new technology ideas to improve team productivity, scalability, and insight to enable better business decisions. With an agile process, they are able to offer you extras that will enhance your experience.

With Convverge, they partner with you and equip your team with the tools they need to maximize the benefits of new technologies. The digital strategy works best when Convverge truly understands your business – its vision, challenges, drivers, and users. Therefore, they develop a strategy and technology roadmap that considers all elements of your business, technology, and user environments.

In their role as a Microsoft consulting partner, it’s exciting for Convverge when they match intelligent solutions with complex business challenges. With Microsoft’s capabilities at your fingertips, organizations can drive change, transform, and become more productive. TheirTheir team of high-level project managers, business analysts, solution architects, developers, trainers, and support staff offers end-to-end strategic and technical consultancy services.

What do clients think?

Great and growing company helping companies unlock the power of the data and MS tools. Balancing a friendly small company attitude with the passion and delivery of the enterprise clients they support! One phone call and you will be greeted by a real person, not a nightmare of extensions and prompts. That touch of personality shines through every project, small or large.(Google reviews)

I had the opportunity to work closely with Convverge on a number of projects including an Enterprise Content Management solution and a Well Information & Data Management Repository and Portal. Convverge provided a top notch team to provide strategic direction and deliver innovative and effective solutions through close collaboration with stakeholders, in-depth understanding of business systems, information & objectives, and leveraging both existing & emerging technologies. (Google reviews

Final Thoughts:

With our list of the best software development companies in Calgary, we hope you can get closer to choosing the best vendor for your corporate or personal project needs. The only thing you have to do now is choose a company that suits your budget and vision.

Your branding and logo need to look fresh now that you’ll have an app and website in the near future.

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