8 Companies with best solar panels in Calgary

Companies with best solar panels in Calgary: An assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted in a framework is referred to as a solar cell panel, solar electric panel, or photovoltaic module.

Solar panels generate electricity by using sunlight as a source of Energy. As our world struggles with global warming and climate change, people are coming up with different ways to help. Sunlight is nature’s most influential and accessible resource, and solar panels take advantage of that. As solar panels use semiconductor technology to convert sunlight energy into electricity, they are also called photovoltaic systems (PV systems).

Leveraging solar Energy is one way to lessen pollution. It’s now easier than ever for people to switch to solar power with the help of Calgary solar panel companies. Companies like these offer affordable and high-quality solar panels to meet the needs of their clients. You can find the best solar panel companies in Calgary by checking out our list below.

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1- Zeno renewables

Website: livezeno.com/

Phone: +1 888 273 3999

Address: 7909 Flint Rd SE #100, Calgary, AB T2H 1G3, Canada

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Zeno is an innovative home solar solutions provider that offers the best products and exceptional customer service to Canadian homeowners interested in creating a sustainable future. Zeno accomplishes this by specializing in turnkey solar panels, electric vehicle charging, and battery backup solutions. Zeno designs and tests theories to deliver better customer and employee experiences regularly.

By 2040, it plans to provide solar solutions to one million homes. Zeno was founded on believing that every home can bring about positive change. As part of their mission, they offer Canadians exceptional solar products and sustainable energy solutions to fuel a greener, brighter future for their homes, communities, and planet.

The Zeno team of designers, engineers, and certified electricians design and install a solar solution that’s comprehensive and customized for your home. They are committed to bringing EV charging stations to more homes and businesses across the country with the help of their Tesla-certified team. As a team, they get deep knowledge of the best sustainable solutions for communities across Canada, so they can leave a positive mark that extends far beyond their local community.

Canada’s leading solar solution provider is pioneering novel ways to bring solar to households and communities. With lightning-fast turnaround times, their team delivers sustainable solutions for your business. They are pleased to work with residential and commercial clients across Western Canada to bring sustainable solutions to their properties.

What do clients think?

Thank you to the amazing team at Virtuoso Energy who installed our solar array. A friend recommended this company and we found them fantastic to deal with. Eric in sales was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and responsive in answering our questions. Tanner and the installation team were professional and efficient despite the frigid temperatures at the beginning of the year. We did not have the easiest roof layout to work with but they did a great job and we’re very happy with the quality of their work. We highly recommend Virtuoso!  (Google reviews)

We recently got solar panels through Zeno and I couldn’t be more happier. We dealt with Nate and he explained/presented everything thoroughly and was very professional. Whenever we had questions, we got a reply ASAP. Tanner was awesome with Project Managing and was able to book our install early and schedule everything smoothly as promised.

When we got the panels physically installed, we met up with Ryan, Ryan and Hayden. They were so awesome to talk to and the most friendliest people. They came in, did their job efficiently without disrupting anything. Everything was completed and on time. I am honestly so happy with how everything went from start to finish. These are the friendliest, most professional people and I would choose them again in a heartbeat. Great quality of work and communication all around.(Google reviews)

2- Solar YYC

Website: solaryyc.ca

Phone: +1 403 999 3828

Address: 125 9 Ave SE Suite 2000, Calgary, AB T2G 0P6, Canada

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Solar YYC is an experienced solar company based in Calgary that operates in Alberta and Saskatchewan. With their worry-free, turnkey, custom solar solutions, you will get the right solution for your needs. The installation process for their Alberta residential clients is seamless, and they handle everything, from design to permitting, to installation, to lifetime system monitoring and warranty work. You can have your solar system installed in a matter of hours, with an average install time of less than a day.

Whether you live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, they’ll be glad to send you a free estimate for a solar panel system that meets your needs. As a company, Solar YYC is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. As a result of their partnership with Foothills Energy Coop, they are very excited to announce their new product line. The company’s Solar Club allows clients to utilize Energy exported to the grid effectively. With Solar YYC, you can save money, help the environment, and become a role model for all by taking advantage of the best solar panels in Calgary.

What do clients think?

My solar panels were installed by another company. After the hailed last Summer I needed to replace my roof shingles. My original company refused to remove and install them again due to short of staff. I searched for a new company then I found Solar YYC. Alex helped me a lot to put then back to work. I am happy with his workmanship and dedication. Highly recommended.(Google reviews)

We had a wonderful experience with YYC when they installed our solar panels. Alex and his team were informative with all facets of renewable energy, including filling out the rebate forms. They met with us to go over all the ideas and viewed the area where the panels would be installed which took a day. When installation day came it took a day and they were very professional ( no mess of any sort was left) the job was clean.

Alex kept checking with us to see if we were happy . If you are considering going with solar, I would highly recommend this company , they are knowledgeable with rebates, the amount you’ll save, maintenance of the panels , easy to get in touch with no matter the questions you have and professional. We are happy to see the money we are saving in the dead of winter. (Google reviews)

3- Skyfire energy inc

Website:  skyfireenergy.com/

Phone: +1 403 251 0668

Address: 4038A 7 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2Y8, Canada

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A leading solar panel installation company in Western Canada, SkyFire Energy, installs solar panels across the region. From their offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Penticton/Kelowna, they design and install solar power systems connected to the grid. In Western Canada, they have designed and installed thousands of residential solar power systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial photovoltaic systems. In 2001, when the solar industry was in its infancy in Canada, they started installing solar PV systems. Throughout its history, they have installed more than 2000 grid-connected solar electric systems across Canada for more than 20 utilities.

They are choosing SkyFire as your solar installer and will contribute even further to building a stronger, healthier, more sustainable community as a Certified B Corporation. They strive to meet the rigorous performance, accountability, and transparency standards required for a Certified B Corporation. It is their goal to use their business to do good.

Their high-efficiency panel systems help their clients save money and invest in something that will allow them to look forward to a better future. Legally, they must consider their decisions’ impact on their workers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. Their community of leaders drives a global movement to use business to impact the world positively.

What do clients think?

SkyFire installed solar panels at our home in 2020. From my first encounter with the sales team, through to their customer support, they have been nothing short of exceptional. Professional, clean and detailed in their planning and execution. Highly recommend them for your project! (Google reviews)

We installed our 8.28kW solar system through SkyFire – love it! From our initial discussions and design consultations with Nick we were pleased with the knowledge and professionalism. Our PM, Rory, was great at addressing concerns and questions regarding installation and options for later expansion as required.

The crew that came out for the two days of install were top notch – walked us through the steps and made sure we were happy with wire routing, appearances, etc. Super happy with the purchasing and installation process, and have had excellent post-install support discussions with the SkyFire team! There’s a reason they’ve had 25 years of success! (Google reviews)

4- EVOLVsolar

Website: evolvsolar.com/

Phone: +1 403 879 1379

Address: 300 – 404 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R9, Canada

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With EVOLVsolar, you can access high-quality solar power solutions for your residential, commercial, and agricultural properties throughout Western Canada. Having been trained and certified by some of the leading institutions in North America, they can create and install a solar power system designed specifically to meet your needs. Their solar solutions include grid-tied, battery-backed, and off-grid strategies that are available as ground-mounted and roof-mounted. All the services you need to experience solar power at its best are available through them, including custom designs, turnkey solar installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Providing all solar applications in Western Canada, they are your one-stop shop for everything solar. They are a team of designers, engineers, and tradesmen who provide grid-tied, battery-backed, and off-grid solar solutions. Their extensive training in roofing, earthworks, and electrical systems allows them to handle all your solar electric needs. In order to ensure you get the best value from your installation, they keep up with advancements and developments in solar.

The world’s leading solar technology allows you to experience power unlike any other. Their ability to provide exceptional installations at a great price results from their effort to gather all the necessary information. To ensure a successful project, you should survey your property early on and identify your requirements. Like many solar companies, they are passionate about providing a better future for your children and yourself. Solar Energy can help create a greener, cleaner environment, positively impacting society.

What do clients think?

EVOLVSOLAR installed a 6.3kW system on our house professionally in a timely manner. Due to my limited English proficiency, Lian from their operations team who speaks the same language (Mandarin) helped me through the entire process and answered all my questions professional but understandable.

It was a wonderful customer service experience. During the installation, the install crew was working efficiently and clean. They left no garbage behind, not even a single piece of cut wire. The panels and wires were planned and installed beautifully. We are very satisfied with their work. EVOLVsolar is very professional and trustworthy, I would definitely recommend EVOLVSOLAR to anyone who is looking for a solar system.(Google reviews)

A perfect install. The boys worked hard and had the whole system up and running in 3 days. They showed up at 8 am and left around 8 or 9 pm. The guys explained to me every day what they were doing and left the work area clean, daily. I would and did recommend them to my family. (Google reviews)

5- Solun ltd.

Website:  Solun.ca

Phone: +1 403 400 4660

Address: 110 12 Ave SW #204, Calgary, AB T2R 0G7, Canada

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In Canada, the need for renewable energies is increasing, which is why Solun Energy was established. Incentives from the government in grants and rebates have made all sectors of the Canadian economy strive to be more environmentally friendly. Solution Energy aims to maximize the solar energy potential in Canada and is derived from the word [Sol]ar [Un]limited Energy. The solution can help you become energy-independent.

Solar Energy can be harnessed and stored in remote areas where there is no electricity grid or as backup power when the electricity grid goes down. The transport costs of non-environmentally friendly energy sources like gas, diesel, coal, etc. should not be borne by anyone where electricity is readily available. Their team installs both grid-tied and battery-powered systems.


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You can depend on them to design a system that meets your needs and budget. Their company works with a team of engineers, electricians, roofers, and plumbers who all have specialized skills. As a turnkey solution provider, they have the skill set and experience to help you. As part of their complimentary assessment, they will explain how a solar PV system can benefit your house.

They examine your roof, electrical distribution, and energy requirements to determine the most appropriate system for you. Authorities are requested to conduct an electrical inspection and upgrade the meter after the installation is complete. On your computer and smartphone, they provide training on how to use the real-time monitoring platform.

What do clients think?

I was impressed by the professional, polite conduct of the installers and the time and patience taken by the agent who explained the process. Solun Ltd also provided all of the support needed for coordination with our energy provider and with the grant program. I highly recommend this company.(Google reviews)

Very happy with the installation of our solar system from Solun and we hope to get an Electric Vehicle in the next few years and will definitely be using Johannes to coordinate and expand our system. (Google reviews)

6- Rocky mountain solar co.

Website: rockymountainsolarco.ca/

Phone: +1 587 899 2278

Address: 4073 Ogden Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4P6, Canada

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Rocky Mountain Solar Co. offers residential and commercial solar solutions for customers in Southern Alberta. With over 40 years of experience in Construction and Project Management- almost exclusively as a prime contractor- Rocky Mountain Solar Co. has worked on projects from $250- $5,000,000. One of the unique features of their solar company is that they have an on-staff registered roofing consultant.

In this way, ARCA can be sure that its rooftop solar installation will be completed to the highest possible standards. Their design team uses the latest design technology to optimize your solar system’s performance under all possible scenarios. They ensure rooftop arrays are installed correctly without negatively affecting the existing structure. It requires a great deal of knowledge and detail to complete these installations.

Rocky Mountain is looking at problems from a different perspective. The world needs a more holistic construction approach, and they strive to work with their customers to find solutions that maximize ROI as well as sustainability. As a team, they collaborate with engineers, designers, manufacturers, and customers to create standards for the industry.

Providing living wages to their employees and forming partnerships with the community are a few of their steps in this direction, but there is much more they need to do. Solar panels can address climate change, but there are more sustainability issues at the moment, and they are committed to helping wherever possible.

What do clients think?

Rocky Mountain Solar Co is the best Company to deal with. There was never any negative issues. To the opposite, they were the Best to deal with. Always did what they said, with full explanation and always on time. Jared, with a wealth of knowledge, was always available with help and answers almost immediately.

His staff was always polite, explained every step and also were very knowledgeable about everything. The most exciting part of Solar Panels was our first electricity bill, instead of a balance due, it was a great credit. Highly recommend them in a minute. Thanks Rocky Mountain Solar Co.(Google reviews)

Having Rocky Mountain Solar install my solar system was a great experience. They were flexible and helpful as I dealt with the Greener Homes, and now that everything is installed it’s great. There was an odd issue with a couple of the panels and the crew was out quickly to have it all fixed and working at full capacity(Google reviews)

7- Simple solar

Website: simplesolar.ca/

Phone: +1 403 271 0599

Address: 6023 6 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1L8, Canada

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Since 2006, Simple Solar has provided residential and commercial customers with straightforward solar energy solutions. Intending to change the energy landscape, they launched a journey to create simple and efficient solar products. They empower and inspire you toward a greener future of financial independence and energy independence.

Manufacturing, selling, and installing products that simplify your life make it possible to achieve your energy goals. As a team passionate about solar power, they strive to create products that make a difference in the lives of others. Their company believes renewable Energy doesn’t have to be a complicated business. Your energy goals are more likely to be met when you understand the process and feel empowered to take action.


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Their Freedom Won solar heating, and solar electric systems provide solar heating and solar electric solutions for household and commercial applications. The PV kits they offer include everything you need to start using solar power on your house. Choosing from three different sizes and multiple mounting options will let you find the perfect system for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Off-grid systems require batteries for true energy independence, while grid-tied systems are ideal for houses tied to the electricity grid. The mission of Simple Solar, one of the best solar panel companies in Calgary, is to make products that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. Using their panels, the user will have complete control over the outcome.

What do clients think?

I’m very happy with my installation. The whole process was a lot simpler than I thought. The project started and finished ontime. The whole team is very professional and friendly, very easy to deal with. Thanks a lot Simple Solar! (Google reviews)

We had Simple Solar install our solar panels about a year ago. We are very pleased with the service we received from Tom and the rest of his crew. The installation of the solar panels was seamless and Tom was very helpful in answering all of our questions. We love the idea that we are contributing to a greener environment and not have to pay as much for electricity(Google reviews)

8- Neighbour power 

Website: neighbourpower.com/

Phone: +1 587 350 5929

Address:  5804 Baroc Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3A 4R3, Canada

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Neighbour Power Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in design and engineering services for solar power projects from coast to coast. Moustafa Youssef founded the company when he realized how valuable it would be to combine modern technology with a free and cheap power source: solar power. Moustafa Youssef established Neighbour in 2014 as a leader in developing and designing some of the first grid-tied solar photovoltaic and electrical storage systems based on solar Energy.


Their company specializes in designing, developing, and constructing microgeneration and distributed generation solar PV systems and storage systems. In addition to feasibility studies, preliminary designs, interconnections, and complete electrical designs, they also provide construction management, commissioning, and monitoring services for solar power systems. As the best solar panel company in Calgary, Neighbor Power distributes and manages renewable power generation, distribution systems, and components locally.

What do clients think?

Moustafa’s work on the 400kW Golden View solar project was excellent. He was instrumental in his work & negotiations with Saskpower. Much of which was adopted into Saskpower’s Small Power Program.

Patrick Grace, Grace Energy, Calgary, Alberta

Dear Moustafa,

It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and thanks for helping us realize our dream of reaching net‐zero with our power consumption needs. … [Neighbour Power] values the client relationship first, and continues to be a trusted resource for us after the system was installed.

I would not hesitate to recommend you & your team of experts at [Neighbour Power] for anyone that is looking to offset their power bills with clean, renewable, solar energy.David Gusta nGAGE Networks, Edmonton, Alberta

Final Thoughts:

If you’re planning to install solar panels on your home, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right solar supplier. Make sure you select a reliable and certified solar panel installer by comparing different providers. The reduction of greenhouse gases harming our world requires us all to do what we can to help. In this case, the solar panel companies listed above can assist you! By relying on them, you can lead a life that is even more environmentally friendly.

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