First Glimpse of Gameplay – Sonic Frontiers open zone 3D sonic game

First Glimpse of Gameplay

We have just got the first glimpse at the first gameplay from sonic frontiers of the upcoming ‘open zone’3D sonic game and surely you will see many more interesting things in this month’s IGN First.

Its footage was first revealed on Twitter, showing off Sonic running in a largely green natural world, high-speed combat, a boss battle, and much more like this.

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IGN First –showing all the contents of the month about Sonic Frontiers will begin on June 1 at 9 am Pacific/5 PM UK/ 12 PM Eastern.

Sonic Frontiers was officially announced last December after a tease last summer and promised to take a huge initiative for the Franchise.

Sonic Frontiers delivered an evolved and innovative Gameplay experience that offers a largely exciting experience for Sonic Fans and action-adventure enthusiasts alike.

Originally this game was scheduled to be launched last year to celebrate the 30th birthday of Sonic and it will be launched along with multiple remarks and spin-offs of Sega Games in the next year.

The video shows exciting sights like running fast (shocker), scaling giant monuments, special glowing walls he jumps from and runs, grinding on rails, and the use of a new gameplay mechanic that involves a trail of light.

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