Here are today’s Calgary top-rated models

Calgary’s fashion industry is relatively small in comparison to other major Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. As a result, Calgary may have fewer models than other Canadian cities with larger fashion industries. It should be noted, however, that some Calgary models have achieved success in the industry. Here are some noteworthy examples

Kim Noseworthy


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A successful model and actress from Calgary, Kim has appeared in numerous films and TV shows and worked with many high-profile brands.

Chantal Stafford-Abbott

Her clients include Gucci, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and many other fashion brands and designers. Chantal was born in Calgary and has worked with many fashion brands and designers.

Heather Marks

Canadian model Heather was born in Calgary and has modelled for top fashion companies, such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Prada.

Simon Nessman

His mother and father both come from Alberta, including Calgary, where he was born and raised. In addition to Armani, Givenchy, and Versace, he has modelled for many high-profile fashion brands.

Taryn Davidson

She works with top brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs.

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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