How Windows OS Shapes the Canadian Software Market

Established in 1985, Microsoft Canada Inc. serves as the subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) in Canada. Microsoft Corp. is a global leader in software, services, and solutions that empower individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential.

Microsoft software plays a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of businesses and consumers, depending on how they define it. Integrated into everyday life, whether at work or in leisure, Microsoft technologies thrive when embraced by millions of Canadian partners and customers. Here in this article we will explore How Windows OS Shapes the Canadian Software Market

Key facts about Windows in Canada

It’s worth starting with the fact that Windows is the most popular operating system in the Canadian market. The share of Windows 10 is still much larger. Approximately 68% of users prefer Windows 10 and 28% prefer Windows 11. Every month, 0.5 to 1% of users migrate from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in Canada.

Microsoft Software Facts You Should Know

Key statistics include:

  • Nearly half of the global population utilizes Microsoft’s services or products.
  • As of August 2023, there are 1.5 billion Windows users worldwide, with around 1 billion using Windows 10.
  • There are over 232 million Edge users and 5.4 billion Internet users overall. Around 600 million individuals have experienced Microsoft Edge at least once.
  • Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, stands as the second most popular globally with a 3.14% market share, and it holds a 38.46% market share among US console users. Remarkably, Bing receives over 1 billion visits daily, with 31.7% of this traffic originating from the United States.
  • There are over 400 million Microsoft Outlook users worldwide, more than 345 million Microsoft 365 paid seat users, and over 250 million users of Microsoft OneDrive.
  • More than 21,936 companies utilize Azure as of August 2023, with 95% of Fortune 100 companies opting for Microsoft Azure and 70% of Fortune 500 organizations holding licenses for Microsoft 365.

Best Canadian Software for Windows

#1 VeePN

This is a VPN app with a focus on security, privacy, and privacy. VeePN does not store user logs, protects against DNS leaks, and offers kill switch technology. By the way, VeePN has other advantages, such as strong encryption using AES-256 technology. This VPN for PCs offers 2500+ servers in 89 locations worldwide. You can download VPN on PCs, smartphones, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, and almost any operating system.

#2 Notion

Notion provides a single interface to handle all your content creation projects, from start to finish. You can design your content, create checklists, store documents or rich media, and share it all from one platform. With a personal plan that is free, plus affordable small business plans starting at just $8 USD ($10.89 CAD) per month per user (when billed annually), even freelance content creators can enjoy this convenient tool.

According to Notion, this software functions as an elaborate writing tool. You can create, design, and publish content all in one place. You can even incorporate multimedia elements like images, videos, and audio files into your creations. Freelancers who work on content for clients can invite guests (clients) to view, comment, or edit pieces at no cost. Checklist, Kanban, gallery, and timeline views allow you to manage the creation process with the utmost professionalism.

#3 Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite has an impressive lineup of products, encompassing CRM, marketing automation, partner relationship management, and sales force automation. This CRM software shines for larger-scale businesses with medium-to-large-scale sales, marketing, and customer support departments. The firm’s success is evident, boasting a satisfied customer base of 34,000 and growing.

#4 Asana

Asana stands out among other project management software primarily due to its extensive array of collaboration tools. In addition to the standard task and project commenting features found in most PM software, Asana goes above and beyond by including in-app chats for both one-on-one and group conversations. This robust communication capability not only streamlines team interaction but also offers a variety of project views, including Kanban-style boards, calendars, and workload views.

While a free version of Asana is available and suitable for teams of up to 15 members, it does come with limitations on key features. By opting for a paid plan, you unlock additional functionalities such as task dependencies, a timeline view, forms and milestones, a workflow builder, and unlimited dashboards. The Premium plan, starting at $10.99 USD ($14.95 CAD) per user per month (billed annually), is the most affordable option. Alternatively, the Business plan is priced at $24.99 USD ($34 CAD) per user per month (billed annually) and includes advanced features like proofing, portfolio management, goal tracking, and custom field locking.

#5 ClickUp

ClickUp is the ideal choice for teams that rely on Scrum in their product development process. Not only does it offer all the essential features of a top-notch project management app, but it also provides additional templates and features that facilitate Agile software development. With plans starting at no cost for startup teams and increasing to $19 USD ($25.85 CAD) per member per month (if billed annually) for multiple teams, ClickUp is an affordable option too.

ClickUp boasts a comprehensive range of features. It offers collaboration tools like real-time editing, mentions, calendar sync, and role creation and permissions. Additionally, it provides preset and custom automation recipes, reporting dashboards, and project-tracking tools such as checklists, timelines, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and dependencies. With over 1,000 integrations available, you can easily connect ClickUp with other applications. Customize dashboards or utilize templates to ensure your team operates efficiently on their terms.


The Canadian software market is largely shaped around Windows and Microsoft products. First of all, this concerns the business direction, for which a lot of different software has been developed. Integrating Windows into business in Canada is a practical, efficient, and convenient solution that has not lost its relevance. Even in the future, which can somehow be seen, the relevance of Windows and the entire software niche will not be shaken.

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