The Exciting Story Of An Archaeologist Brian D. Hayden

The exciting story of an archeologist

Brian D. Hayden who is a local academic posted at both the Simon Fraser University and the University of B.C. knows a lot about the society that flourished in southern France almost 20,000 years ago.

Brian D. Hayden brings to the world incitingly pleasant information of the four continents he visited over the last few years during conducting research studies. His recently published novel in The Eyes of the Leopard, in this novel he reflects the inner strengths, competency, and also curiosity, he has in his Archeologist field. This was his first fiction novel.

In the pursuit of achieving his ambition, he widely traveled across different continents from Australia to the B.C. Interior to France. The Eyes of the Leopard is set in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac which is often referred to as the land of prehistory in France. Nearby are famous Rouffignac, Lascaux, Font-de Gaume, where hunters conducted ceremonies, enjoyed successful hunts, and created art.

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The name of the youngest protagonist of the novel is Sev who belongs to the clan of such hunters. In the act which leads the rest of the actions, he enters into the painted sacred and forbidden cave. When one of his enemies reveals this act of transgression, he accuses him of killing their clan member. This puts Sev in a dangerous situation and tries to find ways to tackle this situation, he feels compelled to seek the solution to that threat, and for this, he undergoes a lethal initiation ceremony and tries to seek a spirit guide.

The way the boy initiates the ceremony into a secret society is presented with such uniquely clear and convincing skills which establish significant credibility to his anthropological and archeological expertise. By going ahead in further scenes reader readily begins to associate itself with the victim during largely inciting scenes.

Hayden whose latest work explored the role of the feastings based on ritual and the role of the secret societies during the Stone Age Communities. In his book The Power of Ritual in Prehistory which gives detailed and comprehensive insights into the secret societies, and the start of Origin of Civil Complexity, based on his life-long rich experience in the field, he shows such uniquely fascinating skills that characters in the fiction seem vividly working, walking and talking just like livings beings. This brilliant talent is the fruit of his dedicated efforts and dedication and devotion to his work.

Because of his dedicated and devoted passion and curiosity in his field, his prose is direct, clear, and he writes pleasantly surprising accounts of the nature, technical elements, and characters of Paleolithic survival.

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