Inspired by Platonic love, same-sexes got married

Same-sexes feelings of compassion and inspiration led to marriage.

Inspired by Platonic love, same-sexes got married

It is not necessarily the spouse that adds happiness and elegance to your life but it may be someone who looks outside in the same direction with you.

The two childhood friends with similar views of platonic based love reveal they are in a “platonic life partnership” and “building a future” with mutual efforts.

They decided in 2021 to spend the rest of their lives together-not as a friend but as lifelong partners.

Wong moved from Singapore to Los Angeles last September motivated by the emotions of living the rest of her life with lee.

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“It is no denying the fact that we are each other’s primary partners but we don’t have sex (even we seldom have hugs) and we have dates with other people”, she explained.

Their top-most priority is “deep and unconditional love”. They both live in a studio while sleeping in separate beds.

Along with life partners, they are also business partners and are trying to be legally recognized as each other’s first of kin.

“We idealize and romanticize the notion that one caring person could be everything in the world: our economic and emotional support, our roommate, our co-partnering, our best friend and above all, they can also be our lifelong lover who is considerate of all our needs, literally, it just does not seem to be possible,” Lee Wrote.

This option delightfully attracted us.

“Sharing life with someone you are not worried about maintaining their “romantic feelings alive” is a huge sense of relief and the inner satisfaction,” says Lee.

Life does not necessarily mean that one should spend it with relations based on a traditional basis; one should wisely select someone and form a relationship with him, not based on long-practiced norms of the past but rather according to the context of one’s own choice.

The major reason, she believes their relationship works is that they “don’t bother to satisfy each other sexual inclinations.”

Lee said the thing that motivated her in this relation is an outcome of inspiration she got from an article about women in the 1800s who had no orga-sm related interest in one another at all but still they married so that without being held down by the constraints of a relationship, they could pursue their careers and goals.

The third option of building a life with your best friend is a great alternative than to live all your life alone or “with a spouse or two”. This option is much more attractive.

“When someone improves your personality, help you discover your authentic self and talent, brightens your career, and make you the best version of your life, why would you not like him by your side forever that continuously inspire you to take bigger actions to achieve your higher dreams by offering positive vibes”.




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