Kim Kardashian and Ciara Grace Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Covers

The skim’s founder wearing a tan bikini from her own brand posed on a rock in a dreamy location.

41-year-old star in a letter to her younger self written to a magazine says, “The only way to translate your dreams into a living reality is not by engaging for long but by doing”.

The pop culture icon’s top priority in her life is to focus on her family and help the poor people

Kardashian joined Maye Musk, Yumi Nu and Ciara on the cover of the 59th installment of the SI Swimsuit Issue which works to celebrate women empowerment while showcasing a range of body types.

“We all deserve the chance and have the right to evolve. In this case, we encourage readers to see these models as we see them as multitalented, multifaceted and sexy they look at it” Said MJ Day, editor in chief of SI swimsuit in a press release.

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