Top 8 Best Pizza Restaurants in Calgary

Pizza has stayed on everyone’s list of favorite foods, even though it is not good for our health. Its taste is truly unrivaled, which is why it is so good. It is often a controversial topic to talk about pizza. Everybody has their own opinions concerning crust thickness, crispiness, toppings, and the cheese placement over the sauce on pizzas. So if you live in the area, you must find the best places for pizza delivery in Calgary! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly meal or a fine dining experience, this list offers the best restaurants for pizza in Calgary so you can satisfy your pizza craving.

With so many pizza restaurants in Calgary, finding one that meets your cravings and tastes can be very challenging. To make it easier for you, we chose the ones that offer the best pizza selection, prices, and customer reviews. Take your pick! You can finally get on your phone and order pizza from our list of places that deliver the best pizza in Calgary.

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Here is the list of the best pizza restaurants in Calgary

1- Seniore’s Pizza Restaurant:


Phone: +1 403 451 0101

Address:  176 Bedford Dr NE #7, Calgary, AB T3K 2M9, Canada


Top picks: Chicken Deluxe Pizza, Wings, Pasta, Salads

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Senior’s Pizza offers the best pizza delivery in Calgary with pies, wings, and wraps delivered fast and fresh. The inspiration and ideas of authenticity and local taste came from walking the streets of Italy. Dedicated to becoming one of the best pizza delivery places in Calgary, this restaurant is constantly improving. Seniore’s Pizza guarantees its food to be of the highest quality, ensuring that every customer will enjoy an experience unlike any other. The way we see it, they’ve already done it! The best pizza and welcoming staff make them the best!

Calgary’s Seniores Pizza has been serving outstanding counter-style pizza for over a decade. Seniors special (double pepperoni, Italian sausage, salami, mushrooms, and peppers) to the Greek Special (feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes, peppers, and garlic) are some of their specialty pizzas. While their main focus is to deliver take-out food, they do offer a small seating area so you can eat in at their Beddington Heights location. 

Customer reviews:

“Two friends highly recommended this place, so I went there for lunch today and ordered two slices of their meat lover’s Pizza. Delicious taste with the pie and crust having a great texture and chewiness! The dipping sauce they included made a wonderful treat even better! I will be back here to try out their other varieties very soon!” ( Google Reviews)

Take it from me, a guy who has eaten an embarrassingly (sometimes unfathomably) large amount of pizza. Seniores is the best in town, it’s better than all of the typical chains by a long shot. The pizza is always good; the perfect amount of cheesy and chewy yet not overly greasy. This place is the go to for good pizza and service. ( Google Reviews)

Someone told me that I must try the pizza here.  I was glad that I came and totally satisfied. I ordered a slice of donair and I still cannot forget the taste of melting cheese in my mouth.  The aroma and the taste are totally amazing.  I really wish there is a Seniore near my town. Two thumbs up. (Yelp)

2- Posto Pizzeria & Bar:


Phone: +1 403 263 4876

Address: 1014 8 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1K2, Canada


Top picks: Perogies, Appetizers, Oysters

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Posto Pizzeria and Bar, which was built out of passion and love for food, offers small plates, pizza, craft beer, and great-tasting wine. The restaurant is owned by people who are also passionate about delicious food and wine, so you are sure that their products are excellent. Pizza from this casual-chic bar always boasts a thin crust and a luscious topping, which makes it one of Calgary’s best pizza spots.

Posto Pizzeria and Bar offers a happy hour promotion as one of the best pizza restaurants in Calgary, which pairs drinks with a slice of pizza for customers who just want to keep the celebration going. Potato, creme fraiche, leek, and smoked pancetta pizza is a runaway favorite among Calgary foodies. If you have never tried potato on a pizza before, you are in for a treat, but you’ll enjoy everything on the menu.

Customer reviews:

“Loved this place! Excellent service and amazing food! The truffle honey is to die for!!! Never thought to put honey on a pizza but it was incredible. Would absolutely go back!” (Google Reviews)

The pizzas were so good. Loved it! One of my go to pizza places now.The calamari (unbreaded) was also surprisingly good! Staff was super friendly and helpful in recommendations. (Google Reviews)

One of my favourite pizza restaurants in Calgary!! Such an adorable, small, and beautiful place to go eat. Great quality for amazing food portions.(Yelp)

3- Pizza 3000:


Phone: +1 403 278 3000

Address: 4616 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B3, Canada


Top picks: Pie, Hawaiian Pizza, Topping

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Pizza 3000 is a great place to go if you have a late-night craving or you’re with your family. A pizza crust with perfect texture, chewiness, and gracelessness keeps you coming back for more. The toppings are fresh, evenly arranged, and tasty. These toppings are balanced by the savory, delicious sauce, while generous and evenly sliced mozzarella cheese tops the pie. The toppings are underneath the cheese. Therefore, if you are not into that, you must specify when you place your order. Their sauce is really tasty.

This pizzeria offers a variety of Canadian dishes. At Pizza 3000, Donair pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and Deluxe pizzas are always delicious flavors. This restaurant offers food delivery services. Its friendly staff makes guests feel welcome day or night. This establishment has a reputation for providing great service. The prices are amazing for the quality of service that you receive.

Customer reviews:

“Great prices and unlimited toppings when you pick up. It’s delicious. We usually get green and black olive pizza, and it’s way too yummy.”(Google Reviews)

We ordered veggie pizza and surprisingly it was good. Thin crust filled with mushroom, bell pepper and tomato. There was good amount of mozzarella cheese. Lovely!(Google Reviews)

Everytime I came here with hungry, these guys can give me a really big satisfaction. They are the best Pizza maker in Calgary. If you don’t come here and have a try you will never have the ticket to Heaven. They must be the Pizza angles came to save my life. Strong recommend! (Yelp)



Phone: +1 403 283 1166

Address: 1147 Kensington Crescent NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1X7, Canada


Top picks: Caprese salad, Neapolitan pizza, Calamari, Appetizers, Arancini

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Pulcinella is the first homegrown restaurant in Canada to receive official certification from the Napoletana pizza authorities in Italy. It specializes in thin-crust pizzas meant to be eaten with a fork and knife, just like in Naples. Pulcinella’s owner Domenic Tudda grew up working in his parent’s restaurant, the legendary Stromboli Inn, on the same block of Kensington where his parents’ restaurant stands today, so he knows pizza. The restaurant also serves Italian antipasti and makes its gelato.

Over the years, it has been the site of many date nights and celebrations. It is located in Kensington, which is home to many shops, pubs, and restaurants. An outdoor patio on the second floor provides a view of the buzzing streets below during the summer. You can have a family dinner, celebration, or date night here in the winter when it’s cozy and ambient.

Customer reviews:

Love this restaurant! Staff is great and food is fantastic. Patio is still open with the new restrictions, definitely coming back again! (Google Reviews)

“Amazing flavors and excellent friendly service. They had a lunch three-course menu special that had some of everything.”(Google Reviews) 

Great, fresh Pizza.  Napoletana style. Great service.  Absolutely delicious! They have a very extensive menu of pizzas, salads and pasta.  Also, the drinks list is huge with lots of authentic Italian beverages and cocktails.  
The server had a great smile and was very humorous.  Overall, our experience was top notch.   (Yelp)

5- Michael’s Pizza Restaurant and Delivery:


Phone: +1 403 264 6731

Address: 139 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0L9, Canada


Top picks: Salads, Hot Sandwiches , Fish and Chips

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Michel’s Pizza & Restaurant, Calgary’s favorite pizza restaurant since 1981, serves a wide range of pizzas. A fine dining experience and hearty meals, you’ll find both at Michael’s Pizza & Restaurant. It offers delicious American food and a pleasant atmosphere that’s sure to keep you coming back.  This pizzeria is nearby Calgary Tower. There are nicely cooked Pepperoni, Caesar salads, and Donair pizzas on the menu of Michael’s Pizza. A wide selection of tasty beers and fine wines is also available.

The restaurant delivers food, so customers don’t have to leave the premises. A lot of visitors compliment the creative staff. A lot of visitors appreciate the terrific service provided here as well. There is a wide selection of dishes at a reasonable price at this pizzeria. The atmosphere is cool, and the decor is exquisite at Michael’s Pizza.

Customer review:

“Our family’s go-to pizza place, excellent food! We order from them at least a couple of times per month, and it’s always good. We usually get the family meal that includes a soda and salad.”(Google Reviews)

This place has a good roof top patio, we order pizza and greek salad. Definitely the best pizza in Calgary!! 10/10 on that sauce.(Google Reviews)

Michael’s Pizza might be the best pizza in Calgary. Hands down the best gluten-free pizza anywhere. Lots of options, friendly service and good delivery times. The pizza is closer to a deeper dish and tastes great. We have been to Calgary twice and eaten here 4 or 5 times. Highly recommended, especially for those that want a great GF pizza.(Yelp)

6- Pizzeria GAGA:


Phone: +1 403 264 2421

Address: 1236 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1A7, Canada


Top picks: Burek, Greek salad

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Known as one of Calgary’s best pizza restaurants, Gaga Pizzeria guarantees that each of its clients will be full and satisfied after dining at the restaurant. Customers can choose from a range of pizza flavors, and they aim to welcome both old and new customers alike. There’s nothing better than that! Gaga Pizzeria’s mission is to ensure that everyone who bites into their pizza is satisfied and pleased.

Gaga Pizzeria claims to have the best pizza in Calgary, so we had to put it on our list. And besides, you and your taste buds, who else is going to be the best judge? Additionally, the restaurant serves homemade soups, sandwiches, and even desserts to offer an endless amount of pizza flavors. A top pizza delivery spot in Calgary, Pizzeria Gaga rounds out our list. For those who prefer traditional tastes, they bake classic flavors, and for those seeking something new, they bake outlandish flavors!

Customer reviews:

“Delicious light homemade thin crust with the freshest of ingredients and mouth-watering mozzarella enjoyed conversation with the Owner felt like family coming back for more of that great pizza ❤️”(Google Reviews)

I love cozy places and this was the one I’ve been looking for. Perfect pizza (I tried signora gaga) and very very kind owner family. The gifted me a cookie at the end. Definitely worth a try and more :)(Google Reviews)

The pizza was tasty & the owners were so accommodating & amazing. Personable & friendly. A true neighborhood gem. If you find yourself nearby, you should stop in & grab a bite. GF crust available in 10″ pizzas.(Yelp)

7- PZA Parlour:


Phone: +1 403 455 2033

Address: 297-9737 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2J 0P6, Canada


Top picks: Hot chocolate, Arancini, Donuts

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Tony Nicastro runs the PZA Parlour, a large family-friendly dining room on McLeod Trail. The pizza is slightly thicker than Napoletana-style but marginally thinner and crispier than a Greek-style pizza. Most of the toppings are made up of traditional Italian meats and cheeses and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Feel like you could do with a warm, homemade-style pizza? You’ve come to the right place. PZA Parlour makes all its food in-house. Apart from pizza, this Calgary restaurant serves salads, pasta, appetizers, and other main dishes.

Customer reviews:

“The food and service are so good. Their Pizza, calamari, antipasto, and pasta are all delicious. Excellent choices of wine. The patio is also very nice on a sunny day.”(Google Reviews)

Really good pizza for a decent price. The location is nice and close for south Calgary. The interior is classy and warm, and the staff were friendly and quick.(Google Reviews)

Grabbed pizza on the way home tonight after work. They were not too busy in the restaurant as people are probably figuring out Covid-19.
We got salads and two pies to take home.
They were both killer. Mozzarella had that perfect snappy bite and the crust was super light and airy.
Totally nailed it tonight.(Yelp)

8- Gus’s Pizza:


Phone: +1 403 282 4005

Address: 1620 29 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4L7, Canada


Top picks:  Caesar salad, Soup

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The pizza and Italian dishes at Gus’s Pizza are tasty, and the menu is well-organized. Among the dishes offered are Mexican pizza, pasta, and baked lasagna. With good coffee, your meal will taste even better, and you will return.

Gus’s Pizza offers a cozy atmosphere that makes guests feel relaxed. Friendly staff and an excellent menu make this an excellent choice. The restaurant owners care about delivering good service. This restaurant’s prices are average. It has lovely decor that makes visitors feel relaxed.

Customer reviews:

The Pizza was really good. It came hot from the oven with lots of cheese. First time here, and I will go again. Darryl, as our server, was a delight, had great service, and had a very nice style.(Google Reviews)

Such an amazing vibe in the place and one of the best Italian cuisine places I’ve went too. Their pizza and pasta were very cheesy and delicious! The servers were friendly as well and loved the overall atmosphere the place had.(Google Reviews)

I stopped in for salad and a glass of wine while I waited for someone at the close by FMC. My salad was large and crisp, served with delicious garlic bread. The service was impeccable and very attentive. I sat on their patio, under twinkly lights – a nice break from a stressful evening. I’ll definitely be back for some pizza! (Yelp)

Final thoughts:

There you go, our list of places to order pizza in Calgary. To start, we hope you can choose at least one restaurant. Alternatively, if you want to satisfy your evening cravings with pizza, you should check out our list of Calgary restaurants for the best breakfast! Here is an easy way to satisfy that hunger in your stomach! Check out the list of best pizza restaurants in Calgary at!

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