Retirement Brings Freedom Of Choice

When there is no need to work, some retirees have to face a big decision, get closer to the children and grandchildren or strike off to entirely isolated locations away from the rest of the family members.

John Hamblin who is 75 years of age has decided to live the remaining life after retirement with their daughter and granddaughters in Saint John, N.B as a “pleasure and benefit”.

Hamblin feels pleasure to pick up 12 and 14 years grandkids from school when his daughter and her husband are too busy with their work.  He is very happy in the company of kids and plays card games and cribbage.

Mr. Hamblin stresses that children are a great blessing and time spent with them is a pleasant time spent and is largely a happy time.

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There are regular video calls with daughters and granddaughters even when Hamblins are at their vacations in Arizona.

The Hamblin had lived for twenty years in Halifax. Their new home is four hours away from Halifax by car and is in the Saint John suburb of Rothsay, so whenever they desire to visit their loved ones they can easily do, Mr. Hamblin says.

The size of the house of the couple has considerably decreased from a large house to what his granddaughter jokingly calls ‘hobbit house’, he says.

According to Canadian statistics, the number of Canadians aged 65 or higher who moved between provinces in 2020 is 18,500.

There are many Canadians who are not going closer to their kids.

A real estate agent Jessica Stoner says almost half of her clientele are retirees who consider mountain resort towns as their top priority to move there. Recreation in beautiful and natural places is what more attracts them than their family members.

“These retirees are coming to hike, ski, golf, and mountain bike to the natural resorts, age makes no difference when it comes to enjoying life,” Jessica Stoner says. At any given time kids enjoy the opportunity of visiting newer fascinating places while finding jobs and the parents stay at home and cannot afford this luxury. After retirement parents fully enjoy their life.

Retirees spend a great deal of spending on buying in all parts of the market. They have different choices of purchasing, some prefer to buy condos because they tend to snowbird or to travel far and wide to explore pleasant places while others are interested to buy large houses where they can provide a recreational environment for their loved ones, friends, and relatives.

“Over the last couple of years we have seen an increasing trend of the necessity of a second living place within the home and this is the exact place where kids and grandkids spend their free time by playing different video games,” Ms. Stoner says. It is a small effort on the part of the family elders to accommodate extended family for limited periods.

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