Terry Tatchell (Oscar nominated) On Her Awareness Campaign

Voice of awareness for the endangered species

Oscar-nominated screenwriter launched a campaign of awareness to protect endangered species for the future.

Terry Tatchell took upon herself the responsibility to promote awareness about endangered species.

Terry Tatchell (a renowned screenwriter and Oscar-nominated screenwriter) is likely to release with optimistic passion the fourth book in her children’s series Endangered and Misunderstood on March 3 on world wildlife day.

The latest book she wrote with profound research and comprehensive insights titled: Tarsier Sings Her Song, comes on the stage in Indonesia and shows the feature of tarsiers and small haplorrhine primates. This book is exhibited by Ukraine’s Ivan Sulima.

“Story is based on the realities and actual facts concerning the featured endangered animals but the motivation to write this melodious work came at the time when I saw tarsiers singing duets to each other over moonlight nights, this was in fact their own writing.  I also include the endangered animals of other countries like Sulawesi and Indonesia which appear like walking Pixer animals. It was really gratifying and fun to work with,” said Tatchell in a statement.

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Tarsier species are ranked among the critically endangered species which are on the verge of extinction. Another major reason behind their being in the disadvantaged position is that they have been understudied and designated as data deficient (DD) on the international union for conversation of Nature Red List Of Threatened Species (ICUN). ICUN is the world’s largest and most comprehensive inventory regarding the conservation status of the species.

All the money which is generated from the sales of the books is contributed to the efforts of promoting and preserving the animals.

Tatchell is highly optimistic that this book will develop compassionate feelings and understanding about the lives of the animals. Readers will feel concerned about taking care of the animals after reading it. During Pandemic Tatchell took to the zoom to raise awareness about the preservation of the lives of animals by reading with school kids around the globe. Tatchell focused her entire focus on the tarsier for the new book in 2020 through virtual reading in Vancouver Public Library.

“When I was asked by grade 3 students to write a story about a tarsier, I had honestly to look deep into it for profound understanding. That’s the perfectly opportune moment about learning stories, the children are largely curious to know about the lives of the animals and they also have deep knowledge about them. Zoom offers an opportunity to see the reactions of the students about the different parts of the book!” Said Tatchell whose work of writing films District 9 and Chappie is renowned in the world. she is nominated for Oscar for her best-adapted screenplay her District 9, she also earned Bradbury Award from the fiction relating to science and fantasy writers of America.

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