Today’s Calgary Top Content Creator: Jade Koch

 Calgary Top Content Creator Jade Koch: Originally from a small town in Saskatchewan where the population is around 200 people. Even though she was raised in a small town, Jade always felt she belonged in the big city. After moving to Regina, she studied Social Work and Business at university and worked for a non-profit organization helping youth in need. Her role expanded to include marketing, PR, event planning, public speaking, and extensive time in the media and on TV to advocate for clients.

Taking part in acting and modeling provided her with a creative outlet that she loved. Later, she launched a women’s networking series called “She is We,” which eventually evolved into “She School” which provided a platform for women’s personal and professional development. As a 21-year-old, Jade was awarded the “Future 40 Under 40” Award, which recognizes Saskatchewan’s young aspiring leaders. As Jade’s dreams grew, she made a life-changing move to the United States.

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When Jade was only 22, she sold most of her possessions, quit her job, and took a one-way flight to Los Angeles with her chihuahua. Her path led her down the path of business, travel, and content creation with her now partner over the next few years. After moving to Los Angeles, she lived in Scottsdale Arizona, Toronto Ontario, and eventually Costa Rica in 2019. Jade and her partner managed short-term rentals in three countries while operating a co-work, co-live boutique hotel. The businesses were closed in 2020 when COVID hit, and Jade returned to Canada. As a result, she was given the bittersweet opportunity to reconnect with her creative side and moved to Calgary to pursue content, media, and marketing more seriously.

Most of the videos we now see began after COVID restrictions ended. Jade had the idea to make “Jade Must Know” videos and ask strangers on the street questions after COVID restrictions eased up so that she could reconnect with people again in person and share those light-hearted, human interactions with others online. Her local journeys in Calgary have now taken her to LA and Scottsdale, as well as back to the same places where she began other journeys.

As she continues to ask strangers questions and pursue her dream of being on bigger screens and at endless events, you’ll find her at many Calgary hotspots and on our screens. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, Jade Must Know.

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