Today’s Calgary Top Model: Jessica Squires

Jessica Squires: Known for her social media presence, Jessica is a 21-year-old model from Saskatoon. After graduating high school, she worked steadily for the past three years. As a way to satisfy her creative itch, Jessica moved to Calgary. Fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude toward body image and social standards are key components of Jessica’s brand. While Jessica has always been active on social media as a fitness and fashion enthusiast, she has recently taken steps to pursue a professional modeling career. In addition to working with athletic wear companies, Jessica plans to move into swimwear and runway modeling.


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Through Instagram and TikTok, Jessica has just under 10k followers, most of which she gained within the last year. She hopes to continue to grow and establish a solid brand and image within her agency and with the brands she works with. Tiktok: Jessica.squires

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