Instagram Experiences Technical Issues Impacting Load Times and Content Uploads

Instagram down for thousands of users globally

Instagram and Facebook users face issues with load times, errors, and posting. There are a number of issues affecting Instagram and Facebook users as the social media platforms continue to experience load time and error problems. Additionally, users report issues uploading photos, videos, and stories due to slow load times and error messages.

Some users have reported that their posts and stories are not appearing on their profiles or feeds due to difficulties uploading their content. Many people have reported their posts have been deleted or haven’t been visible to their followers.

There are a large number of users who are frustrated by the issue, as they use the platforms for social networking, communication, and marketing. The issues are having a significant impact on many businesses and influencers.

Several regions and devices seem to be affected by the problem. A number of users have reported the issue and expressed their frustration on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Rose Ashley

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