Today’s Calgary Top Model: Siana Nuon

Siana Nuon, who goes by her preferred name “Chai” is a 22-year-old Cambodian-Canadian beauty from Montreal, Quebec.
Her parents met in Philadelphia, United States while working in a peach factory. Her parents then moved to Montreal, Canada to settle and raise Chai and her two younger sisters.

Chai lived in Montreal until the age of 18, then moved to Calgary to explore her independence and start a new life. She speaks fluent French and English after having lived in both major Canadian cities. Her online presence is established through her Instagram account (@_issa.chai_), where she shares her makeup, fashion, and different hair color looks.

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Chai is also new to TikTok (@chaaii_chai) where she posts lip-synching, dancing, makeup, and comedy videos. As an animal lover, she currently owns three cats, which can be seen featured in some of her TikTok videos. She prides herself on her creative endeavors and on representing her Cambodian heritage. She hopes to someday become fluent in the Cambodian language, Khmer. Her dreams include traveling the world, becoming financially independent, and living a life that makes her truly happy.

Breanne Forest

A part-time writer for Rated Viral, Breanne currently attends university in Calgary and is planning to become a social worker. In her spare time, she participates in charity events and Indigenous activism.

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