Today’s Top 15 Best Influencers

A social media influencer promotes and endorses products, services, or ideas to followers, shaping their opinions and purchasing decisions. Sponsored content, advertisements, and other forms of promotion may be created by them for brands, advertisers, or marketers. Here are the top 15 influencers of today who have been carefully selected by us.

1. Eden Evangeline

Taking pictures and creating Instagram reels is one of her passions as a fashion and lifestyle model. In addition to documenting her fitness journey and style, she also documents her life and fashion.

2. Alison Bowles

Featured in magazines such as MAXIM, Allure, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and many others. Her followers also enjoy her beauty tutorials, which she posts for Infecta Magazine. Throughout her blog, she constantly posts content about travel, modelling, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Through her brand, she writes for many tourism boards and luxury hotels. Furthermore, she is a skin cancer survivor and the founder of YOUv Radiance.

3. Angela Henderson

Former NBA and NFL cheerleader, model, and professional dancer. She can create customized content for your brand. As a result of her high engagement, all of her posts can be found on the Explore page on Instagram.

4. Chanel Nguyen


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Fashin blogger and signed model. In addition to creating lifestyle content, she is a micro-influencer who enjoys travelling. Your products can be featured in professional or informal content if they match her brand and lifestyle.

5. Marisa Q


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A content creator based in Vancouver is ready to assist you with your Instagram content needs! Besides fashion photos, she also posts lifestyle photos. It has been more than four years since she began modelling. In her spare time, she works as an upscale social media marketer! Female and male audiences with a main age range of 25-34 make up her audience. Creating organic content is her passion, and she is always excited to work with various brands.

6. Antounia Saleh

A self-described curly-haired content creator who specializes in curly hair care, styling, and styling. She also posts fashion and lifestyle content.

7. Jowana Palani


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Canada-based content creator! To help people feel their most radiant and confident, she focuses on outfit and product inspiration, as well as fashion and beauty tips! To keep her audience engaged and informed, she posts 3-5 times per week and stays active on Instagram stories daily! She is mostly targeting young women ages 18-35 who are passionate about fashion and beauty. As of now, she is engaging with 23% of her Instagram followers, reaching approximately 3.4K accounts each week, and these numbers are growing every day!

8. Anja Hamilton

Her content includes outfits, travel destinations, favourite brands, reading material, and recommendations for restaurants. Through social media and the marketing industry, she has met so many wonderful people and she absolutely loves building communities. An entrepreneur and content creator based in Vancouver, she produces audience-centric, organized, and influential business content.

9. Taysha Boulter

Content creator from B.C, Canada. She wants to create lifestyle content, including tips & tricks.

10. Vivian Le


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In the beginning, it was a creative outlet but soon became a platform for fashion. Her style is both streetwear and fashion chic, which she has been able to showcase here.

11. Noa Cherry


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Creator of TikTok videos featuring fashion and comedy. Besides being a musician, she also has a fan base who love to support her on various platforms including Instagram, Spotify, etc. She sometimes likes to mix up her TikToks and make them more interesting by combining her personal experiences as a woman and mental health with fashion-themed TikToks (grwm,ootd)

12. Eden Dakota


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Toronto-based dancer and fashion enthusiast. About five years ago, she started creating content for her page. The more she grew up, the more she became passionate about fashion and marketing, which led her to pursue a career in the field. Having a keen sense of style and a passion for networking has allowed her to expand her platform.

13. Alyx Lloyd


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Fashion and lifestyle micro-influencer based in Canada.

14. Erin Reiman


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She loves sharing the latest trends on Instagram. Through her platform, she expresses herself, is authentic, and is creative! The creation of content is something she enjoys and looks forward to doing every day. Besides discovering new products, she enjoys working with new brands and integrating them into her life, sharing them with her followers, and creating content with them!

15. Corinne


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She enjoys creating content and sharing everything about lifestyle, home, beauty, and fashion.

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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