Tribute To a beacon Of inspiration and hope Lincoln Alexander

Today Canadians are zealously celebrating the 100th birth anniversary and paying tribute to Honorable Lincoln Alexander.

Mr Alexander has lived through a tragic and turbulent time in human history, yet his life offers a living example of putting the barriers of a polarized and divisive world to an end through a generous and inclusive spirit.

If we take into count the horrific injustices and brutalities of last year alone, we encounter an unmarked graveyard of indigenous children on the grounds of residential schools in Canada. We witnessed increased rates of Islam phobia, anti-Asian hatred, and Anti Semitism in our motherland. The pandemic has exposed deep-seated systemic inequities in health care, employment, education, housing, and policing.

It was the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor that sparked righteous indignation. We Canadians continue to raise protesting voices against injustices, inequalities, and brutal murders of innocent people in Canada and anywhere in the world because if these events are allowed to happen unabated, we might lose our faith in the family of humanity. But there are individuals like Alexander who present pessimistic hope against fear and despair.

As a veteran, civic leader and lawyer, Mr Alexander enthusiastically championed the great cause of diversity and advocated for social equality and justice. His achievements in promoting inclusive and diverse values in our society left indelible marks on the history of Canada.

Mr Alexander was the first black person to become a member of our parliament, Federal minister and provincial lieutenant governor. He will be remembered for his services and for the genuine love he had for Canadians. Many people zealously remember him in his anecdotes, the kindness and generosity he was famous for. His grace, smile, and warmth were worth seeing and worth appreciating.

I hope Mr Alexander, will serve as an inspiring figure among the law students, at the time of deciding what type of lawyer they want to become. It is equally essential for all of us to continue to forward the legacy of Mr Alexander.

We should teach our younger generation how laws are used to maintain the institution of racism and other practices of injustice, but it is equally important to tell them how a law can be rightfully used as a tool to dismantle the deep-seated oppression, injustices, and inequalities.

All of us have convictions and talent with potentially infinite capabilities which can serve as a catalyst for action. It is really important for all of us to consistently bolster each other confidence by reminding each other of our important role to play to make this society fairer and more just.

His life encourages us to nurture the best of our instinct to face adversity and challenges, fight with integrity against inequality and injustices, and use our potential and talent for the public good.

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