8 Best Studios for the Best Pilates in Calgary

Pilates is a moderate form of exercise that will tone your muscles, so you need to get the best Pilates in Calgary. Yoga and Pilates are closely associated because these disciplines require the balance between movement and breathing. However, Pilates is a more intense type of exercise, and it is likely to focus more on building strength, improving balance and stability, and ensuring a good posture. Due to its different benefits, anyone can practice Pilates, whether an active athlete or recovering patients with motor and neurological disorders.

Check out the best Pilates studios in Calgary to find your perfect fit. There are several leading and renowned Pilates studios in Calgary, and we have compiled a list of them below. We compiled a list of the Pilates studios located near you in Calgary based on your preferences.

1- Barre West

Website: barrewest.com/

Phone: +1 403 474 5620

Address: 7337 Macleod Trail #420, Calgary, AB T2H 0L8

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Fitness studio Barre West in Calgary is dedicated to giving your mind, body, and soul a boost through regular workouts. Trainers and teachers from YYC’s top fitness studios lead their Barre Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga classes. This community strives to inspire the best in each person by always being warm, welcoming, and ever-evolving. They have classes in-studio and online, so you’ll find that you feel empowered and energized every time you visit them.

Barre West’s programming and personal training sessions are based on the Pilates system, which can help individuals reach their fitness goals, preventing injury, facilitating pre or postpartum recovery, and improving their mobility. Their fitness and mobility classes at Barre West help develop pelvic floor strength through low-impact workouts. Trainers at Barre West specialize in pre-and postnatal fitness training to provide modifications for any class.

What do clients think?

“Barre West is by far the best barre studio in the city! Every class I’ve signed up for was welcomed by friendly faces and a great work out. The instructors are energetic, great communicators and well trained. I love that no class has been the same and that there are many time slot options offered!” (Google reviews)

“I love Barre West! From the second you walk in the door the studio is beautiful and the staff is friendly. The classes are so great and lots options to choose from. I highly recommend!” (Google reviews)

2- Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates

Website: junction9.ca/

Phone:  +1 403 474 9118

Address: 919 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S5

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Junction 9 in Calgary combines yoga and Pilates, wellness, fitness, achievement, and community to foster integration, community, and belonging. Well-being is one of their passions, and they believe it is best achieved through active participation in a supportive community.

At Junction 9, they have the equipment and instructors to offer Calgary’s most effective Pilates classes. You need to wear comfortable clothes, bring water, and arrive 15 minutes before class begins. They hope to create a welcoming space for all, whether they are just starting or are seasoned travellers. Their incline reformer classes focus on strengthening and toning the entire body while stressing fitness simultaneously. There is the option to sign up for group classes at Junction 9, but they also offer private Pilates sessions. If you are pregnant, injured, or just working towards an individual goal, then these classes are ideal for you.

What do clients think?

“J9 is clean, warm and welcoming. The front desk staff are super friendly and helpful. The classes are amazing, and I recommend trying out as many instructors as you can (they are all fantastic! Each with their own vibe). Don’t be surprised if this studio ends up feeling like home!” (Google reviews)

“I came to the studio for a workshop, and Kristy was nothing short of amazing. We did beginner flow yoga, and she graciously ran us through step by step. Her spirit was so calm and welcoming. Thank you again!!” (Google reviews)

3- Club Pilates

Website: clubpilates.com/

Phone: +1 403 460 8138

Address: 8650 112 Ave NW #4104, Calgary, AB T3R 0R5

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Since its inception in 2007, Club Pilates has reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Each year, they provide over eight million workouts to their members…and they’re just getting started. They believe Pilates is a form of exercise that works for all bodies. Pilates will enhance your physical health and provide a fulfilling physical existence.


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Control of your body can help you control your life if you allow it to do so. You can count on the instructors at Club Pilates to help you through every phase of your Pilates journey. For those with an understanding of form and alignment, their most advanced class challenges precision and coordination. Pilates movements at this level are best achieved through developing a deep mind-body connection from your experience in the previous foundational levels.

What do clients think?

“Love, love, love coming to Club Pilates!!! I feel great after a workout, instructors are fabulous. The only fitness program I have ever been able to stick with. Great for all ages. ❤️” (Google reviews)

“I love it here! The instructors are really nice and good at what they do. Very motivating and make sure my technique is proper when I am doing classes. The studio is also very clean and I feel safe knowing I am far enough away from someone else while working out.” (Google reviews)

4- Adirection Pilates

Website: adirection.ca/

Phone: +1 403 708 1933

Address: 2120 Kensington Rd NW #103, Calgary, AB T2N 3R7

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In Calgary, Adirection Health and Fitness Centre is fully equipped and offers a warm and soothing environment where you can work towards your personal fitness goals under the watchful eye of a highly qualified instructor. Clients of all ages and abilities are offered private sessions and small group classes by a team of dedicated staff members.

First-time visitors to Adirection can enjoy special introductory discounts, whether they are new to Pilates or seasoned practitioners. They can determine how your muscles look and what the Postural Assessment needs improvement. They have a fully-equipped Pilates studio for your convenience. They offer personal training, semi-private sessions, and small group instruction. After the client has gone through the ADirection postural assessment, they will develop a program fitting their needs and goals. Video recording and laser lines will be used to achieve the most comfortable performance-oriented position.

What do clients think?

“I was initially intimidated about starting Pilates, but I was put at ease very quickly. Adriana and Adriano are warm and very welcoming, as well as being great Pilates instructors. They are patient, dedicated, highly skilled and passionate. I highly recommend Adirection Pilates!” (Google reviews)

“Pilates with adirection is amazing! I have been taking classes there twice a week for close to a year. Adriana and Adriano have helped me get stronger while I recovered from injuries. And they are so much fun!” (Google reviews)

5- Taylor Made Pilates

Website: https://taylormadepilates.com/

Phone: +1 403 589 2901

Address: 29th Avenue &, 15 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1M6

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Romana’s Pilates style instruction is offered at Taylor Made Pilates with private sessions suited to each customer’s individual needs. Marilyn provides more than a decade of Pilates experience and a customized approach to help people with shoulder and back pain gain strength for an active lifestyle and improve their grip while playing golf. Individualized Pilates involves the workout being customized specifically for you. When you are healing from an injury or have been injured, you should be especially aware of this.

At Taylor Made Pilates, Marilyn will help you select the right muscles to work on to achieve the goal of Pilates precision. Marilyn can assess and tailor a workout based on your feedback as an experienced Pilates instructor. It depends on how you feel on any day, whether the Pilates session is more strength- or stretching-based.

What do clients think?

“I did two group reformer classes prior to seeing Marilyn and quickly saw that I had not learned a great deal from those group sessions. She is well trained and cares about your core strength and alignment. I loved our weekly sessions and would highly recommend her.” (Google reviews)

“Marilyn is a fabulous teacher. Very detailed oriented and focused on what you need to improve upon. She has helped me with flexibility, strength, and balance.” (Google reviews)

6- Calgary Pilates Centre

Website: calgarypilates.com/

Phone: +1 403 245 5885

Address: Mayfair Place, 6707 Elbow Dr SW Suite #231, Calgary, AB T2V 0E4

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A private boutique studio in Calgary, Calgary Pilates specializes in comprehensive small group training for you to learn, grow and strengthen your body as a whole. The programming and instruction they provide are customized to meet your needs! More than just a Pilates exercise routine will be taught. They will offer you highly customized Pilates and movement training that will help you tap into your inner strength.

Their Pilates method combines Joseph Pilates’ original teaching with cutting-edge exercise science, rehabilitation, and biomechanics principles. To improve the control and stability of your body so you can move well, it is essential to take the time to guide it. Many have been injured as athletes and have used Pilates and fitness methods to overcome their consequences.

What do clients think?

“Amazing space! Great instructors and the massage staff is amazing! Worth checking out to improve your overall wellbeing!” (Google reviews)

“Serena is a great instructor for one on one! She has helped me attain mobility in my shoulder I never thought I would have again! Also, Rachel, the massage therapist is phenomenal. If you are looking for rehab for an injury I highly recommend it here.” (Google reviews)

7- Keller Method Pilates and Rehabilitation

Website: kellermethodvitality.com/

Phone: +1 403 615 5776

Address: Teaching virtual sessions globally, 20 Discovery Ridge Close SW, Calgary, AB T3H 5X4

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Kathleen has been recognized as one of the top Pilates Rehabilitation – Master Educators internationally. Furthermore, Kathleen is a certified Tension & Trauma Release Provider and a self-myofascial release specialist. Kathleen developed her SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (SMR) technique over the past 20 years and has taught thousands of health professionals and the general public her technique. The areas of her expertise include Rehabilitation, Posture Education, Self Myofascial Release (SMR), and Trauma and Tension Release Exercise (TRE).”

Pilates is a set of exercises designed to increase stability without adding bulk to the body in the long run. An essential part of their practice is practicing good posture and maintaining spine health. Kathleen is referred to patients by many physicians, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. As a result, they believe that Rehab-Pilates is very useful to help re-educate and restore function following an accident or injury or improve overall fitness and succeed in sports.

What do clients think?

“I highly recommend Kathleen Keller for both Pilates and TRE. As someone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, I have found Kathleen to be extremely knowledgeable with regards to adapting the sessions to my ever-changing needs. Additionally, Kathleen has true empathy and patience. Thank you!” (Google reviews)

“I’ve been a client of Kat’s for the better part of 3 years now and have participated in both private 1-1 pilates sessions as well as group mat classes thoughout that time. She’s helped me through a back injury via traditional pilates, active ball release and stretching. Her knowledge, support and kindness are one of a kind!” (Google reviews)

8- My Body Couture

Website: mybodycouture.com/

Phone: +1 514 804 0504

Address: 908 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A3

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My Body Couture, a private studio where Janis customizes and individualizes movement and nutrition programs for clients, is a studio that she operates one-on-one with clients. She holds AADP, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Critical Alignment and Yoga TherapyTM, Yin Yoga and TRX suspension training. In addition to her training with Gabor Mate, she also applied Compassionate Inquiry to integrate mind and body.

Over the years, her interdisciplinary approach has helped hundreds of people resolve body issues through a combination of education and movement techniques to achieve full-body sustainability. She has earned certifications in both movement and nutrition. Each session is personalized and catered to you, with a genuinely private studio and a tailor-made approach to the body.

What do clients think?

“Janis is a miracle worker. Her approach to healing your body using movement, stretching, relaxation and hard work is second to none. She is a skilled teacher and coach and really listens when you talk. Highly recommend Janis and My Body Couture.” (Google reviews)

“I love my body couture! It has helped me get in shape for photoshoots and films and well for myself:) I always feel supported and informed. And best of all , I have fun while working out. Not a sentence I thought I would ever say! Don’t think just go, this is the best place. Janis Isaman is the best!” (Google reviews)

Final Words:

In Calgary, the best Pilates studios offer a variety of benefits that you can find in the studios as mentioned above, and you get the best experience there. Get started today by getting your workout clothes, scheduling an appointment, and starting on your journey to better health!

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