After the Oscars controversy, Chris Rock weighs up big money-offers

After the Oscars controversy, Chris Rock weighs up big money-offers

People are queuing up in droves to see Chris while turning away from Will.

Chris Rock has been flooded with big-money offers since the Oscars.

This was a tragic situation when 57-years old comedian was struck by an angry Will Smith during last weekend’s academy award. But this seemingly controversial and disgusting event turned out to be a blessing for him. This event has boosted his bank balance.

A source explained the situation by saying, “Chris demonstrated such grace and poise at the time of tackling that unexpected situation and it is now paying dividends. This event has happened to be an unfortunate one for Will Smith as a very large number of people are deserting it and impatiently queuing up to see Chris.

This dramatic event introduced a huge change in the perceptions against the Smith Will and in favor of Chris, it has significantly boosted the sale of tickets for his stand-up tour. In the like ways, two of the most prominent and the biggest names in television are keen to secure the first sit-down interview with Chris.

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A member of The Sun newspaper told, “After that incident, his comedy tours are sold months in advance and he had added more dates on thanks because of the increase in the demands.”

“Chris has picked the side of being silent right now and it is no reason for feeling surprised as big deals and money negotiations are going on behind the scenes for his chat.”

Oprah (Winfrey) and Ellen (Degeneres) are both impatient and have shown interest to get the opportunity to get the first sit-down interview with Chris about the events of slap and what happened after that.

Despite such a lot of demands, Chris is largely determined to take time before doing anything.

The source said, “There seems to be no such thing as rashness on the part of Chris, instead he is waiting for the best time and best location to do the perfectly right thing.”

Meanwhile, Will Smith is in a disadvantaged position and he has resigned from the Oscar Academy after smacking Chris.

The 53-year old actor acknowledged his actions were worthy of “condemnation, shocking, painful, and inexcusable.”

He regretted that his actions were completely against civil norms and values.

He added, “The list of those who felt offended by my action is long and includes Chris, his family members, many of my loved ones and dear friends, all those who were present at the event, and global audiences at home.”

I am heartbroken because I betrayed the trust of the academy. I deprived winners and other nominees of their opportunity to enjoy and celebrate and be celebrated for their uniquely extraordinary work.”


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