Mercedes-AMG is an updated and innovative vision

The vision for the electric drivetrain and platform was developed “from scratch”, Says Philipp Schiemer CEO of Mercedes-AMG.

This will include high-performance oriented axial flux electric motors from Mercedes’ wholly-owned subsidiary Yasa.

The vision of AMG is based on building on another recent show car, the vision EQXX, which was exhibited in December its ultimate purpose was to demonstrate the strength and battery range of 1,000 km, says Gorden Wegener, Mercedes group’s design director.

Mercedes says, the vision AMG offers a monolithic teardrop shape with minimal shut and door lines and windows painted in body-colour silver.

The features of a sports car include steeply raked windshield pillars, broad shoulders at the rear, flared wheel arches, and a longer, aerodynamic rear overhang.

“The vision AMG shows how electrification while staying true to the brand aesthetic could look like at the Mercedes-AMG,” Wegner says in the release.

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