Angela Amezcua and Partner Brendan Morgan Opened Up About Their Experience of Finding Love Relationship On the Beach!

Angela Amezcua with Her Love Brendan Morgan

Image Source: TORONTO STAR

Angela and Brendan addressed their experience of a reality show, ‘The Bachelors in Paradise Canada 2021’ with the audience in a recent exposure with the media. The couple is known to be the last one left on the beach

Conversing on a phone call, Angela marked her presence in the show as something she is grateful for. She confessed that she had appeared in similar shows in the past, and she was done with the date shows.

But, after she received an invitation from the production house of ‘The Bachelors of Paradise Canada,’ she could not resist and eventually agreed to be a part of the show.

Angela had previously made her presence in ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelor in Paradise.’ 

Reciprocating to the question of the interviewer, she proclaimed,

Honestly, I was done with the dating shows; then the producers of “Bachelor in Paradise Canada” called and “I just had this feeling … something was like ‘You need to do this.’ I (didn’t) know what was going to come from it, but I can say that I’m glad that I did.” 

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Angela met her 30-year-old boyfriend during the shoot of the reality show. Brendan Morgan -her boyfriend- is a yoga instructor by profession.

The couple met each other in the show and hope to have a home together in the future. Brendon Morgan reflected contentment and amazement about being the ‘Last Standing Couple In the Show.’

He joyously said,

“I’m actually surprised that we are the only couple left standing,”

Amezcua went on to express her elation and exhilaration,

“We obviously had kind of like a bumpy ride, but it feels really good knowing it was worth it, and it did translate into real life.”

Talking about her bonding with Morgan, she reflected,

“I’m a little things person. I don’t need diamonds and fancy stuff. Like, the fact that you remembered a handful of my favorite snacks was important to me. I would say that was probably the turning point for me. I was like, OK, I’m definitely falling in love with this guy.”

Morgan was chuckling all the time when she was expressing her feelings on a phone call. 

The Bachelors In Paradise Canada is a spin-off version of the reality shows ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette.’ The former is the American series.

The show’s format revolves around a group of young men and women who spend days on a beach together, hoping to find ‘True Love’ in each other.

The Bachelors In Paradise Canada was shot in Ontario. After the thriving first season, the crew members are all set for the second season!

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