The solution to night-anxiety at your doorstep

The solution to trouble sleeping: Restflix is fundamentally designed to bring the rest you need.

The services simply based on subscription can help you fight night anxiety and insomnia.

One of the major pillars to maintaining a healthy immune system is a quality night of sleep but sadly speaking, a recent poll found that 35 percent of Canadians fail to fulfil the medically set standard of sleeping from seven to nine hours per night. There are certain factors behind this lack of sleep like overstimulation and anxiety. With Restflix, you can treat anything that stands between you and a good night of sleep; this is a streaming service for quality sleep.

The Netflix-like service is a technically innovative and modern app that is packed with 20 channels originally designed to rest, calm, and soothe you into a quality slumber.

Speculations, reservations, and doubts about the internet are overwhelming, but Restflix holds an impressive five-star rating among the internet reviewers who could have become some of the harshest critics of it. The main reason behind the streaming service’s effectiveness and efficiency is its binaural beats. These beats help and facilitate you to have a meditative, restful state of a quality night for sleep by harnessing the brain’s responsiveness. It will make you forget easily your hard work and will renew your strengths, feelings and thoughts.

Restflix is designed with the latest research which helps you sleep fall asleep faster and rest better. It contains 20+personalized channels full of meditative and sweet music to provide users with a healing and soothing feeling of comfort, relaxation, and rest. Its bedtime stories are sweet enough to lift you to a peaceful world of the pleasantly strange world of soothing feelings where you can sleep well. It also has the kind of calming visuals designed to gently ease users into a healthy night’s sleep.

There is a system included in it in the shape of options to ensure that your kids are maintaining healthy habits from a young age. This relaxation and easy sleep app is called, “science infused rest”, reflecting the comprehensive scientific techniques and modern methods involved in it.


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Restflix in terms of its amazing characteristics is like a peacock among the pigeons. Compared with others, it is unique in the sense that its approach is multi-dimensional and use audio and video to create serine and brain calming effects to lull you to sleep. Its use is simple and options of different categories are available and you can easily select your choice.

Certain mental disorders like tinnitus, night-time anxiety, insomnia, and everyday stresses are not worth losing sleep on. You can get a one-year subscription to Restflix and it is 40% off today. And you can get even better to 50% off by subscribing for two years.

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