Avril Lavigne is Ready for Her First Canadian Tour in 10 Years and Expresses Her Note on Love!

Avril Lavigne
Pop Canadian Singer – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne left her fans amazed at the news of her landing and performing at Caesar Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Avril Lavigne is one of Canada’s most celebrated pop stars who recently appeared in a musical event conducted in Los Angeles, California.

She left her fans dumbfounded when she disclosed news of her concert at Caesar Windsor- a four-star hotel with the waterfront. This would be her first Canadian tour so far. Reports have documented that her concert will begin in May 2022.

One of her recent hits, Bites me, voices,

‘Hey you! You should have known better, better to f*** with someone like me.’

It is reported that she will sing her single ‘Bite Me‘ live in a concert along with songs from her Multiplatinum and some award-winning songs.

The 37 year old ‘Pink Punk Queen‘ made her debut in 2003 with her singles ‘Complicated‘ and ‘Sk8erBoi‘, and since then, she has been among the top singers of the Canadian music industry.

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Her second album, ‘Under my Skin‘, was released in 2004 and has sold more than 10 million copies. This album earned her place in Billboard 100 displayed in the United States.

According to the reports, the grandson of Canadian recording artist and rapper Mod Sun will be providing monetary backup to her excursion. She will hit the Windsor on May 12, 2022.

In a recent interview with Nylon magazine, she reflected the impressions and sentiments she has been hiding for a long time. She disclosed that she tried hard not to fall for her colleague Mod Sun, but her endeavors ceased to function, and she did fall for him.

She asserted,

‘I tried to resist it hard, the most I have ever tried to’.

She went on to say,

‘I wrote that one on my own. It was like, ‘OK, don’t tell me you love me unless you mean it. Because I don’t want to get [expletive] up again. Honestly, I believed in love. And then I went through the wringer with it. Then I finally got back up on my feet and had a relationship just to get [expletive] over again. ‘I was just like, ‘I can’t believe that I’ve been hurt or mistreated by this many people. I need a break from relationships.’

If you are one of her die heart fans and wants to see her performing live, then grab your tickets for her live concert. Tickets are available with a 15% discount.


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