Top 5 Best Calgary model agencies

Best Calgary model agencies: Generally, modelling agencies represent fashion models to work for the fashion industry. These agencies earn revenue from their commissions on deals with models and head agencies. Models’ careers do not take off independently; their respective managing agencies plan and manage them.

Models from the best agencies are mentored and assist in getting as many jobs as possible. A look at the client list of the agency will give you a good idea of what type of work they need from you. From securing shows to managing tours, these modelling agencies do it all. A modelling agency is the first thing that an aspiring model needs. An agent can help you make your dream of becoming a model a reality if you are looking to break into the industry. There’s no need to worry! You’ve come to the right place. The following article will discuss five of the best modelling agencies around Calgary.

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1-  Numa Models:


Phone: +14034605611

Address: 908 17 Ave SW #213, Calgary, AB T2T 0A3, Canada

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In addition to being an agency, Numa is more than that. A global talent network, Numa connects creative professionals. They bring together creatives, artists, opinion leaders, creators, and trendsetters as a network. As a global platform dedicated to originality, innovation, and craftsmanship, they champion artists from all corners of the globe.

Since 2006, they have been working everywhere, in Canada. Numa Network Management believes individuals should be respected regardless of ethnicity, age, style, gender, or personality. More than just a modelling agency, Numa focuses on health and wellness holistically, which is a massive part of life and personal development. They believe every human deserves equal treatment and strive to create an environment of empowerment, trust, and respect to reflect this belief. Regardless of an individual’s goals, they support passions and provide people with the resources to accomplish them.

What do clients think?

I’ve always had such a positive experience at Numa! Taryn and Tamica have always been so supportive of me as well as honest about the modelling industry. They have been with me every step of the way through my development as a model. Throughout the pandemic, we had weekly webinars and outdoor events set up so models could stay up-to-date and continue to educate themselves during a time where things were very shut down which I thought was really proactive! Now that things are opened up again they reached out to me personally to book a development meeting and catch up with me on how I can continue working towards my goals.(Google reviews)

2-  Monica Model Management:


Phone: +15878946384

Address: 638 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E2, Canada

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Monica Model Management is an international modelling agency designed for ambitious people with big dreams. Every action they take is an opportunity to work toward equality and cultural change. It is one thing to talk about achieving your goals and quite another to follow through on them. Monica is the mother of Eduard Soponar, who founded their company. In order to provide for herself and her son, she worked up to 18 hours per day. Having worked hard and unwaveringly for years, Eduard is now a cutting-edge fashion designer with years of experience. Everywhere he goes, he wows people!

Monica Model Management Management’s success stories and how you can become one can’t be found anywhere else! Their reputation is built on trust. To maintain honest and genuine connections, they keep their promises and work hard to keep them. Every relationship is based on faith. Their models are encouraged to reach all their goals by building their confidence and promoting them.

Their model program aims to inspire and support them in all their life passions. Whenever they work on a project, they make models, and their parents feel at ease knowing their safety and comfort is their top priority. You can launch a successful modelling career or promote your brand as a client or model.

What do clients think?

We are very grateful to be part of this amazing agency. They started in 2017 and now in 2020 they received the award for the best agency in Alberta!! We’ve been with them for over a year now, the director is such a great person to work with and he always shares with the models the goals he has for them and for the agency. He cares about the safety of the models as well (which is very rare to see in this industry). Thank you for letting my son be part of this agency. We’re very grateful. (Google reviews)

3-  Luca Photography & International Model Branding:


Phone: N/A

Address: 535 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5S9, Canada

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Luca Giorgio is a world-class fashion photographer and designer who brands clothes for commercial companies. His mission is to find beautiful faces worldwide, but as a visionary, he also creates opportunities for others. While working as a digital production artist for a major film production company in Beverly Hills, Luca worked on projects worth $70 million. In addition, he has designed complex character jackets that have been showcased at top-tier modelling agencies around the world. The authentic talent of Luca Giorgio extends not just to marketing strategies but also music, photography, fine art, sculpting, and character design.

With a unique ability to pull a natural and honest expression from his models, he offers a personal approach to photography, branding, and model movement training. One of his passions is working with and developing models, as he bonds quickly and discovers their authentic energy. As a personal service provider, Luca offers honest industry guidance, mentorship, critiques, or direction to all his clients.

An extensive background in high-end film production and a positive entrepreneurial approach enables the accurate implementation of new ideas and maximizes both creative and business potential. It’s Luca’s nature to embrace change. In his business and social media consulting, he helps companies develop and execute new concepts effectively.

What do clients think?

Luca is a gifted photographer. He did an amazing job. He took his time to essentially coach me through the shots. Other photographers wouldn’t necessarily do that. They just aim and click. Luca made sure to correct me every step of the way. The photos came out stunning. Very happy with the entire experience. I encourage everyone to book their shoot with Luca if they want a professional shoot, amazing edited photos, and a fun atmosphere.(Google reviews)

4-  Patti Falconer Agency:


Phone: +14032498222

Address: 2523 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0A2, Canada

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Photography at PFM photo studios is encouraged as a creative endeavour. Patti Falconer sessions use collections from brands that work closely with PFM, which are styled by their in-house HMUA & stylish. Models don’t need any experience level to work with Patti Falconer.

Providing new models with the best possible coaching is the purpose of PFM Development. Positions, runway classes, and mini photo sessions are offered to promote comfortability in front of the camera. The PFM Development agency also hosts engaging courses that will allow you to get to know their agency, photographers, and staff members.

What do clients think?

My daughter has been with the Agency since February/2019. Everyone is kind and the agency cares about your child’s well-being and developing them to be the best they can be.(Google reviews)

5-  Mode Models International Inc:


Phone: +14032162770

Address: 933 17 Ave SW #850, Calgary, AB T2T 5R6, Canada

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A perennial name in the fashion world, mode models, is defined by words like visionary, chic, ethical, and audacious. An international modelling agency, Mode models, discovers, promotes, and represents the best talent in the industry. Calgary and Edmonton offices employ professional scouts, host model searches, and produce high-profile shows and events in their respective markets to recruit models.

Following that, the development process begins. As models develop a portfolio of pictures, learn how to walk on the runway, move for the camera, and interact with clients, Mode guides them step-by-step through the process. Industry insiders teach novice models a host of crucial skills. The intangibles of poise and presence are also fostered to ensure success in this highly competitive industry. There can be no overstatement of how vital the Mode’s representation is.

Mode’s men and women have modelled for practically every top designer on the planet. Through Mode’sMode’s extensive relationships with other agencies, models are aggressively promoted to the best clients and agencies. In foreign markets, models are placed with companies such as women, Ford, IMG, Elite, and DNA and managed throughout their careers by companies such as women, Ford, IMG, Elite, and DNA. Mode Models International opens the door to a world of adventure and life previously unimaginable to those with promise and dedication.

What do clients think?

These guys are top-tier, got me work for Prada, a contract with IMG, sent me to the four corners of the globe… I could go on and on about Mode… Can’t say enough good things. Thank you, Kelly!! 😘🥰🙏(Google reviews)

Final Words:

For you to have a good relationship with your agency, model agencies are there to facilitate that. Whenever possible, they will make it their top priority to reach out to models who are ready to assist with jobs and lead them to your business as efficiently as possible. We have covered all the best Calgary model agencies so far. Let us know of any model agencies in Calgary you think we should add to this list if you have any suggestions!


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