Top 10 Best Pet stores in Calgary 2023

Popular pets tend to have attractive appearances, intelligence, and relatable personalities and are also often considered attractive pets. Despite these characteristics, some pets may be adopted out of altruistic motives by their owners (such as stray animals). Pets are generally acquired as companions, to protect homes and property, or because of their perceived beauty and attractiveness.

Pets are lovely and healthy, so who would not want one? Pet stores that are well-maintained are the best places to purchase your pet. All of us enjoy providing them with good food and care. Are you interested in giving your pets tasty treats, quality supplements, and proper grooming? It would be great if you knew where your pets could find the right place to satisfy all their needs. Do you want to know which pet stores are the best in Calgary? We’ve compiled the best pet stores so you can find the right pet supplies and pets for your home. Now, let’s look at the best pet stores in Calgary.

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1- Bon A-Pet-Treat! Pet Store & Bakery


Phone: +1 403 286 7389

Address: 5111 Bowness Rd NW Unit 3, Calgary, AB T3B 4M9, Canada

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Founded and operated by Canadians, Bon A-Pet-Treat Pet Store & Bakery specializes in all-natural pet food, supplements, and accessories. Their most famous items, however, are their exclusively handmade cakes, cookies, and ice cream, all made right here in Calgary’s only in-house pet bakery. The baked goods at Bon A-Pet-Treat are all made from scratch and are gluten, corn, and soy free. A veterinarian has approved their product because it uses only high-quality, unprocessed, human-grade ingredients that do not contain artificial flavours or preservatives. Founded in 2006 to offer all-natural alternatives to their pets, Bon A-Pet-Treat began as a home-baked treat business in Calgary, Alberta. In response to positive reviews received at the Lilac Festival, they opened shop several months later at the Calgary Farmers’ Market, where they quickly became a popular destination. They are committed to promoting animal welfare and health at Bon A-Pet-Treat. Due to many requests, they must receive your completed form 60 days before your event date.

With a growing demand for their baked goods, they decided to move their baking from home to their flagship store in northwest Montgomery in 2008. With this open store daily, they offer a variety of all-natural foods, toys, supplements, and more to complement their cakes and biscuits. As a bonus, it allowed them to see firsthand how pleased their customers are! As part of their expansion, they opened their second retail location in Britannia in 2019. Among other things, this allowed them to introduce beds, accessories, carriers, and much more! They’ll be at various festivals and parks around town and any of their locations.

What do clients think?

Wonderful place to celebrate your pets birthday! They have birthday hats too! Such a great special memory, our dog loved when we sang happy birthday to him with his cake. He turned 1 (Google reviews)

Always a good experience! They love our dog (Lanny) and we really enjoy the products and great puppy pancake event they put on every year!(Google reviews)

2- Fairplay Pet Supply


Phone: +1 403 283 2117

Address: 2604 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3S5, Canada

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With over 100 years of experience serving pets and their owners in Calgary, Fairplay Stores is proud to help you. They are incredibly proud of Fairplay’s position in the local pet community, devoted to providing excellent customer service and delivering quality products. They could adapt to their customer’s changing needs, contributing to their success. You can buy many accessories for your little animal in this store. They have a good selection of dog and cat accessories, offer pet lovers different animals, and sell and order old stuff.

As the pet nutrition and care industry evolves, they are constantly searching for the best suppliers to carry while ensuring their staff is trained to listen to customer needs and provide helpful advice to help them make the right decisions. They would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all of their existing customers for allowing them to serve you in the past. It would be their pleasure to see you again at a later date! If you haven’t been to their store yet, please stop by and check it out. They’d love to meet you and your pets – they’re always welcome!

What do clients think?

I’ve started getting my dog’s treats here, and have had a great experience so far. They have an awesome selection of brands that I haven’t seen anywhere else! I love to see a locally-run pet store.(Google reviews)

Absolutely fabulous. Great service, very knowledgable staff, huge range of product with lots of stock. We found everything we were looking for. Will definitely be back.(Google reviews)

3- Petland West hills


Phone: +1 403 686 7929

Address: 290 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3C8, Canada

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As a company, Petland strives to make a difference in the communities in which they operate. In the retail pet industry for more than 40 years, Petland has been a leader in animal care through ongoing staff training programs, in-store pet care systems, and community outreach programs designed to place homeless pets in homes and curb pet overpopulation. With the help of their stores with event rooms in Calgary, including Crowfoot, Shawnessy, and Deerfoot, they can host at-home and in-store parties. Every party they host includes an interactive pet session for one hour and food, drinks, and gift opening in their event room for another hour.

To give them a better chance of accommodating your requested dates and times, it’s recommended that you book at least two weeks in advance. They match the right pet with the right guest and meet their needs through their pet counsellors. In addition to providing their guests with a greater understanding of the human-animal bond, they also provide them with additional ways to enjoy their pets.

What do clients think?

This location is a bit small but the staff are always really friendly. Decent selection of animals and they seem really well taken care of. While they don’t sell every type of animal you can get almost every animals food or accessories here. They also have seasonal goods such as Christmas sweaters. They offer senior discounts once a month and you can get a discount when you get a membership. (Google reviews)

Ive come to this location for nail trims for my budgies many times with only good experiences and a couple weeks ago i adopted a lovely pair of budgies for my existing 4 at home. The manager helping me; Amy, was fantastic in teaching me lots about budgies/ the store parrots while expanding my knowledge alongside my children’s. Her passion for birds was very pleasant, ill be coming back and supporting this store from now on as the service has always been top notch(Google reviews)

4- Tail Blazers Ranchlands


Phone: +1 403 375 0944

Address: 1829 Ranchlands Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3G 2A7, Canada

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As long-time health food and supplement industry professionals, Tamara Low and Brent Hauberg founded Tail Blazers in 2000. Their deep concern about the declining health of animals, humans, and the earth led them to create Tail Blazers. They strive to make human-grade, nutrient-rich, species-appropriate, healthy, and life-enhancing pet products readily available. Their commitment is to continue to set trends in the industry by purchasing ONLY from companies with continually improving outcomes. Its goal is constantly to enhance its offerings as the pet food industry grows and advances. Keeping in mind the quality their customers have come to expect, they promise to carry as many Canadian and ECO-Friendly products as possible. They organize annual events to support pets without forever homes, such as their annual “5% For Charity Event” (5% of all sales are donated to local registered pet charities on event day) and various promotions on Facebook for rescues, such as their $1000 Holiday Hope for Charity in 2013.

Pound for Pound pet food drives have been partnered with Nature’s Variety since many years ago, and they have donated food to many local charities. Since opening, Tail Blazers has committed to providing dogs and cats with quality, healthy, natural food. Their company is a progressive company committed to quality and education, and they strive to be the leader in health for pets, responsible pet ownership, and community involvement. Aside from their extensive and highly visible raw food freezers, Tail Blazers also knows to support them. Also, due to their active use of online marketing, social media, and other unique tools like their mobile app, they lead the industry in spreading the word about pet health and nutrition.

What do clients think?

I cannot say enough good things about the Tail Blazers in Ranchlands! Always greeted with a smile when going in! I appreciate the time they take to answer all of my many questions, and give me all the options available. They are knowledgeable, friendly and have a wide selection of products! Thank you for helping me ensure my fur babies are cared for! ❤️ (Google reviews)

Absolutely love this place! Always a friendly greeting by the staff. Always available to help with any questions, they have fantastic quality products for pets. I recommend shopping here for the best quality items to keep your pets healthy and happy!(Google reviews)

5- Pisces Exotica Pet Emporium LTD


Phone: +1 403 274 3314

Address: 4921 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB T2E 4G5, Canada

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Founded in 1975, Pisces Pet Emporium began in Peter and Ave’s backyard with 900 square feet. When they first opened, they carried only fish and fish supplies and were known as Pisces Exotica. Peter and Ave operated the store during weeknights and weekends in their free time. Since 1981, Pisces Exotica has grown and relocated to a strip mall at 5220 4th Street NE, thanks to hard work, customer service dedication, and many loyal customers’ repeat business. Later, they changed the name to Pisces Pet Emporium and expanded their product line to include dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, birds, and their necessary supplies. Pisces Pet Emporium grew three times to reach 20,000 square feet and offered the city’s largest selection of pet supplies. A brand new 30,000 sq ft building was built for Pisces Pet Emporium in September 2009.

A tour of Pisces Pet Emporium is offered to school children and children’s clubs such as Brownies and Cubs. As children tour the store, they learn about exotic pets and how to care for them responsibly and with fun. Since Pisces Pet Emporium is a family-owned business, the business focuses on educating children about animals and animal care. They have many outstanding employees who frequently stop by to say hello. Even though they work with pets, they are often as much in the people business as they are in the pet business. Dedicated employees and loyal customers are the keys to their business’s growth. Pisces Pet Emporium will strive to make working at and shopping at the store an enjoyable experience in the years to come.

What do clients think?

I have been shopping here since I moved to YYC. They helped me set up my first saltwater tank and made one of my dream pets come true! I now have a lovely tank housing a Peacock Mantis Shrimp, and shop here for all my cats and dogs needs and have a huge selection. The best part is they participate in frequent buyers and also let you collect points to redeem. Staff are always friendly and helpful and never in a rush to help you.(Google reviews)

This is the best pet store in Calgary. The have online orders that show up same day or day after – for $15. Their selection is awesome and their staff are knowledgeable. If you’re still using Amazon, stop. Switch to Pisces. Spoil your pets properly. P.s. they have monkeys.(Google reviews)

6- Dexter’s your local Pet Shop


Phone: +1 403 775 4551

Address: 7019 Ogden Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2C 1B5, Canada

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With years of experience in the pet industry, Dexter’s is committed to providing your pet with top-notch products! In November 2015, Dexter’s Pet Shop opened its doors for the first time in Calgary. Their local business offers free delivery anywhere within the limits of Calgary for orders over $50. Currently, they are focusing primarily on brands that are local and Canadian. Their company is an independent, locally owned business that serves the community. Best Value means providing customers with the best customer service and the most competitive prices on everything in their store.

Long and healthy life for his dog, Dexter, was Drew’s only priority as owner and founder of Dexter’s Pet Shop. Drew could not obtain good advice in many chain pet stores, which led him to investigate pet nutrition and health to ensure Dexter had a healthy lifestyle. There are several allergies associated with Dexter’s diet and environment. Due to this experience, Drew decided to open a pet shop where quality advice, knowledgeable service, and incredible prices would be the norm. Dexter’s good friends include Nono, a very friendly kitten. Dexter’s pet shop and a veterinarian helped him overcome food allergies that caused gastrointestinal tract bleeding and cystitis. In response to these allergies, Nono was placed on a restricted ingredient diet of wet and dry chicken. In order to share Nono’s mischief with the world, his proud owner takes many photos and uploads them to Instagram. As a Canadian company, they are committed to providing high-quality, local, and high-quality products at a fair price. They do not contain any meat by-products, corn, soy, or wheat.

What do clients think?

Some of the best prices and selection in the whole city! They have so many products! We used the Shine tag machine and made our dog a new custom name tag! Very neat tool to have in store! Friendly, helpful staff!(Google reviews)

I’m a new customer of this store and I will absolutely be back. I live about 30 minutes away from them and decided to venture out after checking out their online store and seeing how much of a difference their prices were on toys vs the standard chain pet stores I go to in the city. It didn’t disappoint! They ARE very affordable. I can buy KONG, Jolly etc. toys now in a large or XXL size for what would usually be the price of a small/medium at those other stores.They also offer delivery around Calgary, not sure if it’s permanent, hope it is, and I’d love to use it for restocking on purchases. The only downside maybe for some, is their dog toy variety doesn’t have many plush like toy options. They have many other kinds of toys and quality brands other stores in Calgary don’t carry. Make the drive! Order online! Your wallet and your pet will thank you.(Google reviews)

7- PetSmart


Phone: +1 403 212 0888

Address: 321 61 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2H 2W7, Canada

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As the largest specialty pet retailer, PetSmart LLC provides a range of services and solutions over a pet’s lifetime. PetSmart believes pets make them better people, and they love their pets. The passionate associates at PetSmart help pet parents and pets connect daily so they can live happier, healthier lives together. As part of their vision, they provide extraordinary customer service, support their associates, and give back to the communities where they live and work. Embracing and appreciating a wide range of perspectives helps them build a company where associates can do their best work, partners can engage with them, and pet parents can enjoy an unmatched customer experience.

With approximately 1,650 pet stores and over 200 pet-boarding facilities across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, PetSmart is one of the largest pet retailers in the world. PetSmart Doggie Day CampTM and Dog Training are among the services the retailer offers, along with a broad selection of competitively priced pet food and products. To ensure adoptable pets have the best chance of finding a forever home, PetSmart, PetSmart Charities®, and PetSmart Charities® of Canada work with nearly 4,000 animal welfare organizations. This in-store adoption program and other signature events have helped PetSmart facilitate more than 10 million adoptions, more than any other brick-and-mortar chain. To help achieve their vision of being the trusted partner to their associates, PetSmart has formed several associate resource groups (ARGs) to help drive business performance and serve as strategic partners for diversity and inclusion efforts.

What do clients think?

I’m very fond of one of the groomers here; Lilian moved from the Okotoks store to Chinook, and my old dog refuses to deal with anyone else. She’s so patient with him, and everyone else seems to be very professional and friendly. It’s been a big adjustment for my old man, but Lilian was gracious enough to accept him with a smile as always. Thank you for the wonderful service!(Google reviews)

Super clean and organized on a Sunday morning. Liking the Exquizicat line of cat supplies they carry. Plenty of stock for what I was after. The gentleman at the cash register greeted me on my way in and was so friendly on my way out. Told me to tell my cats that PetSmart says “Hi”. It was a cute gesture that left a good final impression.(Google reviews)

8- Maple Leaf Pets:


Phone: +1 403 228 1712

Address: 1207 11 Ave SW #103, Calgary, AB T3C 0M5, Canada

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For more than 15 years, their business has been serving the pets and families of their local area. Animals are significant to them; they enjoy caring for them and creating everlasting relationships. You can rely on them to take care of your fur baby like they would their own and to ensure they receive the highest standard of care while you are away.

You might be unable to consistently provide your pets with the attention and care they need when you live a busy life. If you are away, you can rest assured that your pets will be cared for by them. They have years of experience caring for pets and satisfying owners. Their staff is ready to meet pet needs and ensures they receive the best care and love possible. They prioritize providing them with the kind of care and happiness they want for their pets.

What do clients think?

Great little independently owned shop in Calgary. I went in today with a brand new puppy, the staff working were super friendly, kind and most importantly helpful! Looking forward to checking out the grooming services and continuing to shop there :)(Google reviews)

Miranda and Lisa are simply fantastic!! Not only did they put up a missing poster when my Cat Sarah got out for almost 3 weeks but did nails and a shave and a skunk spray once she returned!! Thank you so much Maple Leaf Pets!! Much Love from Sarah!!(Google reviews)

9- Pet Valu


Phone: +1 403 457 3644

Address: 1632 14 Ave NW #1812, Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada

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At Pet Valu, they understand how important your pet is to you, as they are also devoted, pet lovers. For more than 40 years, they have provided pets with everything they need for a healthy, happy, and active life. They offer a wide variety of pet food, treats, toys, and accessories at affordable prices for your pets, along with Animal Care Experts that can help you choose the best nutrition and products for them. As the world’s largest small-format pet specialty retailer, many of its stores are locally owned and operated. With around 600 stores across the country, the Pet Valu family includes Pet Valu, Bosley’s by Pet Valu, Total Pet, and Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply.

There is a deep commitment on the part of Pet Valu to give back to the community. More than 32,000 pets have found homes forever through its adoption events and in-store fundraisers since 2009, raising more than $17 million for local rescues, shelters, and charities. Pet Valu is also the national charity partner of the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Pet Valu has sponsored five rescue transportation and mobile health clinics through its Giving Back Project grant program. They offer thousands of products in their pet-friendly stores, including a wide selection of nutritional solutions to help your pet thrive throughout its lifetime and exclusive brands scientifically developed by their in-house nutritionists. Moreover, they offer a wide range of essential and innovative pet supplies to suit every budget.

What do clients think?

Love all the staff there and it is especially nice when they get different cats in, they are all so special. Oh and forgot to mention the staff is always cordial and helpful.(Google reviews)

Great place to get everything for your pets, has a local vibe even though it’s a chain stores. Very attentive and helpful employees at least at this location, the people were always there without making you feel like you’re getting hovered on. (Google reviews)

10- Especially for Pets


Phone: +1 403 277 0547

Address: 436 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1K2, Canada

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Especially 4 Pets is a locally owned and operated business that has been in business since 1988. They jumped at the opportunity to start living their dream in 2008 when they discovered that their friends Kim & Harry were considering selling their store. Through the years, they volunteered at various E4P rescue and fundraising events, and it was pretty exciting to think of doing that for a living! To help your dog continue developing their social skills in a safe and fun environment, Especially 4 Pets carefully monitors their social skill growth and development and adjusts their assigned playgroup as they mature. Over 25 years ago, their little grooming shop opened in Calgary, AB, to keep dogs looking their best! They have groomed many dogs, from puppyhood to their senior years. In the course of a dog’s lifetime, developing a relationship is an enriching experience.

With a light workload daily, they have time to play with the dogs, take their time without feeling rushed, and never feel rushed! The focus should be on quality, not quantity. A regular grooming appointment keeps the coat in good shape and ensures quick and easy grooming. Over time, they can also notice differences in skin and coat. When they groom dogs for a long time, they establish a close relationship with them, which helps them associate grooming with positive experiences. Each dog has its personality, so it will always make sure to do what is right for them. Some dogs, for instance, cannot tolerate too much brushing, and they recommend shaving them in those cases. Putting the dog’s comfort first is what they believe in.

What do clients think?

I’ve been taking my Chow chow for years to get groomed. He hates going to the groomers as he has some separation anxiety and doesn’t tolerate being kennelled. They always have looked after his needs and make him feel as comfortable as possible, even as far as letting him roam the grooming area to help relax him. Pricing is fair and he always looks amazing after his groom. I’m so sad that we have moved locations as now I am having a difficult time finding someone I trust! They even offered to give a referral for my chow 😁(Google reviews)

This is a lovely little shop to get food and supplies for furry four-legged family members. They’re always helpful and accommodating. Our pup loves visiting this place to get her monthly supply of raw. 🐶🥩🍗 Bree is super-stellar amazing and treated Dasha like a princess 👑. We look forward to our next visit! PS – Her absolute favourite toy is her foamy frisbee from this shop. It’s super soft, yet very durable. I never would have known they existed had it not been for my very first visit to Especially for Pets 💕 (Google reviews)

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, our list and guide will help you find the best pet stores in Calgary. Now it’s just a matter of scheduling a time to meet and preparing your pet for the new environment. Isn’t it time to get started? Go ahead and choose a pet store, and see what kind of pet you would like for companionship. Would you like to suggest another pet store in Calgary? We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations so we can review other pet stores.

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