Top 8 Best Tattoo studios in Edmonton 2023

Having a tattoo would be a wonderful way to remember a special event. Having yourself inked can also be a great experience, especially while establishing your identity. The best Tattoo studios in Edmonton can give you amazing tattoos for your skin if you want a great one. It has been said that tattoos and piercings are among the best forms of pain, and the tattoo artists and piercers of Edmonton would agree.

If you’re looking to get yourself tattooed in Edmonton on a budget, we’ve gathered some of the best tattoo shops with the best tattoo artists. We’ve searched high and low for shops that provide their customers with good ink. Studio to studio, we’ve found these choices with unique designs and excellent quality at reasonable prices. If you like minimalistic or traditional tattoos, you can find a tattoo shop out there (and anything in between).

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1- Atomic Tattoo and Piercing:


Phone: +17804822662

Address: 10121 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P5, Canada

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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Atomic Tattoo and Piercing is one of Canada’s leading tattoo and piercing studios. The Atomic Zombie store opened on January 30, 2007. Their designs range from intricate to simple and are intended to showcase their artistry. By providing a clean and comfortable home for artists to practice their art, they hope to create a community of professional artists. They aim to provide a clean and comfortable home for professional artists to practice their art and to bring a community of artists together.

In 2022, they had a total of 8 wonderful and multi-talented tattoo artists, including one apprentice with them, and all of them are featured on this site. Atomic Zombie has a strict no-walk-in policy, and only advance appointments are accepted for piercings, consultations, and other services. A free consultation is also offered to their customers. To get a great tattoo in Edmonton, do not hesitate to visit their website. Besides their passionate piercers, they also have a Microblade technician and a Make-up Artist with over a decade of experience.

What do Clients Think?

Alissa is hella amazing! I have always wanted to get a piercing by her so this review is a long time coming. From the moment you walk in she takes great care of you and makes you feel welcome in the shop. Alissa is extremely professional and transparent! I had my septum pierced by her recently and it has healed nicely with her guidance of aftercare instructions. I look forward to more future piercings by her & I will always recommend her & Atomic Tattoo & Piercing for anyone seeking work done!(Google Reviews)

I love getting tattoo’d at Atomic! Everything is always well organized, appointments are confirmed far in advance. The new paint and vibe of the shop is amazing, having treats and drinks on hand for clients is brilliant. The environment is always happy and the shop is always clean! Mitchel is a pleasure to get a tattoo from and all the other artists and receptionists I’ve met are always kind and friendly. I’ll be coming back for many more pieces. Highly recommend!(Google Reviews)

2- The Fountainhead Tattoo:


Phone: +17808600900

Address: 3815 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6J1, Canada

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Fountainhead Tattoo is unarguably one of the best spots to get a walk-in tattoo in Edmonton. If you’re interested in traditional, illustrative, realism, lettering, or tribal tattoos, this shop should be on your list. However, their 3D tattoos are the most eye-catching designs around. People interested in tattoos will find a wide range of styles at Fountainhead Tattoo. As important as the art itself is your desire to express yourself. Fountainhead Tattoo ensures that your Tattoo incorporates some aspect of your personality, no matter what the design is.

With over 45 years of combined experience, they are a professional tattoo shop in Edmonton, Alberta. Custom tattoos can be designed by one of their talented artists. The Fountainhead Tattoo team can help you express yourself innovatively and creatively! With so many options available, Fountainhead Tattoo offers an all-inclusive experience that includes everything from start to finish. So you know who will be tattooing you and make sure they’re good at what they do and comfortable working with beginners. You might be telling someone what you want on your body part for the first time!

What do Clients Think?

A lot of talented artists, everyone there is very welcoming and friendly. I am really happy with how my tattoo turned out, Kev did an amazing job. I’ll definitely be back.(Google Reviews)

Morgan did a phenomenal job with my tattoo today. I couldn’t be happier with her work. She executed my vision perfectly. From the blending of the colours, to the clean lines. WOW! Thank you Morgan and Fountainhead for taking me on as a client(Google Reviews)

3- Bombshell Tattoo Galerie:


Phone: +17807601950

Address: 3925 99 St NW Suite 200, Edmonton, AB T6E 6M4, Canada

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Bombshell Tattoo is a top consumer-rated tattoo studio home to some of Edmonton’s best and most awarded tattoo artists. Bombshell Tattoo Shop is consistently ranked as Edmonton’s best tattoo shop by customers. There are 12 different artists on their team so you can get ink in almost any style–realism, nature, portraiture, abstract, watercolor, blackwork, illustration, traditional, contemporary, fine line, and dotwork. Guests artists are brought in to give their customers the best service. Tattoo and piercing services are available, and they offer a wide range of art styles.

Whenever possible, Bombshell tattoo Galerie uses biodegradable, compostable, and renewable materials in their tattooing process. Whatever type of Tattoo you want, from neo-traditional Americana to colour realism, geometric, contemporary, and pop culture, they can do it. Charity events and conventions are also good places to catch them. Walk-ins are accepted for smaller pieces and piercings. Nonetheless, if you are interested in booking, you can always contact the artists and schedule a consultation or appointment. In addition to offering quality tattoos in Edmonton, they are also one of the best places to get a permanent tattoo. As a result, you can expect unique pieces that are sure to catch the attention of everyone.

What do Clients Think?

I got a large gauge conch a few weeks ago and had an amazing experience with Sandra. I felt a bit bad that my appointment took almost an hour but Sandra worked very diligently to make sure my experience was comfortable and professional. Sandra took extra time to make sure the piercing was a size that would fit my ear anatomy and positioned correctly and I am very happy with the result. It’s healing very nicely and looks amazing. Wonderful all around experience and I’m excited to book her again! Thank you!(Google Reviews)

Chanti started my Alice in Wonderland inspired upper arm tattoo yesterday. It was so much fun to bounce ideas back and forth and watch her work. I gave her the concept of my imagination and let her run with it, and I’m so glad I did. Her design is so creative! I can’t wait to begin the second session. Great shop atmosphere too. I highly recommend this place.(Google Reviews)

4- Crimson Empire Tattoo:


Phone: +17804885070

Address: 2333 90b St SW #101, Edmonton, AB T6X 1V8, Canada

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Curt and Mitchell, both Edmonton natives of Canada, opened a tattoo shop focusing on artists and clients. A tattoo shop called Crimson Empire Tattoo was established in 2007. The idea for the business plan started as two friends talking about their artistic and customer service goals. Making great tattoos and being kind to customers were everything. With Crimson Empire Tattoo’s expert artists working in a safe environment, you’re guaranteed to get the best Tattoo in town.

Customers are made to feel comfortable in the shop because it provides a clean, friendly, and professional environment. Professionalism and honesty are both displayed by the staff and artists. To meet the requirements of their customers, their tattoo artists offer a wide variety of tattoo designs. You can share your tattoo ideas with them, and they will make them into elegant tattoos that reflect your style.

Choosing Crimson Empire Tattoo is a great way to get the best Tattoo work for a very reasonable price. Ensure their space is clean, hygienic, and safe by keeping it as clean and hygienic as possible. There is always a warm welcome for walk-in customers at the shop. Customers can also get a free consultation at Crimson Empire Tattoo. In addition to hiring the best artists, they also invest in the best equipment. They are committed to staying on top of the latest technology. They’ve tattooed thousands of amazing people over the years. In the years to come, they hope to create a place you will love to return to so they can tattoo thousands more. If you’re interested in joining them, they’d love to hear from you.

What do Clients Think?

I got my first ever tattoo done with Vinny today and it was such a lovely experience! I got there around 10:00am for their walk in tattooing services. Vinny was lovely to work with and I will definitely be going back to him (and Crimson Empire) for my future tattoos. Thank you so much!(Google Reviews)

I’ve never been happier with a tattoo; Adrienne is an amazing artist. She listened to exactly what I wanted (style/placement/size) and I couldn’t be more pleased! I recommend her to anyone who wants a new tattoo. She is by far my favorite artist I’ve ever had tattoo me! I will be coming back for more by her!(Google Reviews)

5- Odd Tattoo:


Phone: +17807018633

Address: 2920 Calgary Trail NW #105, Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8, Canada

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$200/hr and my day rate is $180/hr for 4+ hour

Edmonton’s Odd Tattoo is another renowned tattoo shop featuring tattoos from a premier artist with over a decade of experience. The owner, Chris, specializes in large projects such as sleeves and backs. His work includes black and gray pieces, colour tattoos, realism, and detailed designs. Only appointments are available for tattooing with Chris. His specialties include big, intricate tattoos, black and gray, colour, authenticity, and large projects. His current rates are a day rate of $180 per hour (minimum 4+ hours) and an hourly rate of $200 per hour. The customer’s comfort and safety are ensured using only the highest-grade and pre-sterilized single-use tools.

One-on-one sessions with Edmonton Tattoo Artist Chris by appointment only in their bright and clean Tattoo Studio. Whether it’s a one-on-one tattoo experience or a group session – there will never be anyone sitting beside “that guy.” Using an above-industry ethylene oxide sterilization process, their tattoo artists use only the highest quality, pre-sterilized, single-use tools. Even though they believe that their work speaks for itself, their approach will get you raving. Though Odd Tattoo does not offer piercing services, it provides comprehensive aftercare advice and can help with cover-ups. The shop is also open daily, so you can come in and ask any questions.

What do Clients Think?

Chris did and amazing job incorporating all the elements I was hoping for and the tattoo came out perfect for what I was imagining. The cleanliness was impeccable, the process smooth and easy, and I even enjoyed the playlist. A great experience for my first tattoo and definitely already thinking about a second one.(Google Reviews)

Chris did my mom and I’s first tattoo. He fit me in the day before my birthday like I wanted even tho he was booking 6 months after that which was very much appreciated! I was quite nervous but he made me feel comfortable immediately and explained everything as he went about it. I love the way my tattoo turned out. Will definitely go back to Chris for future tattoos😊(Google Reviews)

6- Doing Tattoo:


Phone: +18255105990

Address8136 102 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3A3, Canada

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Doing Tattoos has been a staple in the Edmonton tattoo scene for the past six years. There are many tattoo artists here, enabling them to cater to various tattoo designs and styles at The Station on Whyte on Whyte Avenue. Tattoo designs and styles can be tailored to this shop’s full spectrum of styles because the artists are diverse. You will find everything you need at the shop, from simple black work to accurate portraiture, from colourful Japanese styles to American traditions.

“From Conception to Creation” describes Doing Tattoo’s process of creating a permanent tattoo, which includes a series of stages. There are six respected tattoo artists at this shop in Edmonton, each with their style so that everyone can get a tattoo they like. It’s not surprising that Doing Tattoo has built a loyal following in the tattoo scene over the last six years. Providing a wide variety of small and medium-sized tattoos, this well-organized shop welcomes walk-ins and appointments. Furthermore, they are open seven days a week for your convenience!

What do Clients Think?

The staff here are freakin’ phenomenal! From the front desk to the artists, 5/5! Great atmosphere, complete comfort, clean, great music and lots of smiles and laughs! I got my children’s names over/beside my eyes. Jorge was my artist and he is amazing at his craft. I nearly fell asleep on the first name and I have never nearly fallen asleep during a tattoo and I have over 40 tattoos. He has a light hand and makes you feel right at home with his respectful character. 1000/5 stars for him and the whole team there! Thanks guys! I will spread the word and be back very soon!(Google Reviews)

First time tattoo. My artist was Sarah. Very good and professional. She was great and the tattoo looks fantastic. Very tidy and clean place with friendly staff. I recommend.(Google Reviews)



Phone: +17807524757

Address:15964 109 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1B7, Canada

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Edmonton’s hidden Gem Tattoo Studio offers its customers the best first-time tattooing experience in a safe and secure environment. The artists will guide you through everything they do and bring your vision to life through their art and ink. Creating high-quality, custom tattoo designs tailored to your vision has made them one of the best tattoo shops in Edmonton over the years. They have created quality tattoos since 2010. Keeping their customers happy is their primary concern at Hidden Gem, so they treat them as if they were their family members.


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Among Edmonton’s top tattoo shops, they are known for creating custom, high-quality tattoos that are tailored to your particular needs. Creating high-quality tattoos has been their passion since 2010. A collection of tattoo art from Edmonton’s most skilled tattoo artists, the artwork represents different styles and traditions of tattooing. In addition to custom tattoo designs, cover-ups and additions to existing tattoos are also available. This artwork is a testament to the best tattoo artists in Edmonton with years of experience in tattooing, displaying many different styles and traditions.

What do Clients Think?

100% the best tattooists in Canada at Hidden Gem Tattoo Studio! Thank you, Megan, for the great tattoos today and for being willing to work late to fit us in; you have an amazing personality. Ari’s work is stunning; an all-around great person. Ari went above and beyond to guide us in choosing an artist. Tony is the best male tattooist in the world; an overall great guy and friend. Tony has created a tattoo shop that is personable and welcoming. All the artists make an effort to welcome all clients, whether the client is their canvas or not. Expectations for results are laid out very clearly at the beginning of each appointment; there are never any surprises. We have been with Tony for approximately 10 years now and always get compliments on his work. Do not go anywhere else!!(Google Reviews)

My experience with Megan was awesome! From consult to finished piece it was a great process, she’s friendly and we had nice conversations during the tattoo. Bonus points for being gentle with the needle, made stomach tattoos a breeze! Would recommend for anyone looking for traditional black work.(Google Reviews)

8- Shades of Grey Tattoo:


Phone: +17807560034

Address: 10442 82 Ave NW Second Floor, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2, Canada

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Shades of Grey Tattoo Studio is conveniently located on Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona and is poised to provide you with an experience like no other. Keeping the studio clean has always been a high priority at Shades of Grey, but now they will spend even more time cleaning communal spaces and surfaces between appointments in order to keep everyone healthy and safe. One of Edmonton’s leading tattoo shops, they have maintained those values since opening their doors in 2010.

Originally a tattoo shop selling toys and comic books, they have since relocated to a beautiful new location right across the hall and only offer tattoos. For the past decade, they have strived to provide an enjoyable, professional, and fun experience for their customers. The tattoo artists at their shop are some of the best in the city, with a variety of styles to choose from.

As a Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group member, Shades of Grey owner Shane Turgeon offers collectors a specialized “pre-loss insurance” appraisal service based on his 20+ years of collecting, buying, and selling toys. Collectibles valued at more than $5000 are usually not covered by homeowner insurance policies, and in the event of a loss, collectors often need to fight their insurance companies for replacement values on “like” items instead. Additionally, Shades of Grey has been one of the only studios in Edmonton to bring internationally renowned guest artists to the city, in addition to their incredible team of artists.

What do Clients Think?

I had an awesome experience with my artist Mac Plant. He was great to work with, especially for bouncing ideas back and forth. It was my first tattoo, and on top of that I’m super picky, so it was a relief to have back and forth with someone as patient as Mac is. Couldn’t be happier with the end result and would ABSOLUTELY recommend Mac for anyone looking at getting a tattoo. I will be going back to Mac for future tattoos… Thanks again Mac!(Google Reviews)

Absolutely thrilled with the service and art from Joel. Super friendly and very easy to work with. He had awesome suggestions and made the whole experience enjoyable. Absolutely will get more ink here in the future.(Google Reviews)

Final Verdict:

While it can be challenging to choose a tattoo artist in Edmonton, we hope this article has assisted you in finding the right shop for you. You can express yourself creatively through your body at these studios for the best tattoos in Edmonton. Many artists can provide whatever you want, whether it’s something black or something trendy like white tattoos.
Do you know of any other great places that we missed? If you let us know what you think of the article, we will update it immediately.

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