Calgary Vs. Edmonton – Complete Guide

Alberta is your home for the low cost of living, breathtaking scenery, and plenty of sunshine, with Albertans getting more sunshine than any other province. During your research, you may have come across two cities that stand out: Edmonton vs Calgary.

Is there anything that separates these two cities, and which would be the best fit for you? There is no right or wrong choice, but certain factors should be considered before making a choice. People should be familiar with the population, climate, lifestyle, places of interest, the comfort of living, and employment opportunities. Let us explore Edmonton and Calgary.

The city of Calgary is larger than the city of Edmonton. An extensive tech sector is moving and establishing a base in Calgary. Compared to Toronto or Vancouver, Calgary boasts a modern downtown, a wealthier and cleaner economy, more white-collar jobs, a hot job market, and affordable housing. Calgary has a well-deserved reputation for its smartness, cleanliness, and attractiveness.

It is perfect for young couples who wish to live a cosmopolitan lifestyle. On the other hand, Edmonton is regarded as a peaceful, friendly community that is great for raising children. Indeed, all of this is true, but both places offer much more than that.

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1- Weather in Calgary vs Edmonton:

Chinook winds that blow through Calgary tend to shorten the winter in Calgary, despite both cities experiencing cold winter weather. The winters are more out in Edmonton, and there is more snow in Edmonton than in Calgary. On average, a person living in Edmonton will experience more than 88 days of snow. There are around 65 days in Calgary during this period. As a result, Calgary has a prairie-steppe climate. Thus, Calgary residents enjoy sunny weather and even experience some rainfall in the summer. Calgary residents also enjoy a windy climate.

Edmonton, however, maintains some cool temperatures even during the summer. This causes Edmonton’s climate to be dry and humid during the summer. Because of this, Edmonton residents have a hard time living somewhere.


2- Cost of Living in Calgary vs Edmonton:

The cost of living in Edmonton in 2021 will be CAD 5,339 if you compare it with previous years. For those planning to settle in Calgary, the cost of living should at least be $5,400.00-CAD 5,500 to live comfortably. Thus, the two cities have no significant difference in living costs. Regarding restaurants, groceries, childcare, monthly rent, etc., Calgary is slightly more expensive than Edmonton. Costs of living are calculated based on indexes.

3- Jobs sector Calgary vs Edmonton:

A particular type of job profile is required in both locations. Public transportation is essential for both cities, but Calgary is considered more developed and systematic than Edmonton. Therefore, job comfort is improved if you also link the travel mode from home to the workplace. To be considered for a job, you would need a work visa or to move to a new country as a permanent resident. It’s a good idea to check for job opportunities with successful incomes before applying for a visa. Being ready to join a job before moving to the city will give you more confidence.

Recent reports state that 430,000 private-sector job openings exist in Canada as of 2019. Consequently, you can expect to see more increased opportunities in 2022. There are approximately 25% of workers in Edmonton work in the public sector. A few examples include roles in government, education, and health care.

4- Shopping In Calgary Vs Edmonton:

You can find many boutique stores in Edmonton and Calgary (try Whyte Avenue in Edmonton or Eau Claire Market in Calgary). While Calgary has the most boutique stores, it cannot compete with Edmonton’s West Edmonton Mall.

Stephen Avenue Walk, the CF Chinook Centre, Sunridge Mall, Southcentre Mall, Core Shopping Mall, and Eau Claire Market are just a few of Calgary’s most notable shopping malls. This place has everything you need for your basic needs and some luxurious stuff. The best eateries in these malls are the perfect places to meet and greet friends and family. In Calgary, you can explore a variety of shopping venues. As far as the most prominent malls are concerned, Edmonton has taken over the spotlight. In both places, crowds are friendly, but Edmonton malls see more people than Calgary malls.

Edmonton has much larger malls than Calgary. You can shop well at West Edmonton Mall, Kingsway Mall, Edmonton City Centre, and Londonderry Mall. A full day of chatting and shopping can be spent at these malls because of the friendly and decent crowd. At these malls, drinking hot coffee on a wintry day is the best! Weekends are perfect for visiting the mall. After shopping, the crowd gathers at a mall or café house for some time outside. There is a friendly attitude among shop vendors and crowds, which makes shopping enjoyable.

5- Outdoor Activities in Calgary Vs Edmonton:

Calgary could be the perfect place for you if you enjoy vigorous outdoor activities. It takes less than an hour to drive to four downhill ski resorts near Calgary, which are accessible for day trips or weekend getaways. Additionally, cross-country skiing, hiking, and biking are popular summer activities.

Edmonton has one local ski hill. It’s less well-known than Rocky Mountain resorts, but Rabbit Hill is excellent for families and beginners. Aside from boating and lakes in the summer, Edmonton has more expansive and cleaner lakes than Calgary. Besides parklands and biking and walking options, both cities have remarkable parklands and outdoor activities. Walkways along the Bow and Elbow Rivers are popular in Calgary. The River Valley is the pride of the people of Edmonton, and Edmonton is the greener city of the two. There is over 100km of trails in the valley, making it the largest urban park in North America.


6- Public Transit in Calgary Vs. Edmonton:

Calgarians refer to public transit as Light Rail Transit (LRT). While in Edmonton, it is known as Edmonton Transit Service (ETS). The Calgary Transit System consists of two LRT lines (Light Rail Transit), the C-Train, and buses. Both accept cash, credit cards, and the purchase of tickets.

Paying money for the buses is also possible, but you will not be given a chance. The city also offers passes and tickets at various grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores. The one-time fair lasts 90 minutes, whereas the pass lasts all day. You can find all the information on Calgary Transit’s website. The city has three essential transit providers: Airdrie Transit, ROAM Transit, and On-It Regional Transit.

The Edmonton Transportation Authority runs public transportation. Approximately 900 buses, 90 light rail vehicles, and 100 DATS (Disabled Adult Transit Service) buses are operated as public transit.

7- Restaurants in Calgary Vs Edmonton:

There is nothing like a perfect vacation when you dine at restaurants like The Bow Valley Ranche and River Café. Residents report that The Himalayan and OEB Breakfast Co Bridgeland provide fresh food. You can enjoy a mouthwatering meal at Blue Star Diner and SS106 Aperitivo Bar. For a better choice, you could also try Workshop Kitchen+Culture, Minas Brazilian Steakhouse, or Santorini Greek Taverna, as recommended by tourists! These restaurants will make you love them once you eat here.

Atlas Steak+Fish, Vatican Cucina, Padmanadi, and Café Amore Bistro are all popular eateries in Edmonton. Try out the Guru Restaurant, Dadeo Diner, Bar, The Canadian Brewhouse, or the Homefire Grill for tasty treats! There are also names on the list, such as Bistro Praha, Smitty’s Family Restaurant, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and La Ronde Restaurant. They are simply the best places to find good service and excellent food. You can find tons of great food places in Edmonton.

8- Nightlife in Calgary Vs Edmonton:

If you compare Calgary with Edmonton, Calgary has better nightlife; both cities have unique charms. You can go to various nightclubs, such as Habitat Living Sound, Milk Tiger Lounge, Knoxville’s Tavern, Commonwealth Bar & Stage, Twisted Element, The Hifi Club, and Cowboys. The excellent crowd at these places and most of the nightcrawlers will be excited about some loud music. You will find a different look and theme inside every club. Nights in the summer are best spent this way.

There is also a lot going on in Edmonton’s nightlife in the summer. Some popular nightclubs have crazy crowds, fun costumes, loud music, and unlimited drinks! If you wish to explore the top of the bars, try Bar Clementine. The Next Act, Blues on Whyte Pub, Red Star Pub, and The Three Vikings will be followed. You can also check out the Black Dog Freehouse for some unique and incredible music by famous DJs. Observe the regular visitors; you’ll know why the locals love these clubs and their atmosphere.

To Compile:

Historically, these two cities have been friendly rivals, and no clear winner can be identified. There are a lot of cultural and arts venues in both cities, breathtaking green spaces to enjoy, fantastic shopping, and good job prospects.

Whatever city you choose to settle in, you will find happiness there. It is crucial to choose a city that meets your preferences and requirements. There are many exciting things to see and do in both cities and plenty of opportunities to experience exciting things.

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