Can you cure your burnout and anxiety by going on vacation?

Looking at gently rolling hills surrounding Larimar, a luxury spa hotel in Austria’s southern Burgenland, it offers the kind of fascinating natural picture which appears as if that view alone could provide soothing relief from the ills of pandemic anxiety and Zoom overload. But Larimar takes in its approach a few steps further to relaxation and rejuvenation.

The spa’s 14-day burnout cure retreat takes a wide range of treatments which include medical admission and examination, physical health consultations, individual psychotherapeutic consultations, vitality and sleep checks including heart rate variability and small group guided relaxation.  It is mental exhaustion that happens to be the cause of depression and anxiety. A team of renowned doctors and professional specialists pay serious attention to each patient and help patients find new energy.

After the global pandemic has held us captive, most of us to a certain extent capable to handle stress, confusion and dread with a little more energy. And while tourism of wellness has long been a big source of mental stability for various mental issues. An ever-convenient travel industry is now introducing new services tailored to an increasingly ubiquitous problem: how to heal personal burnout.

Burnout is defined as lowered ability to focus and concentrate, lower motivation, low mood and mood swings, physical symptoms like hormonal problems, headaches, pains and aches, and low energy. Even if you got a good night’s sleep, when you wake up you feel those symptoms. It is not fatigue but burnout.

Hospitality incorporates physical, metaphysical, and psychological elements to approach this issue. Castle Hotel in the Czech Republic offers a Burnout Syndrome Recovery Program that includes spa treatment with healthy outdoor activities like horse riding, forest bathing to cure psyche related issues.

Lisbon’s Pessoa applies another different set of methods like coaching, psychiatry, nutrition, personal mental training, yoga and massages in its first four-day Burnout and wellness retreat; participants are tracked for twenty-first days Post departure.

Duncan So, cofounder and executive director said that the burnout clinic uses Neuro-linguistic planning as a tool that is thought to be effective enough to release suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts within the nervous system.


The Lanes borough Hotel & Spa on the edge of London’s Hyde Park encourages city dwellers to beat burnout through stress management and protocols and meditations which was led by Cornelius O’ Shaughnessy. He is also the founder of wellness experience that combines both the ancient wisdom of the east and the recently introduced new advanced scientific developments in the field of nutrition and rejuvenation.

O’ Shaughnessy offers burnout treatments at various exotic locations like an island in the Maldives to palatial villas on Lake Como.

O’ Shaughnessy work has completely changed with the advent of the Pandemic. “The pandemic has excessively put the people under severe mental stress, quite unknown things are happening around them and they don’t know where the things are going and it is increasing intolerable level of stress, fear and anxiety. This is something really dangerous and should be properly treated,” says O’ Shaughnessy.

Shah says that there certain things by doing which you feel recharged like sleeping, resting, being creative, eating food for pleasure, spending time with loved ones and spending time in nature.

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