Likelihood of setting up of Canadian Premier League

Likelihood of setting up of Canadian Premier League

The rapidly increasing population of Pakistani, Indian, and Caribbean immigrants in Canada has encouraged the Indian-origin businessman to Roy Singh to set up Indian Premier League T20 cricket soon. Roy Singh who as a business explores gold in Guyana says, it is his mission to launch the Canadian Premier League. “ I felt inspired after watching the brilliant success of Indian Premier League and I am sure we have massive potential for it in Canada and the USA. Said Roy Singh, who has already successfully set up the Canadian Premier League to pave the way to T20 cricket in this country. In fact, some time ago for the proposed Canadian Premier League, he did a test run in Montreal.

The only obstacle coming in the way of giving practical shape to this vision is a lack of cricket vision. He said.

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In view of addressing this problem, he has started to build an indoor stadium near Niagara Falls.

“We are about to buy 53 acres of land to build an indoor stadium. It takes just eight minutes to reach there from Niagara Falls. This venue is based on big-budget,”

When the Canadian Premier League got fully operational, it will have 27 matches each season, “ ten teams will play in two divisions.”

Sing said, “based on my experience as a cricket-loving businessman, I see a huge big business opportunity in T20 cricket. But it involves a lot of costs… requires a stadium to attract fans and start broadcasting.”

Like IPL, the Canadian Premier League will be based on merchandising, sponsorship, gate collections, and broadcasting rights to become profitable, he said.

According to an estimate, North America alone can give 27 million viewers to broadcasters. They can also sell broadcasting in the Caribbean, India, and elsewhere,” Roy Singh said.

He also further said, “I have good terms with Richie (Richardson), Viv (Richards) Clive (Lioyd), Denesh Ramdin, Dwayne Bravo, etc…. he has the plan to bring internationally recognized cricketers from the West Indies to promote the League.

The first T20 national league staged by Canada was in May 2008.

Interestingly enough, it was Canada that played the first test match back in 1944. This three-day match was played against the US in New York which Canada won by 23 runs.

Moreover, Canada has had an official history of sports for more than 150 years until it was dethroned by the NHL and the sports governing body. Canadian Cricket Association was founded in 1982.

But over the course of time cricket has staged a major comeback with the arrival of first-class players from different countries to Canada which include India, Pakistan, and the Caribbean.

Also, the Canadian Government recognized it as a national sport in 2008, with promises that it will be further promoted with federal funding.

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