Christine Quinn Discloses About ‘Postpartum Depression’ Amidst the Shooting of Selling Sunset!

Christine Quinn talked about undergoing postpartum depression while filming ‘Selling Sunset’

Talking to ET Canada, Actress and Performer Christine Quinn opened up about her struggle with depression while she was filming Selling Sunset.

Quinn, who portrayed the role of a mother in the Netflix series, shared her experience of motherhood and shooting during the delicate stage of her mental health.

She revealed,

My process was not easy by any means and on TV, they make it look easy. But I was struggling in real life.

Quinn openly talked about the ordeal of nine months of pregnancy followed by uncomfortable and hurtful delivery, leaving a mom with postpartum depression and numerous changes in a woman’s physiology.

Quinn gave birth to her boy – Christian George – 7 months ago. She described her delivery as a ‘traumatic experience.’

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She expressed deep resentment and bitterness towards the team of Selling Sunset for hiding her pregnancy while shooting, which led to severe backlash from her fans and keyboard warriors.

Conversing with ET Canada, she said,

“I was pregnant on top of dealing with postpartum depression…this season was difficult for me. I did the best that I could with the emotions that I was dealing with at the time and that I’m still dealing with now.”

Selling Sunset 4 is centered around the group of Real estate agents who are struggling to find a balance between personal and professional lives.

On Tuesday, the cast of Selling Sunset enlightened the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards with their presence.

However, Christine Quinn posed alone and maintained a distance from her costars. It seemed like the cast had a difficult time filming together.

Wishing the team luck with their film!

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