Collective efforts of the black women to pursue economic goals

Collective efforts of the black women to pursue economic goals

The black community group gives a sense of empowerment, vision, and confidence to black women to manage their finances.

Tanya Hayles founded popular online community namely Black Moms connection (BMC). The ultimate objective of this group was not only to be financially inspirational but also to create mutual connections among the black mothers.

“I found moms consistently asking questions like, ‘Is it possible for me to start a business?’ or, ‘How do I manage to save money for my child’s education?’ I wanted to have a program with the answers to all these questions and to address that gap,” she says.

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She started with 12 women as a Facebook group in 2015, based on its creative, innovative, and broad-based vision, the group found itself among 25,000 members who were seeking support, advice, and community, across North America and Asia.

Last year, her team has organized a program aimed at promoting the wellness of Black moms and also arranged workshops for setting goals and financial literacy summit for black women. With the collaborations of other corporate sponsors, BMC also provides economic assistance grants to Black mothers.

The importance of the group has been particularly felt and realized during the pandemic, says Ms. Hayles

She says that it is no denying the reality that all women faced harsh difficulties during the pandemic but the black women have been seriously affected as they served as front-line workers, child care services providers, and healthcare workers, making them more possible victims to the virus.

A recent report published by the Canadian Women Foundations shows that the most dangerous front-line duties are mostly done by black, immigrant, or racially distanced women.

“Black moms did not have the opportunity of trying to provide their children with virtual learning,” Ms. Hayles, says. “And it becomes more difficult when they have to shoulder multiple burdens like the gender and racial wage gap.”

The top-most priority of the BMC is to address on an urgent basis the issue of a single mother care child.

“It is important to ensure the working parents who need to work evening, weekends and even part-time that their children are in a safe place.”

One of the strongest pillars of the BMC is the organization’s financial literacy program in which awareness and visions are cleared and communicated about the most important topics which include budgeting, investing, wills, and estate-all these programs are specified for black mothers.

Brampton consultant and educator Rahel Appiagyei-David who is the regular attendee of Black Mother Communities emphasizes that the group should promote programming.

“It is really easy for me to come into contact with a group of women and financial advisors from the community who know from where I come,” says Rahel Appiagyei-David, who has also been a coordinator for the FinLit U Program. “This group has helped me establish my own business along with managing personal finance-related matters where I can advise my children on matters concerning economics like investment, income, and taxes on culturally relevant matters.”

“It is the financial literacy program as its major source of strength led by the black that makes all the difference.” Ms. Hayles says.

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