Dyson: Launch Of Technology To Purify The Air

Dyson launches its wearable technology

You would be perfectly right if you thought Dyson to be synonymous with vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. But as soon as it launched its first wearable technology, they have waded into a new domain. And it is really pleasant and cool.

The Dyson-zone is a new technologically oriented invention in the shape of purifying Bluetooth headphones which has the potential to cancel the noises. It is a set of high fidelity over-ear that calmly delivers mesmerizing sound to the ears and highly purified airflow to the mouth and nose, what is surprisingly pleasant is that it performs all these functions at the same time.

The company took more than three decades to create Zone in the business as an expert on filtration and airflow. It is the climax of an almost air quality-based research and development and it is perhaps the best supplement for that city dweller who is sick of pollution and wants to combat urban air quality issues and noise pollution.

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Air pollution is not only restricted to urban areas but rather it is a global problem-it affects all places we go. Everywhere we go like home, work, school, traveling places, and other entertainment places whether we go on foot, on public or private transport, or bike, we are affected by inhaling the foul air,” said chief engineer, Jack Dyson.

“Dyson Zone can purify the air you breathe in the move, and it is largely different from the mask, without touching your face it delivers plum of fresh air with the use of high-performance filters and two miniaturized pumps.”

How it works

There is a largely technically advanced method involved like the tiny compressor in ear cups that drags air through the dual-layer filters and at the same time directs two streams of purified air to the wearer’s mouth and nose through a non-contact visor.

The Dyson zone at the same time rich in “immersive audio” and thus safeguards against the noise of the city with its highly moderate and advanced active noise canceling technologically.

Engineers spend a great deal of time and put a lot of consistent efforts and hardships to ensure this unique technology which not only delivers purified air wherever you go and offers you great sounds while keeping your comfort as a top priority.

“This inspiration for surprising the world with a unique invention came from the design of the horse saddle, it is created to distribute weight over the size of the head rather than the top. A saddle curves over the horse’s backbone shifting load through contact towards the left side areas which were left and in the like way the right sides areas of the backbone, this was the basic format that was used for the central pillow on the headband,” the company says.


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