Fort Langley Jazz Festival Offers Free Friendly Entertainment For Families

Fort Langley Jazz Festival Offers Free Friendly Entertainment For Families

Organizers of this mega function of Odlum Brown Fort Langley Jazz and Arts Festival say the festival this summer will offer vast and extensive free programming to attract more and more people to this annual entertainment event. It is not a single but multi-day function and it aims to enrich cultural life by arranging visual art and jazz acts together in the quaint and beautiful village of Fort Langley, British Columbia. Given the beauty of diversity, it attracts thousands of residents and visitors who enthusiastically come to the street of Fort Langley with families.

The annual summertime festival offers multiple outdoor stages which include headliner ticketed concerts, world-class jazz performances, strolling street bands, hosts Jazz concert series and Jazz Around Town performances at local restaurants, and other similar interactive art activities.

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“The ultimate objective of the Fort Langley Jazz is to add color to the experience of the festival with the performance of exceptional artists, joys, and rewards in high standard settings. This festival will be remembered by the attendant for a long time to come for its uniquely superior performances and arrangements where people will find a highly candid opportunity of socializing with family members,” says Dave Quinn, the festival co-founder, and artistic director.

“We feel proud and pleased to arrange the most inclusive and expansive programming ever. We are impatiently excited to welcome arts and music fans in this pleasant environment of festivity and celebrations inviting all the fun enthusiasts.”

The festival will be arranged in such a nice way in which it will take the tastes, aspirations, and inclinations of different people into serious consideration so that all the attendants could equally enjoy the event. It has been arranged to celebrate the diversity of music and art to provide inspiring satisfaction to all people equally.

The festival will offer full in-person programming, which was amended online, and hybrid offerings amid the pandemic, the festival will enthusiastically offer free community events and ticketed shows in different colors of entertainment. Kid Zone functions will be arranged in a lively way.

The major objectives of the festival are:

  • To encourage the professional youth, emerging musicians, and visual artists to express their inner talent by offering them performance venues and opportunities.
  • To promote the economic diversity of Fort Langley by presenting quality cultural experiences.
  • To create an environment where residents, British Columbians, and visitors can access live jazz music and visual arts.
  • To promote live music, art, and culture of Fort Langley’s historic tradition.

According to the release on international Jazz Day, April 30, the full festival lineup will be announced.

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