Mattress Mack Makes Huge Astros Bet

Jim Mclngvale has the chance to win more than $40 million if Houston takes the World Series.

The Gallery Furniture owner and sports gambler Jim Mclngvale put down two separate bets totalling $4 million on Friday to win the World Series.

In view of possible odds, those bets would net Mclngvale $43 million if the Astros emerge as the winner of the championship.

Astros seems to be in the dominant position in view of having won the last 13 games and currently have second-best records in baseball at 23-12, to +800 to win it all.

Mclngvale routinely makes multi-million dollars bet to prevent the promotions of in-store promotions that offer the money-back spent by the customers if the designated team wins the championships.

This season Mclngvale is doubling on promotion with the Astros.

Mattress Mack places a $3,000,000 bet on the Astros to win the World Series.

If he wins this multi-million competitive bet it will be the largest win at the legal Sportsbook ever: $3,000,000.

These bets are not new to the Mclngvale who won about $15 million when Kansas won the NCAA Tournament last month.

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