MrBeast’s Latest Project TEAMSEAS Aim to Raise Money to Clean Up Plastic Pollution

There has been increased awareness of the plastic pollution crisis in recent times. And now, MrBeast's latest project, the team sets aim to raise money to clean up plastic pollution

Mr. beast, the 23-year-old, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is one of the youngest creators on YouTube and has been making a living as a YouTuber for years now. He gets more views/subs from his videos than most other creators and is also considered one of the highest-paid gamers on the platform. He has over 75 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with about 13 billion views since he went viral in 2017. MrBeast’s success is largely due to his online persona – a geeky guy who’s not afraid to be himself despite being very popular online.



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#Teamseas is raising money for two organizations – Ocean Conservancy and the Ocean Cleanup. They are crowdfunding to help raise awareness about these causes, promote their fundraising efforts, and end up donating an equal amount of funds raised to each of their nonprofit partners. They’ve raised almost 17 million dollars for ocean clean-up. With a platform like Mr Beast, there is a greater chance for people to take up this opportunity and make a difference in their community by helping clean up our oceans, making future generations healthier by reducing pollution levels. Volunteering to clean up marine pollution is important for all aspects of society, not just those who have the means to do so.


Ocean clean-ups are essential to improve the healthfulness of oceans and maintain a delicate balance between marine life and all the other ocean floors. Disposing of trash and debris in the ocean is becoming increasingly challenging for governments and businesses. It requires extensive resources and a lot of time. Ocean pollution is a serious issue that affects our marine ecosystem. The effects of ocean pollution include the destruction of habitats, the spread of diseases, and the introduction of harmful algal blooms (HABs). More metric tons of plastic are floating in the oceans today than ever. To clean up the world’s oceans, we need to understand how it works and why it is happening. The main reason for this is due to the increased amount of plastic, which is currently being dumped into oceans around the world. This plastic cannot biodegrade because it has been made from products that were not designed to degrade. When this happens, marine life dies off due to lack of oxygen, leaving behind dead fish and other marine creatures that sink into the seafloor where they decompose and pollute more water.


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