Musical Women Unity Conference to Add to New Sounds

Musical women unity conference

After traveling the world while performing on a cruise ship Chilean Jazz singer Edra Silva came to Ottawa during the middle of winter, recently married with a cute baby.

Silva met with the renowned bassist of Ottawa Szymon Szanczuk who is now her husband as cruise ship performer and decided to make a home in the capital of the nation, but that winter was largely extreme and troublesome, recalled the recording artist and young mom. She had never been to Ottawa in her whole life.

“Winter was tough,” said Silvia, who is now 35 years of age, and she admits that she feels very vulnerable when it comes to cold. “I had a newborn so it was very difficult for me to work in that cold, and after that when I started work, it came pandemic.”

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She was exact at right time with other artists to come on the national scene when all of a sudden industry shut down because of Corona. While spending her time creatively, she shot some largely inspiring videos of her performing cover songs that demonstrated her engaging and inventing vocal style which was often accompanied by her husband.

She presented her second album named Unrequited Hearts which gave adventurous tastes in original jazz, featuring two songs shot in her new hometown. Soon her vocal and enchanting voice captured the attention of Claudia Balladelli who is an innovative and dynamic Brazilian-born Mercury Lounge networker and programmer extraordinaire.  When the pandemic shut down, she not only found many things to program but she also developed the expertise in applying for grants to fund her creative ideas and inspirations.

Balladelli hired Silva last year for an online show to entertain musical newcomers to the city, is now highly excited to appoint her again as part of the conference at the national arts center entitled Women in Music & Arts. Silver performs with her lively and artistic fun at the Fourth Stage on Wednesday with singer and songwriter Eliana Cuevas and dance-floor activist on the bill.

“She is largely credible jazz improviser with fabulous Latin Style experiment,” Balladelli said about Silva.

The conference is a centerpiece of the season for Axe WorldFest, an ongoing series that was launched by Balladelli and her team in 2019 to add to the musical sound the Ottawa.

Last year the first edition of the conference took place: its response was pleasantly surprising which led the Balladelli to do it again.

“We were delightfully surprised with everything,” Balladelli said, “so many people watching us from all across the world were entirely beyond our expectations, we realized that this was something the public wants and we should arrange it every year.”

It is one of her objectives that there should be a community where women of arts interact and connect, whether they are visual artists, cultural workers, or musicians.  It is imperative for the arts performing industry to introduce new changes keeping in view the needs of the world after the pandemic.

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