Shirley Feeney & Laverne Defazio breathed life into characters

She breathed life into characters on T. V and movies

It is beyond possibility for one to forget Shirley Feeney and Laverne Defazio who has once happened to see their shows. They’re worth appreciating TV series, “Laverne and Shirley,” which was a highly entertaining, amusing and celebrating show which reinvigorated the lost happy days of the past.

Cindy Williams may have taken second billing to enthusiast Laverne, but as far as audiences were concerned, she and Penny Marshal’s Laverne were entirely different from the rest of the comedy block.

“Those were the great days indeed,” said Williams, sitting at the empty Stage West Dinner Theatre in Mississauga in 1998.

The Theatre was quiet, but within a few hours, people from different sides began to appear coming towards the theatre and building up excitement. Cindy William was a big reason behind that large part of the excitement.

Doing live shows is my big choice,” William nodded while looking at the set for “Moon over Buffalo”, in a few hours there will be huge fun, excitement, joys, and noise with people finally feeling fully relaxed and happy after openly laughing at our show.

Williams agreed that television and live show are something quite different to each other.

In theatre, there is no correcting the mistake rather everything is going on live and the performer has to go very consciously. If he performed well up to the satisfaction of the audience, he would receive an instant payoff from them and it is also a token of public approval of his performance.

Star-wining “Laverne and Shirley” for eight seasons, 1976 onward, Williams left the show in a hurry after the third episode in 1983. At that time, she was pregnant and the producer could not provide her with suitable accommodation.

And after that unexpected departure “Laverne and Shirley” got a serious setback and it miserably failed.

Williams was a real professional and was a big factor behind the success of “Laverne and Shirley” and she also held positive and good opinions about the people she worked with.

It was difficult tape those “Laverne and Shirley” shows, William said, “but we made a lot of fun too. We wanted the show to be the good one and for that, we did everything we could to make that happen every week.

“People loved the show too much,” William says, of course, it was funny but it also contained sweetness and the friendship between two friends was so believable.

Later on, Williams started acting at a high school in Van Nuys, California.

I never wanted superior distinctions in my field or anything like that in my life. I just always wanted to play the character of other people and wanted them to look and feel like real ones to audiences. I felt attracted toward TV and worked in many shows like “Room 222, Love American Style, and Nanny and Professor. I learned a lot doing those shows. I have also performed roles in some good movies.

In 2015, Williams wrote a book namely “Shirley I Jest” reflecting experiences of her life.

She is 74 years and lives in Las Vegas and still, she does acting. And I can say with surety that till this day she can still say, Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer incorporated, the little but sweet song, she and Marshal would say at the top of the show.

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