Today’s Edmonton Top Model: Samantha Danuta Russett

Born and raised in Alberta, Samantha Danuta Russett, otherwise known as Danuta, is 22 years old. Danuta began using social media and established her online presence when she was a teenager. She was raised in a small community with a big family. Having been the middle child, Danuta jokes that she had a sense of humor and thick skin that sets her apart from many online creators and influencers.

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Throughout her life, she has always been active on various social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. Her influence quickly grew on TikTok (@Danuta420) where she amassed a following of 113.5k followers. For someone with her upbringing, this has been a strange experience.
Danuta has never had a large audience or been in the spotlight. In the past, she devoted all of her energy to her work and side projects.

Whenever possible, Danuta is looking for creative ways to volunteer and support social causes. In addition to being charitable, Danuta works as an esthetician, giving her the opportunity to make other women feel as beautiful as she does.

As Danuta puts it, “Confidence and self-love are important to our everyday lives, and I love getting to encourage those”. Growing online has given her the platform to help others feel just as positive about themselves.
Throughout her life, she has struggled with self-love and mental health, and she is thankful for the creative outlet that TikTok has provided. Danuta hopes to continue to inspire people to be kind and to love the unique things they have to offer as individuals.

Breanne Forest

A part-time writer for Rated Viral, Breanne currently attends university in Calgary and is planning to become a social worker. In her spare time, she participates in charity events and Indigenous activism.

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